Since the beginning in the eleventh century, Muslims began to establish madrasa institution to support the transmission of religious knowledge, and over the ensuing centuries, the madrasa became one of the most dominant features of the Islamic world.  
Bear in mind that until that time Muslim nation was a divided nation by all dimensions, hence the development of the madrasa in the medieval period had also political dimensions, each institution was founded by an individual school of thought. Muslim governments left these institutions themselves largely untouched and left the egotistical, wayward priesthood generally free hand to do and teach whatever they want because their monarchy was also illegitimate. Due to this contraband nuptiality between these two misbegotten institutions, the Muslim nation suffers harshly due to tremendous ensuing consequences. As a result of this conspiracy, government concern did not extend to any systematic effort to guide educational plan or shape its purposes; instead, they use this institution as an instrument. 

At the time of independence in 1947, there were no more than 200 madrassas in Pakistan. In 2008 this figure shoots at over 40,000.  
In the era of Western colonial rule in the Muslim world, secular institutions came to supersede religious schools in importance, all over the Islamic world. 
In modern time, after the invasion of communist Soviet Union on Afghanistan, madrassas culture again boomed due to hefty financial aid from the West, the USA, and oil-rich Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. This medieval caricatured institution has spread like wildfire in the Muslim world, especially in Pakistan. These schools were, in fact, playing a vital role against the Soviet Union by training and recruiting war warriors.    

I am compelled to howl in pain at the shocking and shameful state of affairs of our time madrassas around the world. Facts to believe with certitude about madrasa are indeed terrible, horrific and deplorable. Madrasa has fallen prey to the greed of rapacious and self-centered administrators who have not even blurred idea about the responsibility, aim, and objectives of this institution. A mere glance at the state of affairs of these institutions will proclaim that the entire endeavor of these extortionists and mobsters is aimed at self-aggrandizement. They are just making money out of this booming industry and business by the largesse of Arab petrodollars and contributions from the local community and political entity. 
According to the law of nature, any nation who works hard to develop new inventions and make new discoveries surge far ahead. Because of their initiative and well directional hard work, nature rewards them by revealing its hidden treasures. On the contrary, nations who are satisfied with the status quo and do not strive for improvement and for better future are devoid of thought and action; they fall from grace and are left far behind in the struggle of life.
Law of nature perfectly implemented on Muslims as well withal. Although these countries have great potential, unfortunately, they want to maintain the status quo and prefer sybaritic behavior and nothing motivates them to work hard in the right direction. As quid pro quo they are dependant on the West and the USA for even the most basic of their necessities. Thereupon Muslims are lagging approximately one century behind and in all cases, dependant and rely on the Western nation’s aid. Muslims countries’ dependency is not only limited up to the Western technology and innovation rather their annual national budget cannot pass and implement without the Western and the American cash flow, but most of the Muslim countries also cannot manage even to pay monthly salaries to staff without perpetual cash flow from the West and the USA.
On the other hand, the Western nations, despite very little land area, but by virtue of the technology, perpetually striving in accordance with the laws of nature and innovation, they have so many productive capabilities that they not only capable for their national needs but they even execute the requirements of the Muslim and third world countries through export of their surplus production.
By congenial educational setup and contemporized knowledge, any nation can go forward and knowledge is only that which can be verified by the human senses and mind rather than superstition and over-the-top should streamlined with its epoch.  Use of the senses means to observe natural phenomena, study the laws of nature, carry out consistent research, and experience the revelation of nature that runs the universe and provides systematic sustained, growth, and development.
The Quran has explicitly explained the definition of knowledge and who is a knowledgeable person and what the term actually means without any confusion and befuddlement:
“Did you not ponder the rain that God caused to fall from the sky, with which we produce the fruit of diverse colors; and among the mountains there are layers of red and white which differ in shape and type, some being dark in color. Similarly, humans and animals are of different colors and kinds. Among the followers of God and knowledgeable persons are those who are awestruck by the greatness of God.” (Al Fatter/Verses 27&28)

These verses deal with different parts of the universe, branches of nature, viz different fields of science. The knowledgeable persons are agape because their insight has convinced them of His power and Wisdom in controlling the universe perfectly. The Quran has referred to those people as ‘Ulumaa,’ and in the modern term, they are called scientists, these are the people who observe and study nature, to conquer the forces of nature. The only way to become one of the Ulema a is to acquire real knowledge. Such Uulumaas or scientists can procure and engender through healthy, logical and contemporary educational system. Whatever Muslim society to become, it seems the principal instrument of change is to be the educational system which has become the leading edge in various efforts to transform Islam and the Muslim world.  

According to this Quranic definition of Ulumaa, lets we will scrutinize moral and character of modern Muslim Ulumaa and their traditional religious educational system in the Muslim world since the last several decades. (These soi-disant ulumaas cause to make the mistake that nobody can challenge their paramountcy which is tantamount of their death).
Our ostensible ulumaas, they do not know even the fundamentals of any branch of sciences and technology, and their Stone Age knowledge is limited to theoretical discussions, verbiage and verbal emendations. These discussions are mostly related to the obsolete issues and have not any factual and feasible value in the life of human being. This madrasa education system is not capable to create even single sagacious educationalist, entomologist, physicist, zoologist, chemist, botanist, economist or psychologist etc, but they can beget stupid, dunce, simpleton, a perfect devastated force for agitation, anarchism, discombobulating mayhem, which all lead finally towards doom viz harbingers of terrorism.
The Muslim Ulumaas, Ieammas and Muftis have not participated in the advancement of science and technology even by equal to a single mote over the span of centuries, but we should give them credit; they have done enough research, developed many ideas and have excellent savants and sags in the fields of agony, torture and human exploitation in the name of the God, they produced many eminent God-full terrorists!
Regardless of above mentioned, what a stun and immorality of the Muslim’s that they do not blame themselves of all sorts of their backwardness, educational-backwardness, and for their all miseries; they just append their entire destiny with the Israel, the USA and the West!  

Madrassas offer free education, residence, and dining to students, due to this cogent reason madrasa mafia appeal to impecunious and impoverished families and individuals. Despite of these facilities madrasa are neither safe nor conducive place for our innocent offspring.  

Without exaggeration, Mullah, Molvi, Qari Sahib and Ullma are a parasite for society who soaked and imbibed blood. This character is not capable to carve the world or even own life. Such a being who is not capable to face real challenging demands of human civilization. 
Simply, politely and most affably with all due respect, a person who could not become engineer, doctor, scientist, educationist, technician or even a skilled or unskilled labor, finally stuck in madrasa, where he become a perfect hypocrite and attitudinizer, a complete spiteful and callous MULLA, an absolute ominous for society namely more than a burden. This is happening just because of madrasa atmosphere and what he learns (curriculum) there. Since its inception, the priesthood is indeed a despotic regime and remains today. This primitive, priggish and crafty institution has a very sanguinary history.  

The curriculum {which does not corroborates to the theory of evolution, ‘Survival of the fittest’} and pedagogic system of madrassas spread over ten tedious years, does not conduce to produce men-power who can compete in the local or international job market. During this period of time, students study stupid fables, moronic, ridiculous and sham theories cum fairy tales, familiar platitudes, rhetoric, grammar, forge literature, outdated astronomy, obsolete geometry, antiquated arithmetic and ultimate philosophy of hedonism. And since last few decades distorted concept of ‘Jihad’ {Jihad means constant struggle for betterment and to establish human life, there is another terminology ‘Qital,’ for armed struggle, just for the sake of self protection, not to assail on alleged non-believers.} aggressive, barbaric use of brutal force against unarmed innocent people is an essential and vital part of curriculum. It is worthy to note down that the Quran, which is the only base of Islam just partially included in the curriculum of madrassas; in fact, their approach is very conservative to every issue under the blue sky.  

This is the education system, upon completion of which they called Ulumaa!!!    
Under the influence of such palsied education, madrasa really honed their capability of loquacity and prolixity but lamentably blunted their mind and thought. Now mullah is highly strung, violent by the temperament, lacking in foresight, capricious, gainsaid of all kind of rationality, logic and reasoning. These masters of stratagem are sick of schizophrenia. 

Now their whole struggle and endeavor is just to instigate and use illiterate Muslims for personnel gains and vendettas, disrespect and coarseness for Christians, Hindus and Jews, curse them in every prayer. 
Affix label of ‘atheist or blasphemer’ on any simple logical or dissenter Muslim who admonish or regret on them, and finally kill such alleged blasphemer, atheist, infidel or heterodox to get paradise of the God as bounty. What a great fanatic ULUMA!!! 

Thereby as per proverb ‘evil nature that has been further incited’ hence as a consequence, this kind of education put a spoke in the wheel of the mullahs and other religious fanatics and demagogue who wanted to see world ruled by the uncouth, boorish clergy in accordance with the ancient so-called Islamic Sharia’s stone-age laws. What an absurdity that remission of their sins to let whole Muslim nation to suffer?

Due to the stagnant curriculum of the madrasa, their student become to be less tolerant towards other religions and prefer aggressive way rather then peaceful means for resolving disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims, hateful towards non-Muslims, absolute theocracy.

Moreover, due to this education, they become, without logical power, as opposed to the social rights of women and violent repression, superstitious. In fact, their proper thinking power is totally paralyzed.

It is lamentable that In UK, thousands Islamic madrassas are operating under the patronage and financial cooperation of British government, despite the West very well aware about fatal consequences of their insane barbaric ideology and final ambition(Sharia). A madrasa, no matter situated any where in the world, used as a pillar of stability of stagnant dogma rather than an as a force for positive change in society.  

Let me be more clear about what this does mean, tortuous dance is not yet completed,  “The imposition of macabre Sharia law is the most universal political objective of Islamists, if they gain control any where in the world.” They are so rigid that they will never jettison their chronic “scriptural” agenda. There has been much chatter in the West and USA over the “harsh” brand of Islamic law imposed by the Taliban in Afghanistan. How deliberately West can close their eyes that under the nose, locally gradually commencement of ‘Talibanization,’ especially in the UK? 
I am regretting to confess that despite of my distaste, I was coerced to go to madrasa by my parents. I had heard many notorious stories about madrassas and winced at the thought of being a part of such notorious gangsters. Nonetheless, I forced to send madrasa to become a good Muslim! My childhood time was full of torment and harassment, but also congenial to shape and carve my mind and apperception.
Those notorious stories, I saw and experienced personally there, I couldn’t believe what I had seen, that was not any illusion, prejudice, chauvinism, repugnance or contemptuousness, but the reality of atmosphere of our sacred madrassas all over the world. Due to this common attitude and culture, if anyone studies the condition of madrassas throughout the Muslim world, will come across many instances of how kids are being victimized by their greedy custodians. 
Sexual outlet of mullah mostly includes victimizing younger children, just the way once they were victimized. I found ‘the Madrasa’ a catchall of all kind of evils.

Notwithstanding of mental and physical torture by my consanguineous rampaging relatives, I openly berated against madrasa mafia, expressed my repugnance and determinately finally abandoned Madrasa for ever. 
This inextricable grotesque Muslim, having a hallucination that they’re infallible and their every wrong doing, terrorism, fornication, adultery and sodomy is pardonable and only mere their ‘Kalma’ can expiate their all sins!  
Now I am out of specter of their diabolism. I am neither a disciple nor an adherent of any Muslim sect because I well perceived through study and unbiased observation, they all are astray and every sect within Islam find reasons due to fabricated Hadiths, reasons to be offended by every other sect.

I want to break disenchant of ignored Muslim populace, who are just gull. This Mullah, Qari Sahibs, Molana Sahibs and great Mufti Sahibs are in fact great pederast, homosexuals who were before catamite of someone in their childhood and they canonized this custom.       
I could not believe that my parents had sent me to a place where children were sodomized by supposed mentors. 
The Mullah’s penchant to sodomize boys and molest girls, has been madrassas darkest, touchy truth but also an astonishing repulsive secret. These secret, Muslim parents know exhaustively. A well-known secret of this stubborn flock, whole Muslim flocks around the globe aware since centuries but they want to keep close their eyes and lips and keep sending their children in custody of botcher butchers. This ridiculous state of denial of our people is just sick and abominable.

This is a very common proceeding in madrassas that mullahs and so-called ullma consistently raping small children but no one does anything against these institutions as everyone in Pakistan is afraid of the religious psycho barbarian mullah as if you file a case against the beards they will immediately accuse you falsely of having committed blasphemy under the obnoxious and loathsome blasphemy laws & your life will be either  ruined by ensnared in the complexities of the legal system or killed by any vehement fundamentalist vigilant.

The moral hypocrisy is outrageous in the Muslim world where homosexuality is not only strictly taboo but relentlessly punishable crime, even between two consenting adults. Scores of innocent children are going to these filthy madrassas which are no good to any society and many fall victims to sexual abuse, physical abuse, bullying, and mental torture. 
However, the mullah who sodomize their young children is not considered homosexual or pedophile. In fact, this institution maims the whole Muslim nation.

Child abuse cases in madrasa are also not new, this heinous crime is as old as Muslims, but hardly few of these incidents come into limelight. Flog to submission, corporal punishments and intimidation is delectable teaching method of obnoxious mullah. 
As a matter of fact, a madrasa is a place for brainwashing; their edification laced with deadly poison for youngsters and perishes all future good possibilities of these children and consequently, they become an emulated zombie.

It is a really lugubrious matter that such sick culture of madrasa is also legal and socially accepted in Muslims’ culture which consists of beating, chaining and all types of torture, which remain unknown to the outside civilized world. Muslim governments are well-known of all kind of heinous crimes against children. But practically there is not any effort on their part to stop this barbarism in the name of so-called Islamic-education. Corrupt Political leaders keep mum over to; for the sake of their relationship with religious organizations those help them in return, there's always a quid pro quo involved. The political influence and participation of these madrassas cannot be underestimating. 

The deep-rooted superstitious minds of Muslim will take another thousand years to change, can you imagine, all these things are happening in the Muslim world in this 21st century and over-the-top on the name of the God? The barbaric violent acts of brutality against children leave scars in their innocent instinct and consciousness for whole life; probably they will rebound same with even more intensity to the society in the future.                                                                                                                       

I felt rage building up inside me, ire against my parents, acerbity against the mullah, acrimony on behalf of the poor boys and girls who somehow got trapped in this vileness, tantrum against appalling and iniquitous philosophy of priesthood, umbrage against perpetual sacerdotal vandalism which ramified in Muslims all over the planet, even resentment against whole MUSLIM FLOCK, a good rapport with each other and they all had each other’s back remain dumb as they are all participating in this heinous crime.

Whenever I discussed the legitimacy and moral values about madrasa with erudite Muslims, I heard nothing but brag, yell, howl and within no time turn the dialogue into a futile quarrel. At the end of which they beset me, I heard only shouting, describes me imperiously as a misguided unbeliever and apostate, deserving only of being put to death. They do not know staidly conversation; always after the talk with them, I was embarrassed and flustered. But we have to get rid of our fear of anyone with a beard and started treating these pedophile mullahs with the contempt and punishment they deserve.

Wake up people; recognize this character of beau, just because this lewd who doesn’t shave, doesn’t make him divinely personality. Don’t let their apparent look and long beards, high tied Pajama or Shalwar and colorful turbans on their heads, boob you.   
Unfortunately, even a single corrupt mullah never successfully prosecuted and penalized in Pakistan, it took decades for courts in Pakistan to decide even minor cases.  

Present day incident of how effectively the American judicial system manipulate with the IMF’s MD, Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s alleged attempted rape case, this is an explicit example of prompt justice, without any sense or hindrance of browbeaten of rank and status, a reminder to Muslim governments. If this devastated situation not improved and justice denied perpetually then as a fait-accompli, vigilante justice will emerge on the streets like catching thieves and thrashing them senselessly and setting them on fire insanely, the hypocrite mullahs will also meet the same nemesis and their mimicry will not serve them any more. 

There are always assorted witty banter and badinage in media regarding consternation and vacillation of the Pakistani government and her allies:                                                

Pakistani government insisting the madrasas to amend their curriculum by including subjects such as English, Science, Math and IT, to make their secular image and acceptable for the world. Ridicules!
Pakistani authorities renewed plans to require all madrassas to register with the government and provide an account of their financing sources. The Pakistani government also demanded that madrassas expel all of their foreign students.  

Many audacious radical Islamist groups have vehemently resisted such government’s plans, and Pakistani government prevaricate by issuing statements publicly, apologizing indicating that they do not plan to use force for shut down noncompliant madrassas in order to enforce the directives. Such jugglery and sleight of hand is humdrum quotidian concerns of the government are wearisome.   

I would admonish to timeserving politicians and government of Pakistan; if they really want to serve Islam and human being then it could be only possible through a complete revolutionizing and reform of entire madrasa psychology and structure instead of patch up with mullah or by suture of liberalism and secularism. Otherwise, there is no reason that such learning or teaching could not transpire anywhere else even in the home, park, street or even in the den.

Let me explain you further; the big boss and a vehement clergy from one of the leading madrasa, resolutely challenged to the government’s aspiration to bring this institution under state control with a remark that No matter, he said pejoratively and arrogantly, suggesting that the government was bound to fail because it misunderstood the nature and disposition of this institution. “We can impart Islamic education under a tree”  

Let me be more clearly about what this does mean, simple as per aphorism ‘jinee is out of the bottle.’ A madrasa is not appended or associated with any sort of building or civil structure rather adhere with ideology, tenets, creeds and above all what is actually being taught in these schools is a matter of prime interest.  

Please heed my injunction, Priesthood and self-proclaimed Muslim governments both of you, terminate your ostentatious wrestling (Noora Kushtee), glibness and erroneous stratagems for ever, otherwise, your reverse counting has been started in consonance with the law of retribution of nature.       

I would like to elucidate that this is not my profession like any mullah or mufti; rather it is my passion, my commitment with humans. I expect just defiance for my judgment and interpretations from the Mullah and their associates who even do not know the Quran but just as the paretic and as per parrot-fashion manner, furiously just defending idiosyncrasy and idiocy of fossilized traditions which are neither holy nor viable.  

I avow that our planet at the moments is amiss and marred by human greed and religion. I believe one day religion and human greed will be vanish, perhaps in thousands years, if I can contribute to this end, however slightly, I am satisfied.                                                                                     

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address:

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