God-full Terrorist

Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are the worst enemies of human civilization in our time; they are basically abominable by-products of religion and priesthood. These “God-full Terrorist” want to drag human civilization back to the dark era of medieval times; hence their resistance is the common responsibility of every being according to their capability and within the boundaries of the law, this letter is the result of such a perception.   

During the cold war, American Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles implemented his ideology for third world countries against communism, “Security is progress.” In the term of capitalism, every legal or illegal means was acceptable against communism. Due to this ideology, two results come out:

1)    In new independent states, the economic and social progress of people was not the priority. Hence masses in newly independent states in Asia and Africa remained undeveloped and deprived. 

2)    The concept of security, embedded with armed forces, hence in these countries, most of the potential and resources, were spent on development of strong defensive abilities. As a result, the military took control of all political and cultural powers in these countries. Interfering in decision-making, by armed forces comes to such a detrimental extent that the army directly captured power in most of these countries.  

Due to this indiscreet theory of “SECURITY,” today, most of the population on our planet is in the state of economical-poverty, political backwardness, social misery, intellectually and scientifically ruined, viz an ideal sustainable sanctuary created in these countries, for evil forces. Consequently, the Muslim world drifts under the influence and grip of extremists on the name of religion.

Pakistan is a very significant example of the result of this virulent theory. Since the independence of this country, practically, a repressive regime is ruling and controlling Internal, Foreign, Nuclear, Kashmir and Afghanistan policies. In the meantime, there are some elected governments, but just like a puppet, the nucleus of power, always remain with the Pakistan Army. Permit me to say this unpalatable truth that Western countries and USA, who believe and enjoy democracy, unfortunately, always support military and dictators. Dictators cannot control a country alone; hence another partner “Priesthood” (MULLA) comes on board. {This partner is more dangerous because the army can conquer a piece of land and body of the human being but “the Priesthood” occupies heart and paralyze mind of human being} This alliance was fully supported by West and USA, while it was serving their interests. My respectful friends forgot history and basic ethics that evil is always evil and under any circumstance, the final result will be a disaster. If Dictatorship or Fascism is proved detrimental for UK, USA or for France, naturally it is ominous for our entire planet.
On 11th Sep 2001, when terrorist attacks occurred in New York and Washington, apparently there was not any direct connection of this incident with Pakistan. Those terrorists did not hail from Pakistan, their supporters and bosses were in Afghanistan. Briefly, as the aftermath of those attacks, the war on terror (apart from Afghanistan) is now also in full swing, deep inside the Pakistani territory.

On 30th Sep 1939, large crowds mobbed Heston Aerodrome, when former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, returned from the Munich Conference in triumph, flaunting the paper, referred to as “ Peace for our time,” or the Munich Agreement.
A jovial crowd was out of control at the airport. Chamberlain was thinking that Nazi philosophy is the reaction of the injustice at the time of the end of First World War, therefore by accepting Hitler’s demands he can console fascism. History has proved that Mr. Chamberlain was mistaken; by giving concessions to fascism peace was not guaranteed. On 3rd Sep 1939 Hitler ignored the agreement and invaded on Poland, Second World War starts.
After a deep perusal of history, there cannot be any ambiguity that fascist and extremists outwit and circumvent by pacts, agreements, and treaties just to engage and avail more time to increase their power without war. As long as any further concessions are denied, fascist elements and forces will not hesitate to unleash war. Nevertheless, in the meantime fascist gain such strength that to control them, six years are wasted in the war in every corner of our world and sixty million people had to sacrifice their lives.
Although I am a pacifist person, I perceive that in near future a big ogre in the guise of Islamist fundamentalist will rise from Indonesia to Morocco to threaten the civilized world. Although the civilized world is resisting this menace if I am not mistaken this resistance is not enough and inefficient because it is not covering all nuance to the issue. Despite their efforts and sacrifice, the Pakistan Army has not been able to extirpate the Taliban and Al Qaeda from Pakistan. WHY! In fact, since independence, Pakistan is beleaguered under a severe phobia of India. India is a big country in all aspects and Pakistan cannot counter its traditional foe in open war that is why Pakistan army used Islamic terrorists in the holy masquerade of “Mujahideen” to keep India busy.

Pakistan army wants to use militants only against India, but since these local militants become associates of Taliban and international terrorists Al Qaeda, they have become audacious and spurned the Pakistan army agenda; now in the patronage of Al Qaeda they have broadened their agenda internationally by harboring a delusive hope to conquer the world and now Pakistan is suffering for using evil for her causes viz jinnee is out of bottle. Due to India, the Taliban is a problem for the Pakistan army and they cannot relinquish them until and unless they find a release from this India phobia. It is imperative that the Pakistan army, government, and people are provided with a genuine and credible international surety that India will never use Afghan soil against Pakistan. It is also necessary to convince India to resolve all disputes with Pakistan, without any further delay in the wide interest of our world. Once policy and decision makers of Pakistan are convinced that India is no more danger and their specter has been defused, and then a despondent Pakistan army can fight enthusiastically with audacious Taliban and their associates.
According to my understanding and knowledge, I would like to express explicitly and honestly some suggestion, in the best interest of our planet and her inhabitants:
1.     After years of despotism, Pakistan is now moving towards democracy, in future, under any circumstances, never support dictators. Be it known that an elected monkey is better than a dictator. Please clarify that for the Pakistan army that any further interfere or attempt to interfere by civil governments will not be tolerated by the civilized world. In the best interest of our volatile planet, it is appropriate to establish good relations with people of the country through elected governments rather than dictators, for shortfall gains. All sort of aids to Pakistan should be inseparable from above-mentioned policy.
2.     Western countries and the USA have provided enough aid to third world countries including Pakistan in last decades. Unfortunately, this aid does not bring any benefit to masses because all aid falls into the wrong, dishonest and non-elected hands. This scenario indirectly favors extremism. It is very necessary to devise internationally an effective, check and balance pellucid system to monitor and make sure that all aids should serve its intended objectives only.
3.     We are fighting against terrorism, with armed forces only but throughout this process, we have neglected, intellectual and ideological war, against Islamic terrorism and extremism. As a result, in Muslim countries, terrorist organizations and their leaders are openly campaigning for so-called “JIHAD,” seducing illiterate, sentimental, frustrated and over-the-top jobless poor people, who are naturally vulnerable victims of such virulent propaganda. When a frustrated person eulogizes on extremist and provocative behavior and attitude of Iran or North Korea then this is our responsibility to convince and explain the reasons why their stance is wrong.
4.     Drone strikes in Pakistan are in fact regretful but this is obvious from the aftermath that this is a lethal weapon against terrorists and these strikes are necessary due to the failure of Pakistan army, against evil forces. It is better to admonish Pakistan that rhetoric is not enough; drone strikes may be intensified and may extend to all havens of terrorists anywhere in Pakistan. I am not surprised when the government of Pakistan or her associates is not capable to collect or even carry dead bodies, after a Drone attack, because these Pakistani territories are no more in our control.

Some militants’ associates and their well-wishers complain “Drone attacks are illegal under international law;” well, but what about the unconstitutionally and illegally occupation on these Pakistani territories by terrorists and anti-state elements from all over the world? These aliens not just only occupy more than 20,000 Sq. Km Pakistani territory, they also made more than two million Pakistani nationals their slave, tyrannize, undauntedly slaughtering, amputating and humiliating innocent people.

Normally a common citizen is loyal and faithful of the state. In occupied territories, fundamentalists are slaughtering innocent people, civil servants, and captured army soldiers not for entertainment or fun, their aim is to terrorize to the general public because a terrorized citizen cannot be faithful with state, he just wants to save his life, especially when the state has failed to protect them. This is a complete disaster and dangerous situation.

What a shame-full Hippocratic Pakistani attitude, talks, and negotiations with Taliban! And peace treaties are signed! This is not peace; in fact, it is the capitulation and fall of those territories. How can Pakistan negotiate with such people who neither accept the constitution of Pakistan nor consent to political appearance nor do they accept any international framework? These militants are using Kashmir, Palestine or other disputes just as imposture to Muslims. They are dreaming to occupy Pakistan and finally occupy the entire planet to subvert civilization.
        Drone is not a weapon of choice, it is a weapon to counter an intricate situation and in this scenario, Pakistan should accept this compared to direct armored invasion and occupation by NATO forces. It should be made clear to the Pakistan army that they should stop dithering and choose which one they want, civilized world and friends or return to medieval epoch with monsters, by the hands of Islamic fundamentalist. Nostrum of fundamentalism is not a hidden agenda, in their callous agenda, there is not even a soft corner and mercy for other Muslim sects or cults.
5.  The gist of all above that lunges on these vicious and cruel forces with full determination, without concessions or parleys, sending a clear message to them, surrender or face consequences, no third choice, they are bereft of reasoning; we have to fight them on every front. Withdrawal of NATO and US forces at this stage from Afghanistan, without integral success against Taliban, Al Qaeda and their associates will be a fatal mistake and catastrophe and all efforts, sacrifice which has made until now, will be proved vain.   
6.     MADARSA (Muslim religious Schools) are playing a vital fiendish role to create terrorism and produce terrorist, their curriculum is despiteful. They are destroying generations around the world which is a felony. These Madrassas are not edifying young generation instead they are poisoning their brains by delusive fables. In the era of science and reasoning, these obsolete institutes are preaching hatred and remnants of a dark era. This is our responsibility to fight this nuisance as we would fight against epidemic diseases. To achieve this target, the approach should very rational and scientific. We have not to fight against buildings of Madrassas or staff, instead tougher opponent viz “Poor and sick Mentality,” gradually and patiently we have to cure of such a mutilated mentality of depraved people to petered out this menace. I assure the civilized world that if we get success in this goal, our planet will be a better place to live for us and for future generations. 
At the end, I would like to clarify that I am not a renegade or not committing of perfidy with Pakistan. I am just a dissenter of Pakistani policies and priesthood which are in fact creating zillion problems and miseries for people. I want to save people from any disaster.

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address: islamvsislam@hotmail.com

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