Sharia in UK

Sharia in the UK

I am an Agnostic and Deist but I am very near with humanists and pacifists as well. My closed pals claimed that I am also up to some extent hilarious, but while I am writing on such chronic menacing issue, I am really serious!  

Since my gaze fell on the Mail Online, Friday, July 13, 2012, as “Islamic extremists declare Britain's first Sharia law zone,” I stared blankly in astonishment, stuck on it pale and flurried; I spent days analyzing it, finally decided to raise a peep about this dreadful behavior of Muslim's in the UK.

I have been listening many confused Words since my childhood like the ‘Pillars of Islam (According to the Muslim’s reiteration and believe, the structure of Islam rests on five Pillars) and the Sharia, etc.’ which all dexterously imputed to the prophet of Islam or Muslims' God. Because these words apparently appertain to the Islamic terminology, therefore ultimately I delved the Quran, but such terms or words do not appear in the whole Quran and that I am convinced to believe that these terms are mere voluble facile loquacity. But these words kept repeating themselves in my head with so much intensity.   

Words, a vast subject by itself and should be studied at such a level. Semantics, the science of words, goes a long way in revealing and illuminating as to what happened in human civilization history and also why the majority of the Muslims are still stuck in the quagmire of confusion in their thought processes.

Words are not simply or merely words, careless use causes tremendous impact in human deeds and society.

Aldous Leonard Huxley writes in his book ‘ Words and their Meanings’ that the word ‘enemy’ does not have the same sensitivity in its implication as, if we were to use the words, men, women, and children instead. A slight change in the shade of meaning can change the whole perspective of human life. That is why semantics or science of words has gained tremendous significance in the modern world. But the Muslim’s apathetic and regressing societies have not paid any attention to this area of research.

 In any nation the acceptation and connotation of words also change through the evolutionary processes they passed through and we can not condone the impact of the negative elements that work through the ages in all human societies. Consequently, words are retained, but their understanding, deduce and infer in related to life are altered. This is a very dangerous and imperceptible delicate snare where the Muslims are ensnared all over the world and since throughout the centuries. 

Furthermore, deliberately by the religious craft and by the so-called religious exponent and protagonists, their sole purpose and interest are to use these words, suit the existing status quo and to serve the vested their clandestine interests.

Examples of this human behavior, anyone can find endlessly in all languages and among all people of different religions and regions. Rulers/ kings, religious crafts, the Mulla Maulvis even politicians of our time have to do is simply to pick up the words and phrases out of context from the words of great thinkers and scholars of past and then to beat the hollow drum by repetitive slogan mongering and finally, unfortunately in this way the great human concepts are lost. And there is no exception whether they were either Greek philosophers of the ancient era, or of the Shakespeare and other Elizabethan writers, or even the Quran is no exception. We should not forget that any book of past must be like-wise understood and interpreted in the very tone and tenor of the words and meanings of the times in which they were written or used. I am convinced that we retain the right to define or even invent new words when we express our own ideas and concepts in our own times and our own experiences, but we can not implement such right on past.

In the entire history of mankind, humanity has been shrinking under the weight of monarchy/kingship, priesthood and capitalism, politically and financially enmeshed, the Muslim world has no exceptions. In the Muslim world, the state government is not the only sole authority to implement laws. It is galling that illusionists of Sharia laws are another parallel claimant institution (Islam becomes their rallying cry) who claimed to share the power and wealth in the charade of holiness and in between of their contention, illiterate and sentimental brainless general public (wise man of Gotham) usually found busted as scapegoat, and the phrase ‘Muslim world’ connotes godlessness!                                                                                                                   
With reference to what has been tried to communicate above is that the so-called Muslim scholar’s created doctrine, terminology, and theory of Islamic Sharia laws’ the five Pillars of Islam etc., need to be scrutinized with solid empirical evidence. According to Mulla’s brag, The Building of Islam depends on Five Pillars!!! What a magnificent building it would be! In fact, according to the Quran, Real Islam is not a dogma, credendum or collection of some rituals. The Pillars that would support the building of Islam would have to be rational, logical, purposeful, powerful and pragmatic. Let us remain converged on this fact and weigh briefly first only two Pillars of Islam for the sake of lengthen and then so-called Islamic Sharia.

The first pillar, the Kalama: According to Mullah’s theory, in order to convert to Islam or to renew one's affirmation, one has only to recite the few words called ‘Kalama.’ Is it really astonishing that how easy to be a Muslim? Simply recite these words and hey presto! You have declared a Muslim! Or do these words have some intrinsic meaning, associated with a sense of responsibility and any practical aspect to them, which are indispensable? In fact, clear meaning of these few words is Obedience, Submission, and Subservience to only and only to one GOD. The Kalama is an affirmation, recognition, and acknowledgment of this very intrinsic principle ‘Pillar’ on which rests the building of Islam. I lie with you to ask yourself as who is the sovereign in the lives of the Muslims since the end of real Khilafat; GOD or the lewd Mullah, books are written by self-declared empyreal men, blind traditions,  power-crazed politicians, Army Generals, lust, wealth and greediness?

The second pillar, the Salat (physical prayers): God is a being who controls the entire universe and moves it from the initial stage towards its final destiny in accordance with inviolable and indispensable laws, which called in scientific language ‘the laws of nature’ and in the terms of sociology called permanent values. According to these laws everything in the universe is growing and developing from its initial stage, and in time attains its full stature, just like the tiny seed which gradually grows into a huge tree. The human being has no exception, Man has not developed fully yet, as he uses only some percentage of his brain power; hence there are nature’s laws that govern man's development and growth as well.

God has promised those amongst you who believe and perform deeds consistent with the Divine Laws that He will of a surety grant them suzerainty in the land, as He granted it to those before them (The Quran 24:55)

 Therefore, the objective of granting this suzerainty in the land is that human being may establish with authority their system which is called in Arabic ‘the Deen’; the one that God has chosen for human being so that He may change their state of fear in which they lived towards tranquility, prosperity, peace, and security (The Quran 24:56). Once the authority has been bestowed, God commands the believers to establish the system of Salat and Zakat and obey the chosen government, so that you may undergo development, within the specified pattern. It is clearly evident from these verses that the Salat and Zakat is a system under which Mankind undergoes development according to the pattern that God has designed, to help Man reach his ultimate destiny. 

Having commanded the Muslims to establish Salat, God then gives Mankind the following undertaking ‘We are responsible for providing you and your children's subsistence’. (The Quran 6:152). 

 Here a question arises, If God has promised and given this clear and unambiguous undertaking to provide Mankind with its subsistence, the means of existing, the basic essentials of life, why is there so much poverty, famine, state of penury, indigence, consternation and destitution in the world?????

The conclusion is very simple and categorical if we ponder with equanimity. It is happening because we (the Muslims) have singularly failed to establish a system of Salat. Islam is not a dogma; it is a pragmatic system of Cause and Effect since we have failed to fulfill the crucial condition ‘Cause’ to establish a system of Salat and Zakat, we have been denied by nature, the ‘Effect’ namely the fulfillment of God’s promise towards us.

Establishing Salat leads to regular submission to God and striving collectively to form a social order where no one in society sleeps hungry (the Quran 107:1-7) In other words Salat means that in the society everyone working together not individually to establish such a social order, the end product of which would be that no one in society would sleep hungry. No one would be destitute. All requirements of the individual and of the society would be fulfilled with full respect and honor as a consequence of this system.

The system that ensures such perceptible results, which enables God's promise for the human being to be fulfilled, has provided us by God without any cost. This system not only takes away our worries, anxieties, and fear but also guaranty for basic necessities of every human life; shelter, food, clothing, education and health services. This precious gift of God to mankind is, in fact, the real Islam, no matter who implement this system, British, French, American, Mongols or Russians; the Islam is synonym of nature (while Sharia is antonym  of nature) which is not the property of Muslims, and this largesse is for anyone who follows the nature.

Let me explain it further with a vivid live and real example, what we have discussed above. British Government has established a system under which every working person has to pay two separate kinds of taxes from his income, firstly Income Tax and secondly National Insurance. The funds collected through income tax directly go to the treasury which the Government uses to run all state expenditures. A proton of National Insurance handed over to the Department of Health, which runs the National Health Services program. The rest of the funds collected from National Insurance are given to the Department of Social Security who is responsible to support by benefits to the people who are not able to earn their livelihood, do not have an income or whose income is not sufficient for their needs, whatsoever circumstances.  

It seemed necessary to explain how this system produces a result. Any human being in the geographical boundaries of this country, suffered due to any medical complication, accident, hospitalization, operations, heart diseases, end-stage kidney failure etc. no matter for how many decades, for all the prolonged treatments, consultations, medicines, pathological tests, MRI, CT Scan, briefly what so ever associated medical services, not supposed to pay from pocket even a single penny!

One may wonder how this is possible. The answer is simple; the system of National Insurance Scheme, which pays a sum to the Department of Health from the contributions made by every worker in this country guarantees that every human being will receive free medical and health care. Do you understand how this system has produced a result?    

In fact, since I am in the UK and personally observing and contemplating this system closely, understand very well that why God blessed on the Europe and USA and cursed on more than fifty so-called Muslim countries regardless either poor or rich all are simply Tartarus, Hades on our planet.

Now let us look at the other aspect of National Insurance contributions. Due to ailment if any employee can not go for work even for years his/her employer bound to pay his salary. Usually, citizens of this country are bound to pay a handsome amount of money from their salary as the mortgage of their property. Now the question arises how a permanent jobless patient pays any mortgage in such a situation? 

In Britain due to the tax system and the National Insurance Scheme, such a patient will receive an ‘Incapacity Benefit,’ which is paid to people who due to ailment are unable to return to work. This benefit is based on the amount of National Insurance Scheme contributions one has paid whilst in work and is payable for as long as one is sick. When added to patient’s pension this benefit brings total income to just slightly below of monthly salary. Consequently, the mortgage can be pay and property of a sick human being is safe in this society. In addition, all of his/her family needs are being met. Just imagine, due to ailment someone is not capable to work even for years and have no idea as to when will be fit enough to return to work. But as a consequence of the British Government National Insurance Scheme all his/her needs are being taken care with full of respect and without any sense of guilt or obligation and as a result this patient is free from all worries, anxieties, and fear, This is real concrete and corporeal Islam and system of the Salat, see Qur'an 11:6, 29:60. Shamefully and perilously this magnificent system is also in jeopardy due to loathsome cheating and exploitation by several devious tactics.

In such scenario, a citizen of any so-called Islamic country for that matter would have surely lost his/her property and not only become homeless but destitute also, such wife or husband soon or later will turn in a widow or widower and their young children orphans, begging on streets!  

This British system really reminds me about second Khalifa Umar Ibn Al Khattab and his exchequer (Bayt al-mal) who once said that ‘if a dog died on the brink of the river Dajlla in Iraq due to hunger, I will be answerable on the doomsday. By God, I feel I am in the era of Umar in the UK, I can feel everywhere true Islam which I never felt in 26 years in Muslim countries.  

In this non-Islamic country imagine how the promises of God for the human being are being fulfilled as a direct consequence of a system? This is precisely the concept of Salat. Salat is a system in which all human beings follow the law of God, and after retaining that which is necessary for their basic needs (consult Quran 2:219), they keep the remaining wealth and resources open for the nourishment of the needy.

This is the Quranic concept of Salat, the pillar on which rests the building of Islam. Regretfully Muslims have turned Salat into just a ritual and yoga.

To perceive and apprehend the masquerade of pernicious ‘Sharia,’ firstly we have to understand Muslim’s history at least briefly (with all due respect, this is Muslim’s history, not Islamic history) and conspiracies that how this welfare state back out in repressive regime.

After the demised of the prophet of Islam his two closed companions successively chosen as Khalifa by the approval of masses, in fact, they manipulated all state affairs shrewdly and adroitly. Their epoch was tantamount of prophets cum King Solomon and David.

According to the history, the third Khalifa Usman dissented from previous two Khalifa’s strategy; this is the initial point of estrangement, forth Khalifa Ali who was not chosen by masses, proved aborted from the day one of his cursory government.  

In the meantime, we can observe a treacherous person, Amir Muawia Bin Abi Sufyan, a traitor like Judas Iscariot, Benedict Arnold or Julius Caesar’s own nephew, Marcus Junius Brutus. Apart from Muawia’s other crimes, the biggest crime he committed was that he ceased power from Ali by knavery, deceitfully, appointed himself as first ‘potentate dictator for life of the Muslim Empire’ and enslaved whole Muslim nation.    

The play now changed in Muslim empire after this tragedy when world’s first democracy trampled and annihilated by this lustful person who foists monarchy in the Muslim world, an anathema for the human being, the ‘Rashiden Khilafat’ ended. This monarchy is remembered as ‘The cursed Umayyad dynasty’ established by Muawia, ruled for nearly a century from their capital at Damascus. Because this power was attained by conspiracy and intrigue hence now machination was a routine by several claimants of power.

Dissenting Muslims who were claiming family ties with the prophet of Islam caballed against the ruling Umayyad kingship. This Skirmish ends at a full military rebellion and the eventual defeat of the Umayyad dynasty. The family of Bano- Abbas and their stooges, who take their name from the prophet of Islam's uncle Al-Abbas, overthrow the Umayyad dynasty by the help of mainly newly converted Iranian Muslims who were the covertly severe insidious enemy of the Islam. The Abbasid Dynasty established Baghdad as their capital, ruled for over five centuries. Because Abbasid captured power through the help of Iranians hence Iranians had a big influence on state affairs. 

It is interesting to know that although factually accurate Khilafat has perished since the rebellion of Muawia, all these dictators insisted to call themselves the Khalifa until the end of Ottoman Empire. As a matter of fact, since those events until today, what so ever happening in the Muslim world on the name of Islam is entirely against the Quran.

Waning influence of sham Khilafat in public and divisions left by scandals, perturbed rulers need something which can support their wrong-doings, wicked and immoral activities and over the top something which can help them to sustain perpetual control over the sentiments of the population and avoid any counter-rebellion. 

It is obvious that they can not change the Quranic verses because it is memorized by uncountable people of all over the empire. They were wretched with the Quranic verses hence without to touch the verses, astutely they wrote exegesis to annotate the Quran according to their wishes and requirements and advertised with the help of government recourses that this exegesis contains sayings and doings of the prophet of Islam. Simultaneously with the help of priesthood (this malignant department relapsed in Muslim world as kingship relapsed because they have indissoluble relationship), they devised a new thing parallel to the Quran like ‘Halakha’ of Jews, and named it ‘Sharia,’ and attributed to the God and the prophet of Islam, torn asunder Islam from the Quran. Very slowly and cunningly they sanctified and appended this bane with the Islam and outmaneuver their opponents by taking on the mantle of Islam, purporting to be its guardians.

In this pandemonium there were many factions of the Muslims who loathed and resisted this criminal and culpable agenda and intrigue but tyrant government and their coalescing rogue touts (egotistical and wayward Mulla & so-called Muslim scholars) crushed  them by the means of oppression and unleashed hellfire; all such masses of resistance were proclaimed by so-called savants with the tool of  FATWA (judicial verdict of Mulla) as Atheist, Apostate and Heterodox, and according to Sharia law there is no mercy for such crime or criminals and even not any chance of repentance viz not any redress for such declared people except sword and executioner. History of Muslims is full of bloodshed and bloodshed of each other, and this is continuing even in our modern time, recent Arab spring is a very obvious example of the Muslim brutalities.

In fact, ancient so-called Khalifas were more despotic and brutal rulers than the modern Saudi monarchy, the oil-rich Gulf States and Taliban Afghan government with very little variations; these modern monarchies are in fact reminiscent of sham so-called Khilafat.

After the subjugation of opponents and capitulation of the Quranic version of Islam by these master of stratagem, the Quran went in the background and due to contraband nuptiality between these two misbegotten institutions finally, deplorable Sharia becomes the real Islam, called Islamic Sharia. This brand new, man-made version of the Islam which is, in fact, a masquerade, charade, deception, sham and a powerful tool of extortion, really served all interests of aforementioned both institutions. Islamization, Sharia, and Sunna like words are simply a ruse with which Muslim rulers defuse dissenters and construct consent while dividing the people sharply into factions.

In fact, by several conspiracies, real Islam changed from ‘Deen’ or a social order to the in vogue and bogus religion under the patronage of venomous SHARIA by the so-called ‘Khalifa.’ In the entire history of Muslims, humanity has been shrieking in loudly sustained doleful yelp under the brutalities of sham Khilafat, priesthood, and capitalism a dirty concurrence, and SHARIA is the center-of-gravity, catch-all of all these evils and religious debauchery. The worst thing happened that the conspiracies described above had a tremendous effect on Muslim beliefs. The edifice of the life of an individual, as well as that of a nation, is built on its beliefs and ideology.

Inevitably I am going to hit a nerve of Mullah that now internal intimate belief and actual deeds have no longer any value, rather belief becomes something increasingly represented outwardly viz in clothing, in length of beard and height of pajama, in marks on the forehead denoting prostration due to physical five times pray (Exercise) etc. For example, a man's beard must be long enough to protrude from a fist clenched at the base of the chin, if it is not, he is subject to punishment. Other somber demeanor of Sharia, that desperately insists and controls the length of your pubes even, those hairs should not be lengthy more than a piece of RICE, what a scientific gauge they devised hence I keep always a piece of Basmati rice grain to gauge every day my own pubes.

Sharia does not spare you, even in your bed with your partner, officious Mulla peeps and dictates you that how to indulge in sex and how to perform it according to the alleged cum pretended God’s consent! 

Another anecdote is related to urination that even if a drop of urine touched to your body then you will be in the Gehenna. Therefore due to the fear of purgatory, I always keep a lump of clay in my pocket and don’t hesitate to practice openly even in the market, whenever I urinated on someone’s wall or fence.

Don’t worry you will not be cursed into everlasting fire of the Hell, prepared for the devil and his associates, even you are a dictator, extortioner, cheater, scammer, bunco, swindler, victimizer, hypocrite, liar, smuggler, druggist, terrorist, murderer, food adulteration, fraudulent, treacherous, pederast; there is assuage about all such minor errors and omissions (Constituent of Sharia). No matter how much you made the life of masses hell, no need to squirm or fulminate due to such gory details of your incendiary deeds. Sharia has a perfect remedy, panacea to counter this scenario, simply just go to ‘Kabba’ in Mecca, Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj (Muslim’s customary Hajj is another fraud) and then you are cleaned, immaculate as just newborn baby, marvelous, what an easy religion!

Just ostentation and such cheap Islam’s tentacles you can find everywhere in the Muslims.

 Someone may feel due to the intensity of truth of my piece of work and reprimand that I am lambasting the Sharia. But it
is an axiomatic fact that an impartial, unbiased, ingenious and open mind person who has deep knowledge of the holy Quran and history, ultimately come on the conclusion that philosophy of the Quran and Sharia laws are not only unmatched rather entirely contrary! And above all when he/she will study Sharia laws and its polemical constituents, will find only quibble context, abominable ideology, unsolicited advice, openly profanity and sacrilege of the Quranic verses, wanton emulation, aggrandizement, and unequivocally ludicrous delusion. And profess that due to such absurd erroneous ancient Arab Paganic ruthless tribal laws, Islam is beleaguered in contention and ordeal. The tenacity of Islam is only possible when Muslims will quash such laws which even animals would not accept because it is even hypothetical about animal’s rights; euphemistically ‘Islamic Sharia Laws’ are just cumbersome juggernaut of the Muslims, can drag human civilization in the 7th century. 

 Now I want to come on primary topic, SHARIA IN UK, The whole idea is preposterous; the humdrum, quotidian concerns of the Muslims are wearisome!

One basic principal should keep in mind that Islam and Muslim are two different identities. Islam is not responsible for the conduct and behavior of Muslims. It is shortsightedness and simply prejudices to jumble them. Islam is only and only in the Quran, anything against, contrary or above the Quran is mere sacerdotal vandalism, debauchery, dissoluteness, and fraud; the Quran, the prophet of Islam and Muslims' God are not responsible for their deeds. 

In fact, Europe and USA are unintentionally following the real Islam and misfortune intentional claimants of Islam are caused to just vilify and malign the Islam. I will be far away from my topic in case of an explanation of the real and genuine Islam.

Someone may object that whatever in Sharia laws, many similar laws are also written in verses of Quran; true, but how Quran exploited by the miss use of such verses and deviant shamelessly, perverted to serve their interest and pervert the mind of Muslim’s by glorifying violence and how original Islam was abducted, this is a vast and time-consuming topic. I should write separately about this biggest blunder and occurrence of history. 

Putting aside my queasiness and nausea, I am compelled to say that masses of Muslims who are living in the West even since ages are absolute hypocrites and just exploiting the situation to aggrandize. They criticize the European society and values, but expect and exploit its benefits!

I am living in this country and closely observing their behavior and mentality. What I see and experience is often frustrating, horrifying, maddening but never baffling because I am well experienced of almost all Muslim nationalities and aware of their mindset and character as well.

By the study of Muslims history, it reveals that when anywhere in the world Muslims gains a sufficiently large population and power, they began to demand and agitate for Sharia to be implemented. Muslims have either manufacturing fault or some genetic problem which may revel by further DNA research in future that why they can not live with peace, love, and tranquility with other human beings, neither in their own countries nor anywhere else in the world, brawl and tumult is in their bloodstream; if they do not find anyone to screw then they start to screw themselves!

Despite their claim that there is freedom for everyone under Sharia, but practically when Muslims gains a strong representation in the population, they want to impose Sharia on everyone. Sudan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, KSA, Yemen, Somalia, Iran, and even tiny Muslim country Maldives is not exempted, The barbaric laws and rules of Sharia are first of all causing the Muslims to suffer the most; recently Sudan is divided between two countries due to this bone of contention, and East Timor in 2002 from Indonesia. The Philippines is another example, where a growing Muslim population agitating with violence for the implementation of Sharia laws.

It is radical Muslim’s misconception and delusion that Sharia is intended to be the religion of this whole planet even by force, (this Muslim’s believe, is entirely against the Quranic ideology). They strongly believe that it is to be the universal religion to replace Judaism, Christianity, and all others. They are willing to replace other religions first by conversion, then suppression and even no hesitation for armed conflict. The implementation and establishment of Sharia laws is the radical Muslim’s ultimate goal by the formation of a global Islamic state. 

All these false claims by Muslim scholars and apologists are plain lies and deception about the ugly face of Sharia-based above-mentioned countries. All these hypocritical European passport holders Muslim apologists are hell-bent to destroy Western civilization from within. I am fully convinced with Mr. Geert Wilders with an amendment that “Islam is the ‘Trojan Horse’ in Europe.” Mr. Geert, with all due respect, this is not the Islam you are worried about, that’s in fact ‘So-Called Sharia’ which is a ‘Trojan Horse,’ not only in Europe but according to my inquisition in our planet.  

Sharia in basically heavily misogynistic and anti-minorities, women and minorities are the prime victims of Islamic Sharia-based societies. Once these fanatics gain power, first of all, they will look toward women (In so-called Islamic society women are the weakest creature, and their weakness is the cause of attraction for lustful Mulla), now they will decide that what women can wear and whom they can see. Fashion, the make-up of women is strictly forbidden and even making noise with their shoes when they walk!

People are not fully familiar with atrocities of Sharia laws that vigilante street justice and killing is acceptable, a Muslim man is forgiven if he kills his wife caught in the act of adultery. Gay and adulterers are stoned to death for committing adultery, the genitals of little girls are mutilated, girls be murdered in the name of family honor and due to forced marriages which is outright against of the Quran. Most people fail to understand that Sharia laws are the foundation of theocracy and totalitarianism. Sharia laws are in complete contradiction with human rights and values because it enslaves human being, where Muslim males are legally permitted to assault their wives, who resist their sexual advances. There is no age limit for marriage under Sharia.

Ridiculously marriage contract can take place anytime after birth and in case of a girl, implement at age of even eight or nine, parody and travesty of the Quran. And what does their Sharia consist of more than corporal punishments? Lashing, amputation, lapidating publically, notorious Hudood Ordinance, all these possibilities in any patriarchal society not in any civilized society.
Slavery is another aspect of damn Sharia, on the contrary about the prisoners of war and slaves, there is a clear injunction in the Quran that they should be released either on payment of a ransom or as an act of generosity. The Quran closed the doors of slavery forever when it was said; ‘When you have thoroughly subdued them (the prisoners of war) bind a bond firmly (on them) then, thereafter let them off either freely or by ransom, until the war layeth down the burthens thereof. That ye shall do. And had Allah willed,’ Quran 47:4 but lustful godfather, emcee of Sharia opened the door of Slavery to fulfill their animalism and aphrodisiac. I would like to remind to the Muslims that slavery was practiced even up to some decades ago in Muslim’s most spiritual country Saudi Arabia under the patronage of holy custodians and as well in the entire era of Ottoman Empire.     

We should say thanks to Abraham Lincoln, who ended slavery by the Emancipation Proclamation on 1st January 1863.

Multiculturalism is basically natural and causes harmony among human being who is basically a family and appreciated, provided core values should not be challenged. I mean to say the culture, identity, mores, standards, integrity, ethics and conduct; according to my interpretation, regretfully this is not the case in the UK.

I can not apprehend that in presence of having English Common Law, what it does mean to allow Muslims to have parallel oppressive Sharia laws and courts within the country, state in the state? This is tantamount of anarchy and it should not be permitted and tolerated.  

I shall confine myself here to a particular country Pakistan, great heterogeneity, ranging from beard argumentative militant Jihadi Mulla to color-full turban javelins that don’t abstain from alcohol, adultery, sodomy but surely abnegate from being civilized. There is long sustained history of the unwillingness of Pakistani Governments to tackle the hardliners with ironic hands due to the fear of disgruntle segments of the plebs who might view such an attack as directed against Islam itself, but it is not the case in the UK. Then why these long beard, color full turbans, pot-bellied Mulla, Mufti and Qari Sahibs and so-called Muslim scholars are free hand in the UK to curse on infidels in their prayers! I suggest it may be about to see a resurgence of conservative religious elements in the future.

These illiterate Muslim masses are frequently visiting Saudi Arab and other Muslim states. Did they ever observe and juxtapose what’s going on in these their scared and holy lands? If they have not the time to read history, at least they can contemplate on the present. I spent the time of more than a quarter century in such Muslims scared lands and experienced almost all prominent Muslim nationalities. I can tell you naked truth that even you born in these oil-rich Arab countries and spend all your life, you have not entitled even a single right, although you are also a Muslim and according to the Muslims claim, all Muslims are brothers. I would say as per Muslim’s history and my experience, Muslims are not brothers but brutal butchers, even with each other.

Arabs treat non-Arab Muslims as a pariah in their countries, they are not permitted to purchase any property or maintain own independent business even traveling is restricted and depends on their approval. Most abominated and humiliated fact that despite you are also Muslim and according to the Quran there is not any restriction, but according to their law you are not permitted and capable under any circumstances to marry their girl although they can take your girls, disgusting, simply humiliation!  

Practically, Arabs are the biggest racist on this planet that even medical services are partial and proof of their openly racist mentality. In these countries judicial system is also completely whimsical, completely partial and biased; no redress for a poor, feeble, frail and powerless person, no sense of camaraderie. These countries are in fact hell on our planet.

Let’s compare this situation with the West and USA. Regardless of religion, caste, creed, race and believe everyone is equal here, having equal rights in every aspect and dimension of life. You are free to purchase property, establish business and not any restriction on marriage with any girl, and over the top, they respect your right of speech. In wonky Arab world they keep you dumb muted slave, the human potentiality of utterance is taboo in these Sharia-full Arab countries, and you are just a robot, every morning switch-on and evening switch-off. I am not spinning a yarn, but a great embellishment of the truth. It is a torment that radical Muslims want to see all such these brutalities in the UK too!   

I would admonish to zealot Muslims in the Europe and USA that stop acting ambidextrously, think twice in the light of above-mentioned facts about the soporific effect of envenoming Sharia, avail facility of mind, wit and verve, the amazing gifts of God in a positive way. It is known that the beneficent of Sharia is just Muslim’s tyrant rulers instead of the Muslim population.

Let's suppose for a moment, Sharia implanted also in the Europe and USA (which is merely a dream of insanity) then our planet will be no more habitable for the human being, and only monsters can stay here.

Afflicted, grieved, and wretched people, harassed by your comrades in your beloved tortuous Sharia loaded Muslim countries at least find shelter and respectful refuge in the Europe and USA; in case of the bane of Sharia also implemented here, then such desperate people should move to the Mars.

To be honest, instead of legerdemain, casuistry and hypocritical behavior by keeping good offices in both places, living in UK and interested in Sharia laws, then there is not any constraint, if you are really honest with your cause, leave this country and move back in medieval era of your glorified so-called Muslim countries if they accept you. 

Learn a lesson from Palestinians who are also counted as Arab; geographically living in the same peninsula. Except for political gain an advantage, just lip service that Palestinians are our brothers any oil-rich Arab country never supported them practically, although they beat the drum internationally for Palestinian cause but virtually a big Zero, not ready to give refuge and shelter even to a single Palestinian in these oil-rich countries.

In the end, with dismal feelings, I am compelled to remind to the Muslims who are residing in the Europe and USA that in the real world there is always a quid pro quo involved, this is a reciprocal exchange. When you are taking every benefit and advantages of being a citizen of these countries then you owe some obligations. These countries are justified by expecting at least loyalty, adherence, allegiance, and devotedness from their migrant citizens, if it is not the case then you are simply squatters and your future is not secure here.

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