Drummer Lee Rigby a Cold- blood assassination

Due to my idiosyncrasy, sense of moral compass and call of my conscience, I have written on different topics and occasions, because I love this country and its people, this country sheltered me when my own people spurned me with aversion and rescued me from my consternation. My love for it makes me concerned about it. I can't tolerate or consent any threat or danger to the safety and beauty of this welfare state; I am determined to defend this country in my capacity as a scholar. 

The recent withering occurrence of cold- blood assassination of Drummer Lee Rigby by self-appointed vigilantes, hideous monsters as they go after innocent people, traumatized me completely. I want to share grief and commiserate with the affected family in this nerve-racking ordeal.  

As a matter of fact, it is an abdominal crime, what astounded and deeply horrified me is his antagonistic and grotesque brief speech. It is galling that by his sophistry he appended his callous atrocity with the Islam, and Islam is a broody hen whose precious eggs all crafty & adroit extremists want to eat since its inception.  

With all due respect, allow me to highlight deterioration and flaw that has set-in, in British judiciary and legal system to manipulate with such extremist bigotry by two examples 

Recently I was watching legerdemain and subterfuge of radical Islamist sanctimonious hate preacher Anjem Choudary on BBC’s Newsnight regarding this incident, I was feeling that the UK laws flouted with impunity by him and his associates. [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-22650053]. Anyone who preaches and acts like Anjem Choudary should prosecute and handle with ironic hand.  

Another vivid example of this decrepit system is Abu Qatada, he is capable to block long line of legal attempts to deport him from Britain, please do not construe this as any criticism. I am a philanthropist, always solicitous for the welfare of human being and a vehement advocate of human rights, BUT, rights of humans, not rights of associates of devil and Beelzebub! 

This is the glitch of the British legal system that fiendish persons are capable to overrun it without the fear of culpability and severe punishment. I have spent 26 years in the Arab Gulf States, despite they are all despotic and totalitarian regimes and their legal system is whimsical for innocence people but they are capable to manipulate and annihilate extremism and fully capable to implement severe accountability and punishments for such criminals without any chicanery. In the UK these criminals not bother at-all about punishment, all mobsters and transgressor aware that after some time they will back freely in society to commit further serious crimes.  

These fierce criminals are suppurating sore and scum of human society, do not hoax to you on the name of human rights, just hang these two murderers of the young impeccant Drummer Rigby on the same location in front of people as a nemesis and divine retribution. They did not commit the only crime of murder of a single person; they are also accountable to sullied and tarnished the name of Islam, these swindlers intentionally foment the aversion in the society. 

Homicide, assassination, murder on the name of religion or ideology and genocide are the hellish loathsome grave crimes and terrorism which is irremediable and irretrievable. Such felon does not deserve mercy or clemency hence life imprisonment or such punishments are not enough, Guantanamo Bay detention camp or such arrangements anywhere in the world are mere wastage of resources and time to keep them behind bars alive; they should recompense for their evil deeds. If anyone commits a collective crime against the society then there is no place of rue to hang them.

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