Crass mob mentality of the Muslims

My arguments and contentions are accordingly and based on logic and reasoning which are neither suitable nor can enlighten the people who believe in conformity, emulation and following blindly in the footsteps of precedents. I can persuade people who use their mind instead of sentiments; boorish and uncouth mobs just rely on sophistry, charisma, and emotion, always come on the issue with the parti-pris. The funniest thing about the Muslims’ idiosyncrasy is that nobody is really honest about what they look like or pretend; due to this particular attitude whole, Muslims have become compulsive and congenital liars.  

When anyone decides to become Muslims he/she has to utter Arabic word, "ASHADU..." which means "I bear witness..." not the witness of any so-called their scholar and that vouch makes him/her responsible for actions deeds and thoughts. The Quran says in Surah Isra, chapter 17, verse 15:

“Who receiveth guidance, receiveth it for his own benefit: who goeth astray doth so to his own loss: no bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another: nor would we visit with our wrath until we had sent a Messenger (to give warning).”

"Unfortunately Muslims exhibits the crass mob mentality that has had Muslims killing each other for centuries due to fabricated hadiths and self-made Sharia laws, which made Muslims, mere blind followers, undisciplined flock ‘taqlidi’ rather than a thinker, intellectual, ‘mujtahideen.’ As a result, Muslims are declining since centuries around the globe, and if anyone kind heart emancipator, wake them from their intoxication, inebriation, they labeled him an apostate infidel, heretic ect.. and even not hesitate to kill him insanely.

Muslims should not forget this fact that their self-claimed scholars are not responsible for their understanding of the Message of the God, revealed to all humanity for all of us to reckon; yes your clerics are culpable, censurable and condemnable for instigation, startle, seduce and allure the people. God empower each and every human being to know the directive from him and to read and understand the message of Quran for ourselves which is for all of us not to be for scholars only; knowledge is the inalienable right of all every human being.

Secondly, Muslims’ malefaction, breach, and transgression to claim that because something has been practiced in the Muslims’ world for centuries and use that flimsy argument as a basis to continue practicing their malpractices, in fact, is entirely contradiction of the clear and vivid message of the Quran.

It is a known fact that from the inception of the Muslims’ history, Intellectual Muslims always feared to bring the truth forward because of threats against their lives from the Muslim governments and their so-called perverted cussed nuisance scholars and Imams. As soon as anyone expostulates about the evils of their deeds and consequences, these atrocious power players gagged and stifled them with brutality, cruel and harsh treatment unleashed on them. The best and simple gimmick to accomplish the job is to label them with titles of apostate, heterodox, heretic and infidel, and finally put to death for speaking the truth.

To execute and manipulate such acts of felony, sanctimonious Muslim scholars and primitive ‘IMMAMS’ devised Sharia laws and wrote hadith and Sunna to hoaxed people that whatsoever they are doing is the order of the God and proved by the deeds of prophet of Islaam hence they are just solicitous to implement the yearning of the God; an old disposition to deceive.

According to the Muslims’ men made doctrine and notorious Sharia; change of religion, blasphemy, apostasy, profanity, and heresy are inexpiable crimes. Only possible expiation or atonement is either voluntarily undergo death penalty or by force. If you accept voluntarily death penalty then your next eternal life will be peaceful, otherwise, you will always be in the flames of the hell, and this is the only possible penance, no sense, and room for mercy, forbearance, and lenity; Just continuity of mystification of credulous predecessors.  

Even today no one can stand in puritan Saudi Arabia, orthodox Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran or in any 56 Muslim countries and quote the Quran and say (this is tantamount to “Bell the cat”):  Death for apostasy and blasphemy, stoning for adultery, opprobrious Pakistani Hudood ordinance regarding daughter of eve, marital jurisprudence and other practices on the disguise of the Islam are absolutely contradictory of the Quran; They are illegitimate because the Quran says the following............ within no time will be labeled as heretics, arrested and finally be put to death either by the hands of self-appointed vigilantes or by the despotic totalitarian regime in the veneer of holy Islam and holy custodians etc. etc..

The complete ambiance in all Muslim countries of angst, disquietude, false and artificial reverence, and trepidation are accepted norms in the Islamic world which contradicts the lucid teachings of the Quran.

This atmosphere of fear existed for 14 centuries in the Muslim world and as a result, the wrong ideas have been carried forth unchallenged, unchanged and perpetual. Now even when clear Quranic guidance is presented to the "blind followers," it is ignored, and scholars, Imams, hadiths, notorious Sharia and their own ignorance is placed on a higher level and before than the Quran. This entire Muslim undisciplined flock, spread from Indonesia to Morocco in 56 countries, consist of 1.6 billion in numbers is engaged only in the trifles; rituals, vogues, traditions, illusions, brutality, exploitation, embezzlement cum defalcation of national wealth, sectarianism and schism rather than to address and deal with real problems of human society, emphasize and delve the universe, participate in the development of science and technology.     

As a matter of fact, in the presence of fear human brain neither can develop nor can engage in productive activity, and this is the Muslims’ case. The Muslim world is fraught of jitters, panic, phobia of and in everything, scare, suspicion, cold feet, and sweet, trepidation, terror and fear; they are terrorized from everything of this universe except the creator of this macrocosm namely the GOD.

The self-appointed vigilantes, Security Forces, Police Force, Mullahs, Maulvis, scholars, politicians, Media, landlords, Business-community, and unfortunately even common public in Pakistan and the Muslim world is out of control and adapt to abuse human rights with impunity, virtual impunity from the prosecution and culpability or fear of the God, law-less scenario.  

This is no different from the West where for centuries anyone who believed in a heliocentric versus a geocentric universe was put to death. Remember Galileo and remember how the world being flat was accepted as fact? Muslims are still standing in that dark uncivilized era of fear and tyranny.

Thanks to the God that the West finally changed towards positive attitude although there are still many predicaments but at least people can speak without any fear, minds are free to think and go against vogue and traditions and can raise questions on any issue including religion.   

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