Fetters of Muslims

Fetters of Muslims

As a matter of fact, common people in any society are usually proved to be lazy, tardy and actively involved in procrastination. On the other hand, to find out any factual conclusion about any serious concern, very careful scrutiny and inquest of the mind is required. We observe in our everyday life that people shun and procrastinate deliberately.

The same rule also implements in the realm of religion, where some dogmas have become standard clichés or myths of wisdom as time passes. Unfortunately, the majority of people do not recognize that it is mandatory to think wisely about how most of the parables and folklore turn into religious criteria and faith. Finally, supernatural stories become part of the religion. This hackneyed attitude is actually an insurmountable impediment in the process of examining, scrutinizing or giving our serious thought about religious myths or clichés.

In the case of the religion of Islam, it is also very dangerous as well. According to the Islamic Sharia Laws, examining or scrutinizing anything of the Islam is Blasphemy. It is tantamount to breach Islamic faith, 
malefaction. Scrutiny and inquest about Islam is the trespass of the highest intensity and committing a suicidal effort to even think wisely or question the origins of any Islamic mythos or adage.

Furthermore, it is common practice that people are more inclined and are comfortable in the parental religion they adhere from childhood rather than having an open and an unbiased mind and ask questions regarding their belief system. Usually, it is due to the fears of formidable wrath of demigods and the implementation of so-called Divine Laws, composed on behalf of them. Due to the influence of this inner turmoil, generally, Muslims do not allow themselves to mobilize enough courage to give serious thoughts about their religion.
As a matter of fact, they want to avoid antagonizing people around them. Even in their hearts, many Muslims are convinced about their harsh, enervating and demoralized religion. They do not find enough courage and prowess to sustain and tolerate the reaction and punishments.
It is very hard to criticize Islam whilst being a Muslim. First of all, they have to confront their own families. Then they have to encounter their Muslim society. Finally, they have to face their main adversary, their so-called Islamic republic/state. Otherwise, many Muslims would abruptly denounce their parental religion, Islam, and become Atheist, Agnostic, Deist, Freethinker, or Humanist (In nature, they are all same).

As a result, no matter how much you try to convince a common Muslim to realize the importance of cogent arguments, logical and justified approach on all religious matters of Islam, they will avoid facing the facts. Their mind hesitates and denies to enter into broader horizons. They feel satisfaction and gratification in their shackles.

In practical life, this behavior is not only limited to illiterate or bourgeois class Muslims. Even educated Muslims tend to think waveringly about their religion. To be honest, this is the real worriment of Muslim societies around the planet.

Furthermore, most Muslims are addicts; they want to see things as they desire, rather than accepting facts as they actually are. Muslims look through the unique lens of their own religious and fanatic perspective. When people disagree with Muslims, they passionately defend themselves and cling with their ridiculous beliefs, without fully understanding others’ point-of-view. This is the true case of Muslims. They immediately certify that other people’s beliefs are wrong, sinful and immoral, rather than seeing the flaws in their own beliefs.

There is another healthy approach to know the facts and truth, without any misapprehension. This approach is very natural is called the ‘Scientific Approach.’
A true scientist never tries or insists to prove anything. Scientist never claims infallibility. Rather a scientist just strives with remarkable exactitude and endeavors to know the naked truth of nature. It is obvious that in presence of these basic qualities, a scientist cannot follow any feeble-minded Prophet, Mullah, Priest or Imam, or the fairytales that they have produced. A true scientist also cannot be rancorous, prejudiced or bigoted and cannot waste time and energy to engage in loggerheads.

Muslims can also get rid of their predicaments as well by the same scientific approach in their paradigm and assumptions. Muslims should examine and test Islam parallel to reality. They should listen more to others and be open to their perceptions. It is the only way to achieve a larger complete understanding and a far more objective view of anything.
The Governor of Punjab, Salmaan Taseer’s gruesome cold-blooded murder has convinced me that the non-scientific ideology inspired by Islamic Sharia will not be defeated soon. A vast majority of Pakistani Muslims have tended this tragedy as a normal routine murder in Pakistan. Most of them also strongly believe that Governor Salman deserved to be murdered, as it is ‘Divine Wrath.’ Their concept of Islam is intellectually dumb and deaf. Without any doubt, they share the same desire of the Muslim extremists to establish an Islamic theocracy (Caliphate) in Pakistan.
But they did not usher in a new concept. If you are aware of Islamic history, you will recognize the concept of Islamic theocracy, implemented by Sharia Laws is centuries old.

Unfortunately, this is the reason that the majority of the Muslims do not have any problem with their theocratic states, like Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia. They only condemned terrorism or terrorist organizations when they screw them. Otherwise, these countries have never condemned or denounce the ideology which these terrorist organizations follow. Most of the Terrorist organizations’ criminal justice system is based on the same Sharia Laws. And these countries governments also enforce very similar laws on the name of Islam.
Islamic Sharia Laws are actually pre-Islamic, dating back to the times of Hammurabi, the sixth king of the First Babylonian Dynasty in the 18th century B.C.E. Lapidation, the penalty of stoning to death, for adulterers, or amputating the hands of thieves, are all punishments obtained from the ancient Middle Eastern laws. To justify and continue their inhumane practice of slavery and war against non-Muslims, medieval practices became Islamic traditions. Contemporary brutal Muslim governments have not been creative in their brutality against their citizens who perpetrate the same crimes. They are simply following the same barbaric laws.

Islamic Sharia permits disgusting punishments for Gay or Lesbian individuals by throwing them off rooftops or bludgeoning them until they die. In fact, this is simply a recapitulation of the myth of Sodom and Gomorrah cities, metaphors for vice and homosexuality. Divine retribution rained down stones on the homosexual cities, resulting in the cities’ annihilation. Islamic punishments regarding Gay and Lesbian in Sharia Laws are actually borrowed from Sodom and Gomorrah religious stories.

After the death of the Prophet of Islam in 632 CE, Muslims have not been unanimously agreed on a single central authority. The first Muslim generation slit each other’s throats over the succession of leadership. After the demise of Mohammad, they immediately split into the division of Shia and Sunni theological fractions, with the consequences of political and theological differences. Even different interpretations of the Quran was not tolerated between them.

The first Muslim generation is responsible to build the foundation of not respecting the differences in opinion. They disassociate themselves from anyone who had differing views on any key or minor issue. Any Muslim who did not agree with mainstream dominating ruling class Muslims, they declared them as Apostate and Infidel, according to their own borrowed ‘Sharia Laws’ which they apparently attributed to God.

In the case of a few individual ‘apostates,’ they immediately executed them. And in the case of larger groups, they declare holy wars against them as per Sharia Laws. They associated Islam with all the shades of cruelty and inhumanity.

Now, we look at our contemporary Sharia lovers around the planet. We cannot simply reject Taliban, ISIS or any other Muslim terrorist organization as a “Non-Muslim Organization.” This issue is related to the pure ideological problem. They also stringently reject differences of opinion as the first Muslim generation did. The Muslim terrorist organizations around the planet are not the actual problem; they are exactly blindly following their centuries-old ancestors: The backbone of contention is their Islamic Sharia-based ideology. Sharia promotes religious supremacy and bolster ethnocentrism. Sharia approves fundamentalism and demands struggle to implement Sharia Laws from its adherents, wherever they are on the planet.

Since the fall of the USSR, Pakistan has been pushed into the Dark Age by the hand of these zealous Sharia followers who rejected the modern state and ideology of democracy, where the freedom of thought is taboo. They want to declare the revival of the Caliphate, an alternative to the prevailing political order.
It appears that Muslim extremists have a hasty desire for the implementation of the promise of Allah: the final Day of Doom. Instead of waiting for God to bring about the end of times, Islamic jihadists are going out of their way and are trying to prompt the Day of Doom through their own deeds.

Muslims have to acknowledge that extremism and terrorism is indeed a pure Muslim issue and it is to be dealt with only by Muslims. If Muslims fail to curb this monster, then they will ruin the bright future of the next generations. 

Through my articles, I am trying to persuade educated intellectual Muslims who are the real players in the Muslim dominated societies to reject these primitive laws and embrace new and bold ideologies to keep them abreast with their time and age. They should work hard to reform these primitive and ancient laws which are foisted on the name of Allah, and its traditions. Muslims have to reinterpret the violent passages of the Quran if they want to successfully combat terrorism and extremism on the name of God. They have to realize why the Mosque and State should be separated. They have to understand why freedom of expression is vital for a healthy society. They have to protect their religious minorities. Religion is a personal matter, not the state affair.

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