Hypothesis of Prayers

Prayers and the God

Belief in God and prayers in the form of certain rituals of worship, or the act of making a request to the God is the chine and one of the most delicate and sensitive issues in the domain of religion, of every religion, including the Islam; incentive for prayer is asking an invisible mighty power for help In the life of an individual, although subjective concept of such mighty power keeps changing with time and circumstance. People with such a concept of God think they can influence God by their prayers, rituals, and sacrifices.     

I am engrossed to examine and scrutinize critically such an emotional issue on the basis of ground realities, reason, and logic. Suppose two guys are in court against each other involved in a lawsuit. Both plaintiffs desperately pray to God to get the decision in his fever. Now the question arises, what is the consequence of their prayers; whether they can be influenced by God, through prayer? Incontestably, the court can only decide in favor of one litigant. In such a scenario, how will each person’s prayer affect the court’s decision? If it depends on the quantity of prayer, then the person who prays more will be victorious, even he is the actual impish and culprit. If this is the case, then the concept of justice becomes jest, banter, and badinage. On the contrary, if the decision depends just on the mere justice, then what is the meaning of prayers and why enormously pray to God to win the case? Justice is going to be served regardless of the prayer of both parties. Therefore, the concept of prayers and rituals to delight or influence the God for the decision in the personal favor becomes absurd and incongruous.    

Now aggrandize this simple example on the masses and ultimately on the nations. Whose prayers should God listen to in the contention of the Jerusalem between Muslims or Jews, both of them are the claimant of Jerusalem? If God decides matters based solely on prayers, and then Muslims are almost 1.6 billion, very strong case indeed, should win overwhelmingly because five times a day from Indonesia to Morocco they are cursing, and praying to the God for the utter destruction of their self-claimed archenemies.

 Furthermore, every year approximately 4 million Muslims are performing Hajj, grand congregation in the Kabba, situated in the Mecca, KSA, the holiest place of the Muslims; which is also all over the whole year filled with the Muslims from all over the world, they desperately and hysterically pray to God for Israel’s annihilation, but the result is obvious and extremely disappointing to them.

Furthermore, just 14 million Jews are the strongest nation in the world, have gained strength and know how to manipulate their will, passive Muslims have been sidelined and forced into humiliating compromises around the world. When the Jews taunt the Muslims that God is not listening to their prayers, what answer do they have?      

Muslims believed that God has cursed the Jews and that He will ultimately punish them. Instead of punishing the Jews, it is not clandestine that since centuries God is punishing Muslims around the globe by the hands of Jews, Christians, and even Hindus. Truth is always fraught with anguish and pain, but ultimately we have to face the truth, this is the ultimate destiny! 

I don’t know how I remind, convince and admonish to Muslims that alone their prayers cannot ease their present and future miseries. For the sake of tenacity, they have to change their attitude and should change their glasses, they need glasses of diversity which can show them their historical mistakes and further future path as well, to live in this world with peace, respect, and harmony with all other nations.

What do you think any Muslim will consider or lend ears about what I am trying to stipulate, perish the thought!

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