Hijab controversy in the Europe

Hijab controversy in Europe

The sensitivity of the People in Europe and America burgeoned more about Muslims and their religious beliefs, and almost 2 billion people of this planet judged according to the horrible and abominable attack by 19 hijackers on 9/11 on the USA.

In the meantime Europe is trudging with another problem of the Islamic Hijab, Veil, Naqab or Burqa associated also with the Muslims. The use of these contentious so-called Islamic garbs raises a variety of gargantuan questions pertaining to freedom of religion, equality of the sex’s tolerance, etc… across Europe. Today, the use of the veil, full-body Burqa, and the face-covering Naqab are gradually dragging Europe and the USA toward growing tension and the situation is getting harder to manage but I can predict that it will cease on a final ban.

I openly argue for a public ban in Europe on religious face coverings; we come to Europe because we are fade-up with the ugly face of man-made Sharia and Abbasid-version-Islam, we're not coming to any Islamic Republic! 

First and foremost, briefly I will try to delve roots according to the history of this issue, as an introduction; and then I will ink and divulge my own interpretations according to my discernment.

Muslim scholars usually point out these verses of Quran as credible references for the requirement of veil or hijab for the Muslim women.
"And say to the believing women that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty; that they should not display their beauty and ornaments except what (must ordinarily) appear thereof; that they should draw their khimar over their bosoms and not display their beauty" (Quran Al-Noor 24:31)

"Those who harass believing men and believing women undeservedly, bear (on themselves) a calumny and a grievous sin. O Prophet! Enjoin your wives, your daughters, and the wives of true believers that they should cast their outer garments over their persons (when abroad) That is most convenient, that they may be distinguished and not be harassed. "(Quran Al-Ahzab 33:58 to59)
These verses regarding the veil in the Quran are not appended with women’s special clothing; in fact, the essence of these Quranic verses edification are regarding promoting modesty, chastity, piety, demureness regardless of gender. The command to "draw their veils over their bosoms" was interpreted by some as an injunction to veil one’s hair, neck, and ears also.

As a matter of fact, after Prophet of Islam migration to Madina from Mecca, Islam entered in a new era. Mosque of Prophet was a place where more and more people were visiting. Apart from prayers, this Mosque

was also used as a parliament house, court, college, conference room, even as a jail for the imprisonment of the prisoners, over the top this Mosque was also the residence of Prophet of Islam with his many wives. Sometimes many visitors who used to come from far distances also stayed there for long period for different reasons. They also used same Mosque rooms as their camp, and their rooms were adjacent to Prophet’s wives’ very small chambers or closets. The tenor and purport of these verses were intentioned to educate his wives that how to behave in such a scenario and in a volatile gruesome situation.

Veiling did not emanate with the advent of Islam. The customary veil was become compulsory after Prophet of Islam’s demise by so-called Islamic scholars, striving for their religious and political authority to gain the dominance in the Muslim society under the patronage of the illegitimate monarchy. Most of the early prominent Muslims’ scholars were originally subdued, Iranian nationalist.

According to the history, Islamic customary veiling for women starts after the conquest of Iranian and Byzantine civilizations by Muslims’ and finally by intermingling with them. Aristocratic women in Mesopotamia, Byzantine, Greek, and Persian empires wore the veil as a manifestation of decency and high status. Later on, their etiquettes, practices, and conduct were viewed as appropriate expressions of Quranic norms and values by those dissembler Islamic scholars, who pretend to be Muslim. Veiling gradually spread in elite class Arab women, and ultimately it became widespread among Muslim societies throughout the Middle East and became more pervasive in Ottoman Empire and in broadening horizon, Morocco to Indonesia. It is precisely very similar in recent time with foot binding in modern China.

Despite the contradiction of the Western and Muslims’ culture, certainly have some similarities in dress codes, at least. The dress code of Medieval European women was more likely as Muslim. It has prevailed for women to cover their hair. Even pictures and paintings of the Victorian era show everything covered except the face and hands. It was common to drape the neck and even sometimes the lower face in a wimple. The peasant in urban areas and working-class, the proletariat ladies in rural areas who can not cover in this way, stipulated loose character and contemplated vulnerable even for sexual assault.

Non-respectable cum vulnerable scenario of unveiled women also plays the same role in early Muslim society. Simply, these historical roots go back to Quranic verses, stipulating for veiling as marking out of Muslim women not to be molested on the streets as a loose character woman, slave or whore. These veiling verses impute that women who are veiled, belong to high social rank families. Quran does not ordain veiling of the face also, except when it calls for

the wives of the Prophet of Islam to veil, other Muslim women were instructed simply to keep a piece of cloths over their bust.

As a matter of fact, Burqa or full-face veil are not compatible with human dignity and should not impose as mandatory by law like in Saudi Arabia, Taliban Afghanistan or Iran; it is a simple matter of choice or personal belief. We should respect the freedom-of-women including their autonomy of selecting and wearing dresses without the influence of religious dogma or fear of the wrath of fundamentalists. Overtly state browbeating and duress is an obvious violation of the human right of freedom of choice. But literally, in all those countries where the veil and burqa implemented by force, women’s freedom is nonexistent, their emancipation unheard of and even their basic rights revoked.

What freedom I am talking about... I crave to suicide when I see wild abandon young girls, young as nine, eight, six, and even five years old to be veiled or compelled to enter marital unions in the Muslim society on the name of God, and they are forced to accept; I can not turn a blind eye due to the weight of traditions, political pressure, or sheer leniency. I am not anymore interested and will not condescend to argue to the people who insist and believe that ‘A woman either stays in the house or in her grave.’

But this issue is not as simple; coercion in radical families on young generation remains invisible to the world, only occasionally fusillade into media when some atrocity committed; for example any case of notorious honor killing in Muslim countries or coldblooded murder of any alleged apostate or blasphemer by relatives or mob-like assassination of Salmaan Taseer governor of the province of Punjab and a Pakistani politician and elected member of the National Assembly Shahbaz Bhatti.

The veil or ‘chader’ in local language for Iranian women has been compulsory since the so-called Islamic revolution. Since then hijab comes to symbolize its uniqueness and superiority, with the trend to revive or create Islamist movement, with or without the authority of the husband, father, or brother; girls secluded, equal rights for women suppressed, the wearing of the scarf imposed by law, and young girls often forced into prearranged marriages without their consent.
On the contrary, in the era of 1930s, the coercion went reciprocally as On 8th Jan,1936 Reza Shah announced his famous ban on Hijab, decreed that all women must unveil, without the consideration that a lady who had been veiled and accustomed all over her life, how suddenly coerced to appear in public uncovered next moment! For most of the women, this was shameful
like being naked. This is the reason that I do not perturb on the flagrant notorious stories of women whom husbands carried them in sacks on their backs when they had to travel.

In 1975 the Tunisian society and many North African Muslim countries relapsed towards veil and a few years later it was considered an exclusive symbol of the Islamist movement. Before in 1924, Ataturk imposed the same decree in Turkey through reform movement, banned women who wear headscarves from working in the public sector. These are the vivid examples of either extreme right or left of Muslim pendulum, instead of natural balance at the center of gravity, due to the lack of temperance and sobriety in Muslim societies.

After this brief exordium and preamble, first of all, I would like to overwhelmingly praise the courage of the French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s realistic stand to ban both the headscarf in state schools and the full veil in public spaces by legislation. I completely acquiesce with him that what he said on the historical occasion that Burqa is no more welcome in France, we cannot accept that women as prisoners behind a screen, cut off from all social life, etc….

On the contrary, according to my comprehension, the situation in the UK is regretful, in spite of Jack Straw’s nationwide sparked controversy there is permission of wearing all overtly religious symbols. To be honest, I am afraid if I was mistaken the UK is facing an acute problem, because in the masquerade of freedom of religion, a number of worthy-considering astray Muslim youths, strayed, want to introduce ignominious Sharia laws and courts in the areas in which they form a majority, simply misusing freedom and broad-mind quality of this country. The use of Veil and Burqa, as well as the existence of the Sharia courts, engender more negative impact on democratic values and Western society. Many other European countries are still wasting time in just abortive debates.

Moreover, while clandestinely scarf, Hijab, Naqab, and Burqa invaded the European countries but many politicians, without any hesitation supporting this archaic problem by lame excuses, for the sake of political favor in the election.

As per my interpretation, I consider controversial dress code of Muslim women, jeopardous for the cohesiveness of the European secular society. A century ago, after an arduous journey, European people succeeded in separating Church and State affairs followed by French people as the emancipation of human being. I am afraid to say that practically instead of

defend this remarkable achievement in human history we are renouncing these accomplishments; I consider this scenario tantamount to retrogression.
I would like to admonish to European general people (not to politicians), a sine qua non, ask yourself, what sort of society you want for your children, how you want to coexist, and on what basis? Then choose as you want to make your society for your children future, but don't deceive to yourself under any statuesque charade to abdicate your responsibility, do not tolerate intolerance. This small resplendent piece of cloth, in fact, is antecedent of a slow revolution, a most tangible barrier to integration in the European society, an agenda lies behind this veil. And it is not for the sake of protection of secularism only, but a display of all religious conspicuous symbolic identities should forbid, for maintaining harmony in society and to secure human rights, and over the top, to protect and harbor the daughter of eve from associates of Cain.

If all different religious cultural norms are legitimately accepted in any society, in the name of freedom of religion or for any other cultural reason, then democratic values and social cohesiveness consequently jeopardized.

Permit me to ask decorously to those Muslims who legitimately choose to settle down in Europe but not ready to perceive and apprehend and accept the European values and equality between the two sexes, their attitude and displaying repugnance for the European culture in the pretext of the rights of a minority is just flimsy argument; the principle, that everyone is equal before the law, must be upheld.

Let’s finally talk decisively, Dear European Muslim colleagues if you honestly and uprightly believe that you are really fulfilling commandment of the God by following conservative Muslim ideology like Veil, Naqab, Burqa, Hijab, and nostrum of condimental Sharia and or having obsession that this is the real Islam, then I admonish you; do not adrift, should move back to your ancestral countries. There you are warm heartily welcome and free according to your beliefs, I would say euphemistically you really deserve to be there. If Europe and USA are ethically and uprightly decadent, I wondered then why are so many populations in the Muslim world standing in long queues outside to their embassies. 

On the other hand, If you are not agreeing to act accordingly and persist to stay here, then I regret to assert, (your behavior is enough evinced for credibility) you are simply a hypocrite, humbug, masquerader, attitudinizer and not honest even with the Islam. As per famous proverb, "dog who running after two bones would catch neither," you want to keep good offices in both places. Do you ever listen to another old proverb, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do," denotes, by all means, behave however the people around you behave, adapt yourself to the customs of the places you visit. So what about after you settle down here permanently as your own country? Do you feel any reverence and deference about the solemn oath, you took or do you understand the responsibility after allegiance which you asserted at the ceremony of becoming a British citizen, said the pledge of loyalty to the UK!

After immense and successive sacrifices and immolations, Europe finally bestowed free society from dogmas, particularly from the religion. Today this freedom and emancipation are challenging by fundamentalists particularly by Islamic radicals, and European countries have been just struggling with the dilemmas!!!

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address: islamvsislam@hotmail.com

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