Innocence of Muslims (English)

I am writing all this because of abominable incidents of ‘Anti-Islam film’ cause torment, annoyance, and harassment to me, every noble and courteous human being, hurt by such absurd and embarrassing incidents. Consequently, I am compelled to hold the most powerful weapon of all ages, viz ‘pen.’ against this savagery.
 I am eager to clarify to those who really want to know the facts and truths and those who are under influence of misapprehension about Islam and the Prophet of Islam.

As an educated person, my approach for every aspect of life is purely scientific, and then what is the scientific approach? “A true scientist never tries to prove anything rather he tries to know the truth.”

A scientist cannot be rancorous, prejudiced or bigoted and can not engage in loggerheads. I would like to raise a precise question, particularly towards European and American refined people and generally to all human beings who believe in truth and exactitude.

Why not adopt such a scientific approach in the case of the ISLAM? Meticulously and sincerely, also!  

Such derogatory mindset, pugnacious activities and antagonist incidents can not ameliorate relations between nations; in lieu of, culminate disdain and carnage between the human being and cause ominous repercussions in the relations of nations, which can not be condoned by any conscientious human being. 

I supplicate vociferously to UNO, European and American governments to intervene to curb these volatile activities dexterously. Perfunctory statements, fulminations, and condolences are not adequate for such woeful and pathetic state of affair.

Civilized nations should amend and regulate international peremptory legislation to punish those culprits and debauchees who are behind such deliberated, deplorable activities and roguishness. All religions are inviolable, reverence and deference of their attributed personalities should be protected by international law. Hence implement such law internationally, transgressor should chasten and castigate in every corner of the planet. 

It is worthy to clarify that I vehemently advocate the basic human right of expression and thought, but any sort of profanation, lampoon, satire, desecration neither admissible nor legitimate in the subterfuge of this right, in any civilized healthy culture and society. 

Now I would like to appeal especially to the Muslim readers that please study this very carefully, minutely and meticulously before manifesting any emotional reaction. Rationally, if you adjudicate something before you know it properly, your opinion and verdict will likely be unfair and unreasonable. Instead of preconceived prejudice and aversion, please read this text, with an open mind and heart.  There is no doubt that such atrocious behavior is really insufferable but I want to raise a simple question.  

Whether we can constrain this vicious behavior by widespread violence bloodshed and furor in streets? ….. No, such maniacal attitude would harm you instead and you will further maroon.    
The feasible alternate is that whole Muslim nation should try to understand decisively, the root cause of such ailment which occurs again and again in different forms and then act accordingly. 
The matter of fact is that whatever is written or shown on media is the extract from our own so-called holy and sanctified consecrated hadith books and exegesis of the Quran by our esteemed so-called savants, viz font and origin behind all insolences are our own sacred books!                                                                 

Therefore, apart from the laymen who write due to grudge and malice, authentic and respectful non-Muslim scholars and critics on Islam, actually are quoting and forwarding these ambiguous hadith, that in fact have all proven fictitious.    
All books of hadith which Muslims practice, written by the common human being, like Mr. Bukhari,  Mr. Muslim and so on, 300 years after the demise of the prophet of Islam, most of them are false and lies attributed to the Mohammed. 

Logically the prophet of Islam can not say or accomplish anything against the Quran, otherwise people, not gathered around him to obey sincerely, wholeheartedly and ingenuously. By the comparison of the Quran with the hadith, astonishingly, an unbiased and impartial reader will find big contradictions in almost every single hadith. Despite of this reality, hadith being pronounced by Mulla, as the inseparable part of the Islam!

Six different editions of hadith are considered to be the most authentic by the Sunniites and are called 'Sahaa-Sitaa.' The Shiites have their own collections that are different from Sunniites. Those six editions come under the following titles:

 1.      Sahih Bukhari by Mr. Bukhari, born in Bukhara, Iran in Hijri 194 and died in 256 Hijri. [The Hijri date is the Islamic calendar. It started in the lunar year in which the prophet of Islam immigrated from Makkah to Madinah.

2.      Sahih Muslim by Mr. Muslim bin Hajaj, born in Nishapur, Iran in Hijri 204 and died in Hijri 261.

3.      Tirimzi by Mr. Abu Isa Muhammad Trimzi, born in Tirmiz, Iran in Hijri 209 and died in Hijri 279.

4.      Abu Dawood by Mr. Abu Dawood Solyaman, born in Seestan, Iran in Hijri 202 and died in Hijri 275.

5.      Ibne Maja by Mr. Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Zaid ibne, born in Kazdin, Iran in Hijri 209 and died in Hijri 273.  

6.      Nisaayee by Mr. Abdur Rahman Nisaayee, born in Khorasan, Iran in born in Hijri 214 and he died in Hijri 303. 

From this list of Muslim’s most reputed and notable scholars, one can easily infer that:

     I.      They all belong to Iran.
    II.      Out of them, even a single scholars was not from Arab descent. Please also do note down   that none of the Arabs were prepared to do what these scholars have done.

   III.      All of them were born in the same time period and in the same era of tyrant dictators, so-called khalifa, ‘Umayyad Caliphate’ in the third century, when Banu Umayyad had enslaved the Muslims. The Sahaa-Sitaa or the famous six hadith books were compiled in third century Hijri.

   IV.      Whatever hadith were collected by them, were all hearsay and without any written records of hadith before their collections.

Let’s examine hadith rationally; bear in mind that authors are unable to provide any kind of theistic proof, on hadith, because hadith travelled orally through numerous people. For example, I heard it from A, who heard it from B, he got it from C, he listened to it from D, and he listened to it from E, who listened from F. So any statement, having been through so many verbal channels will neither be authentic knowledge nor witness, nor can it become conviction. The total collections that we have with us now, cannot stand the test of verity. When any critic or connoisseur on hadith took his stand, find at a loss to find any criterion, except the words from peoples’ mouths and their own opinions, to sift between good and better hadith. Even those hadith that have been screened by these critics, are not beyond ambiguity. Hence, it is easy to find that most of the Hadith and Sunna are fabrications, myth and fables by the prophet of Islam's enemies, and Islamic so-called scholars distort Islamic history and personality of prophet by holy conspiracy either deliberately or unwittingly, only Muslims' God "Allah" knows their intentions. We know only their deeds and due to sacerdotalism and monarchical regimen affiliation and alliance, the Muslim nation wade and facing noxious and dire consequences centuries over centuries.

the prophet of Islam ascertained and made sure that whatever had been revealed unto him had been delivered to the humankind in its complete form. Henceforth, Quran, which is on paper in the form of a complete book and in the hearts of incalculable of Muslims is coming down through the centuries in its original and true shape, and God held the responsibility of its preservation. Even none-Muslim scholars do not question its verity and verisimilitude.    

On the contrary, God not held the responsibility of hadith, as it has done in the case of the Quran. That is of utmost significance, since the hadith consists of allegory, dictum and sayings of the prophet of Islam and nothing else, we must consider Muhammad's attitude towards hadith. If hadith is part of Islam, then the procedures he adopted for the Quran are not implemented in the case of hadith. Like having it memorized, then listening to his followers for any errors or that he satisfactorily approved what had been dictated and written, that over and above all, it was in its pure and authentic form. Though the mind questions, if hadith is all that significant, why he did not take the same measures as he did in the case of the Quran? On the contrary, we find in that very hadith, Muhammad clearly ordered:

Do not have anything else dictated from me, save the Quran. If anyone of you has written any word other than the Quran, erase it!
the prophet of Islam nowhere mentions that hadith is also a part of Islam parallel to the Quran and his companions follow only the Quran, hadith formed as Muslim’s law in lieu of Quran, almost 300 years after the demise of the prophet of Islam. Obviously, such a big nation which covered more than five million square miles of the cotenants can not wait for Iranian intellectuals to come and make laws for them. The most cutting evidence that goes against the hadith are its contents which denote that whatever that we possess and practice today are also not the original words of Mohammad. The respect to the cadre and caliber of our ancestors is very close to my heart but I winced when I read what is narrated in such books, you must neither listen to me nor anybody else and read what is written in ‘Bukhari’ decide and confirm by yourself without to take into consideration the magnitude of respect that has been granted to these authors whose book has been placed almost next to the Quran. You will read such text that any true Muslim never ever has the audacity to attribute towards the prophet of Islam and their God "Allah."
Usually one hackneyed question raise in corroboration of hadith that; how to codify and what we pray, five times a day, if not accredit the status of hadith parallel to the Quran, because the  Quran just importune but details and particulars of pray are not given?  
Basically, such questions are the by-product of either ignorance or part of virulent propaganda of Mulla. Let’s scrutinize this question scientifically and logically.

All books of hadith accomplished almost 250 to 300 years after the prophet of Islam. So ask your Mulla, how all over this time period, the Muslim nation pray five times a day, without such holy books. How Umeer, Abu Baker, Usman, Ali, Fatma, Hassan, Husain pray five times a day without such informative sanctified sacred books?    

Above all, father, mother and grandparents of Mr. Bukhari, Mr. Muslim bin Hajaj etc, how pray five times a day? Whether they also not pray like the whole Muslim nation over this long period until their sons wrote the details, annotation and requirements of such uncompleted vacuous order of the God! And what about those so-called Imams, how those Imams performed their own pray, while those were busy in investigation and preparation of hadith?
Now the scene is something like this that the prophet of Islam left the Muslims in the state of dilemma or in a Catch-22 situation, then after almost 300 years, Iranian intellectuals completed DEEN of Allah and the mission of the prophet of Islam.
 I will prefer to be called atheist, apostate, the heterodox even death penalty is acceptable rather to believe on these fables because, in Quran God, announced that today I completed your DEEN.    Not any Arab, non-Arab or Iranian has such ascendancy and supremacy to amend the DEEN……. Please think wisely, with cool the mind!  

So, now this is not the case that how to pray five times if someone does not do believe in hadith, the real scenario is how to pray if you believe in hadith? Every Muslim sect is equipped with their own hadith.  A new Muslim really bewildered in this situation to decide which fiction of Muslim has to follow; all are claimant they are real Muslim. I hope any open mind naive being can discern and apprehend this intrigue conspiracy against Islam.

There are basically two fundamental characters responsible of all miseries of Muslims, it is mandatory to recognize them before any indispensable solution.  

First character, the tyrant and the originator of a monarchy in Islam, Muawia Ibn Abi Sufyan, he captured by deception and betrayal, devastated and demolished Khilafat completely.

Second, characters, all those people; those felt that the Quran is not enough, not complete or not sufficient hence require something more comprehensible and apprehensible. It is also mandatory to know and understand those characters that fulfill such filthy and nasty needs and lust of their masters. It is further interesting to comprehend complete scenario that who were those protagonist, those be entertained by perversion and addition and the accession of the jargon of hadiths in Islam parallel to the  Quran, a juggernaut, and what they gained and who are real losers in this 'HOLY' play, pure underprivileged.
In fa,ct practically Muslims follow the Hadith all over the world, assiduously rather the Quran. Hadith is nothing in front of the Quran but mere plausible legerdemain and casuistry. The entire ignorant, repressive, intolerant aspects, associate with Islam can be found within these hadith. All the stereotypical evils and obscurantism affiliated with Islam are there, subjugation of women, disproportionate cruel punishments, intolerance of other religions, the murder of alleged blasphemers and apostates, Stoning or lapidating for adulterer, Slavery, etc.   

Any prudent Muslim can not appalled that Islam is blemish due to baseless hadith and Sunna, which attenuate the Islam and propagate ignorance, hatred, suffering, misery, and perpetual vandalism and dictatorship throughout the Muslim world, briefly a religious zealot.

Any rational person can not accept traditional Islam blindly, which do not allow a question about the authenticity of its commands, when you feel in yourself that there is something fundamentally wrong then how remain passive and reticent? Reluctantly, acquiesced to the plans!   

For example, the logic that is usually presented to support the marriage of minors by Mulla is that the prophet of Islam married Ayesha when she was six years old and that by the time she was nine, she was sent off with him!!! As this is a very important and controversial issue which raise frequently by European critics. This conspiracy is accepted as de facto due to reverence of "Bukhari" and "Tibri" and their coreligionist who entices and seduced the whole Muslim nation because the Muslim’s tycoons, capitalists and usurpers, in the disguise of caliph want to legitimate their sexual anarchy and perversion, to fill their seraglio (Harem) by captured through their so-called Jihad and local beautiful lasses, to satisfy their atrocious and loathsome libido and so on manipulation, under the patronage of Islam!                                  

Now, in this respect any further research is taboo from Mulla because it is written in ‘Bukhari’ as the scelestial verses of the Quran, above the suspicion, and if anyone proves by research that Ayesha was at least 19 to 21 years old at the time of marriage, then such emancipator received curse and verdict of apostasy, infidelity, heresy and life threats.
Apart of the research or any absurd prolonged arguments and bickering, for a Muslim, the Quran is only authentic final verdict, which categorically declared the age of marriage and insist on the consent of bride and bridegroom. How can you get the consent of six years old lass, it means our genius ancestors indirectly arraigned that bearer of the Quran transgressed the verses?...... Through a process of deduction, such hadith proved complot, confederacy and deliberate connivance from the Quran. 

With all due awe, I do not agree with the concept of vogue of ‘Respect of ancestor,’ logically we censure or admire ‘the deeds and accomplishments,’ rather then personality. If a delinquent or felon, repents on his deeds and rest of his life abstain from such crimes then despite of his evil past, he is known as a courteous and gentle person, but in case of demised people, who lost their chance to repent and set rights their wrong doings, we are coerce to give final verdict according to their ultimate and closing deeds and performance. 

If such contradictions do not contravene any Quranic canon or reflect adversely upon the prophet of Islam's character, then either of the accounts could be copacetic without objection. The principle in this respect should be that anything that goes against the Quran or the character of the prophet of Islam can never be true, no matter how authentic it is regarded by the standards of hadith. The anecdote and proclamation on historical events cannot reach an absolute level of surety. The Quran, in comparison of hadith is, certain, assertive and final evidence, so that all the false and fabricated narrations and yarns that mar the character of Mohammed the prophet of Islam and his companions should delete from the history of Islam.

Importantly, this would also extricate Muslims from unjustified criticism which daily the non-Muslims direct at us, on the basis of these preconceived ambiguous historical narrations.                                       

There is another vital need to segregate and distinguish between ‘Islamic History’ and ‘Muslim’s History.’ Islamic history can not go against or beyond the Quran, and Islamic history halted on 2nd Khalifa Umar Bin Al Khattab.

People in past, claimant of Islam, their deeds, are just Muslim’s history, as the usual history of any other nation of the world. The Quran, Islam, or the prophet of Islam is not responsible of their actions, commotion and deeds. If someone acts according to the Quran, gained a good result, on the contrary, if fact against the Quran, consequences are not far away from him.        

Lucid Islam is based only on the Quran alone, which clearly gives some rights and little bit respect to women but hadith abrogate such verses. If there is a true Islam, it is only and only is the Quran, any thing against or above the Quran is mere slander and calumny on Muslims' God Allah and the prophet of Islam, no matter how big cadre and caliber of the person, who wrote or said. The Quran anathematize all kinds of oppression, lamentably hadith are being practiced and used since centuries as tools for oppression.                                                 

 Regrettably, whole and sole purpose and use of the Quran in entire Muslims life and society,  all over their countries just for solemn oath, swearing and adjuration or blindly recitation, due to the greed of reward and bounty from God, instead of understanding and act accordingly. At last, the conspiracy of hadith, supplant the Quran reticently, this is the real scenario of disaster due to such baneful dogma, behavior and demeanor of Muslims around the world!

Disastrously, so-called Muslim governments laxly use the hadith instead of the Quran. This kind of Islam easily serves and nurse their interests and motivations to prolong and legitimize their illegal cruel dictatorship, in the name of God and the prophet of Islam.                                               

According to the Quranic philosophy ‘YES’ and ‘NO’ both behaviors having meaning and result but under the azure sky there is no place for hypocrisy. Unfortunately, Muslims are acting ambidextrously while they insist on hadith over the Quran because the department of hadith is such a versatile bureau which can satisfy to every client. There is no place of ‘Machiavellian’ policy or behavior in the Quranic Islam. 
Some people attribute Muslims problem with poverty and penury, but this is not the case. I spent 26 years in affluent oil rich Arab world, I don not dare to comment on their society, extortion and social injustice, media and people who visited there, know their moral, modesty and piety.      
Moreover, I am writing dejectedly, what I experience and observe the condition of the Muslims in the UK. Masses from all over the Muslim countries are living and enjoying life with all benefits as British nationals, but they do not improve their mentality, character and behavior.

I am amazed and bewilder to know that people who are living and enjoying here over 50 years, eager to send their dead body in their so-called mother-land! According to the Quran, every thing belongs to God, This whole planet is in the omnipotence of God, no matter where you die or buried, you are in the jurisdiction of God. On the contrary, hadith gives a very different and malignant ideology of patriotism. Remember briefly, according to the Quran, if you really believe in; one God, one final book, single race of human being and for all human being one whole planet which is divided in geographical boundaries by men, only due to greediness and desire of power, and differentiation among human being, only by their deeds rather then creeds. 
I have not any intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, rather as a true well-wisher and pacifist, I want to highlight and emphasize on our feebleness and frailty.   

Dear reader, this is the correct scenario of Hadith and Sunnah. We have to give hadith its proper place, otherwise, we shall not be able to find our way out of these altercations or solve the conundrum in which the Muslims engaged and surrounded by intricacy for the past several centuries. If we decide on sensibly instead of emotions and sentiments then gradually we can dwindle this ancient chronic aberration.
Now, with ending phrase I benevolently admonish you, as an astute observer of human behavior that sentiment and commotion has no place in the real practical macrocosm, Aftermath of all such comportment just end by mere repentance and remorse. 

If you listen to me, under any circumstances, confine your sentiments and manic reaction, cool-down, use mind, acumen and wit in lieu of heart, act and behave with proper decorum.      

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