Peace talks with Taliban

  Peace talks with the callous Taliban

Without any garble, the true position is, on 7th October 2001 the United States and allied forces with precipitation and spur begin an effusive attack on Afghanistan without worthy considerations to:

1) The composition of the Afghan society, which consist, many different tribes and ethnic groups, with a consistent history of conflicts and rivalry; it is almost impossible and impregnable to bring them together under one elected government. This is an undeniable fact that ‘The War’ is the only flourish industry of Afghan people since their known history.

2) Afghanistan’s mountainous terrain, which makes conventional warfare impossible but provides armed insurrectionist privilege and countless hiding places.

3) Though I am convinced that the U.S. had not any colonial intention for Afghanistan but the traditional Afghan hostility to foreign invaders should consider.

4) Pakistan–India Relations in the context of the Afghanistan and assessment that Taliban and their associates are assets for Pakistan to counter Indian influence in Afghanistan.

5) Any lesson from the Soviet invasion and the successful response of the religious guerrillas known as the Mujahedeen (today called Taliban) fought to push the Soviets out.

The foundation for the peace and stability of Afghanistan is not yet accomplished and military gains made against the diehard conservative Taliban over the decade are still friable and frangible. I deem it would be unwise to make concessions until and unless the Taliban renounced terrorism and prove their willingness to participate in the political process.

The Afghan government is hardly legitimate and barely hanging on in the face of an increasingly powerful Taliban most complex and audacious insurgency. I am not skeptical about the Afghan government that it won’t implode or toppled as soon as foreign troops are gone if Taliban insurgency will not likely to be

defeated completely by that time, I am convinced that the boom is over and the exodus has started.

The word ‘Peace’ is really a sound word but how real and durable peace possible without to acknowledge human rights and abandon of civilized and moral values! I am surprised by the reverberation of negotiations and closed-door deals with the Taliban in order to justify a rapid troop withdrawal.
As a matter of fact, Taliban neither has renounced terrorism nor withdraw their support for Al-Qaeda, They are not ready to give up their arms and concede the Afghan constitution. We can’t efface or parry the memories of the Taliban despotic regime ruled Afghanistan with acts of moral turpitude. They imposed the notorious and barbaric version of Sharia laws, where women were strictly forbidden to work; without father, brother or husband they were not authorized to step outside their home, schooling or appearance in public was almost impossible for the daughter of Eve. Men were coerced to grow beards and barbers were murdered and compulsory five times attendance in Mosques for prayers. Common media of entertainment like movies, television, and music were banned. Regular brazen executions and flogging in open fields still remain as the stigma of their era.

It stands to reason that Taliban victory in Afghanistan would also rejuvenate Islamist extremist forces in Pakistan and central Asian countries; subversion of civilian democracy and invigorated hard-line elements within the Pakistani civil and over-the-top military establishment, which controls the country’s expanding nuclear gears. In case of Taliban manage to relapse in Afghanistan with the agenda of terrorism, Al-Qaeda and their associated terrorist groups would re-establish safe haven again there.

Whatever may say or plead, after more than a decade of historical fighting, immense loss of human lives and billions of taxpayer’s Pounds have been spent, but finally, ……….. The Peace talks and reconciliation efforts with the callous Taliban!

I am still perplexed and deciphered about the goals and targets of this war. On behalf of thousands of soldiers and civilians who directly or indirectly involved, sacrificed their lives; I, being as a pacifist human, would suggest, those decision makers should assuage their souls and to beloved ones who can’t

forget them, by explaining the reasons and rationale of the clandestine and open peace talks and reconciliation with the declared enemy number one, connote dilapidation and anomie.

At this point I would like to say that if we can achieve our targets, peace accords, treaties, and political desiderata without the catastrophes of extravagant wars then why not adopted this option in beginning, to save thousands of children to become orphaned and women from widowhood, those thousands of people could stay with their families. Why all this bloodshed?

This has been written in the best interest of my fellow human beings.

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