Creation of the Apostate

Although God created human being free and autonomous but it is beguiling to assume that the man is really a born manumitted. A human being takes the first breath in a pre-destined place, anywhere on this planet, without his choice, and automatically becomes Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, American or British citizen, without his consent.  And similarly without his intent a child was born in a Christian, Hindu, Shia Muslim, Sunni Muslim, Sikh, and Jew …. family; nurtured, taught, groomed and brought up and trained to become like them and follow their believes and dogma, without the concept of choice, even human ‘names’ which are mere IDs are not spared from the prejudice and dogmatism of the religion. Parents and all consanguineous relatives arranged and make certain that their child is conditioned to adopt the same faith, culture, social traits, and even the language of the same family. It is really very hard for a common human being to fissure or emancipates from these by-birth shackles and fetters all over life.

Human being convincingly ensnares all over the life to believe that he is a born free! But it is totally contrary to the fact that human being is born confined; immured and controlled by the enigma of religion, customs, traditions, family traits, rituals, patriotism, and etc.. etc…. Even the sentiments of abhorring and adore are planted and controlled by parents in his personality.

A child goes to the place of worship where his or her parents go or want to send, this child is expected and bound to owe and admire Mullah, Molvi, Pundit, Father, family priest as this child experienced all this from his own parents behavior; alike this child is also bound to despise just accordingly in the obedience of parents, complete sweet bondage.  

As a conclusion, most human beings merely accept a particular religion or way of life, because they born in a particular family and environment and from that environment attained a particular name and belief. People did have not any explicit choice, logic or reason about practicing or in other words freely selecting any religion or dogma.  

Now this child emerges as an impeccably groomed human, assumes to be the most cultured, enlightened, and civilized on the planet because he thought like that; remains confounded in the given circumstances evolves own ethics, and code of conduct to judge the world.  

But there is a problem with this human; although basically, he is an animal with the distinction that he is born with an inquisitive head and heart. Hitherto, everything is perfect and under-controlled. But abruptly what happens to him, why he strives to know about what remained unknown, prohibited and clandestine secrets to him. What rankles in his mind, why he attempts to understand what has not understood before?

He starts to read, contemplate, and excogitate viz starts to unshackle. What’s wrong with this human, why touching the embers by treading and neglecting everything, traditions, myth, dogma, and more in search of the truth?

See, how musters up the courage to look at the world independently, fear bears no meaning for him of his mentors and society where he was reared up; starts to listen to the echo of eternal unanswered questions from within; interfere in very serious questions and issues indeed, Who am I? Who has created me? What is the relationship between creator and creation? This human seeks answer of the perpetually most complex questions of the universe. Where from have I come, and whence shall I return to!  

Now he finds himself impeded by his own consanguineous relatives, siblings and the society where he has been brought up. The priesthood, the clergy, the dogmatist, doctrinaire, religious zealot and complete snobbish milieu, they all together single tone with harmony, warn him not to seek what has already been sought! Not to redefine what has already been defined. This human is not authorized to impeach, break or challenge his congenital fetters, bilboes and manacles.

Finally warned, do not deviate and astray from the path decided and followed by your precursor and progenitors; otherwise crown of the thorn is ready for you by certifying as Apostate, Heretic, and Infidel.  

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