Muslims' JIHAD, Brief background

I can predict that Islamic extremism and Jihad, in all likelihood, will intensify in the Muslim world especially in Pakistan over coming years with serious consequences for Muslims and non-Muslims equally.

I want to shed light on the violent imperialist nature of jihadists who want to accomplish their iniquitous goals at the expense of violating the human rights of Muslims and non-Muslims coequally.
I am trying to contribute for making a thorough understanding of the rising challenges for both Muslim and non-Muslim world faces from Islamic extremists.

After unbiased and impartial research, based on a meticulous investigation of the Quran and Muslims’ history I come on the conclusion that the real Islam (not the practicing customary replica of the Islam) is only and only in the Quran. Islam is not a religion rather it is a pure practical system for human life. Quran insists to conquer nature and universe and then utilizing them for the benefit of mankind (not only for the Muslims). 

As a matter of fact, there are three kinds of nations are available on our planet:  

1. First group of the nations who strive and toil to achieve, conquest and controlling the powers of the nature, but they use these powers and their knowledge selfishly and parsimoniously according to their interest only, opposed to the revealed permanent values. This group of nations certainly achieves success but for the time being; this is the case of West and the USA.

2. Second group of the nations who strive to achieve and conquest the powers of the nature, engaged in understanding and controlling the forces of the nature. These kinds of nations invest and endow their achievements for the whole mankind without any partiality according to the permanent values; they enjoy happiness in this world. 

3. Third and worst kind of nations who runaway from the hardship to conquer nature and make no attempt to understand and conquer nature. Nature also abandoned them, they cannot attain human caliber and dignity; far from human prominence. They live a life worst than varmint full of anguish, torment, and misery in this world. This is the Muslims’ case.

Masses of all of these three nations claim that they believe in God, revelation, and the doomsday. I would like to limit myself up to the Muslim nation only. Mere their verbal claim can give them any guarantee of success in the life of this mundane world or the life of the real world after death, according to their rhetoric? Perish the thought! 

Muslims' claim and meaning of belief in God, Revelation, and Day of Reckoning are absurd and nugatory without implementation of Permanent values set by their God in the Quran, not according man-made Sharia Laws.

Nostrum of factual and tenacious ascendancy and fruition is depended on conquering the forces of nature and then utilizing them for the benefit of mankind. If Muslim nations remain deprived to conquer the forces of nature then how can they utilize these forces? The question of the use of these forces does not arise. It is an axiomatic fact that their belief in God, Revelation, Hereafter, or even in Permanent values etc.. is just verbiage, circumlocution which can not transfer into actions. How could this circumvent bring desired results?  

The conceit of rhetorically believing but doing nothing accordingly is the conception of mysticism that keeps the Muslims in deception. Mysticism which is merely the creation of the mind of dunderhead buffoon.

The Laws of Nature are indelible laws. The inevitable corollary of either moving against these laws or moving away from these laws for the sake of man-made Sharia laws and amendments or infatuation on the name of God is a harbinger of destruction and misery. A major portion of the Quran emphasizes the importance of these laws. Muslims practically refused this portion of the Quran and verbal belief on the second portion can be of no use for them.

Now Puritan streak Muslim nation stuck in the shackles of sanctimonious traditions, scam, hoax, and vogues; at this point, two things happened:  

All intellectual activities have culminated in Muslim nation and research, agreed upon as taboo. Time and civilization in the Muslim world froze at the moment when Islam was changed into a religion.

This deviation and declination was at zenith during the period of the Abbassid monarchy, a venal regime. Now deliberation and consideration became forbidden and prohibited for the Muslim nation. Now man-made banes and curse in the camouflage of holy Sharia, fiqah, ijmaah, and distorted exegesis of the Quran by Iranians, etc. declared and foist as permanent and immutable Islamic syllabus. A new brand Islam imposed and foist on the whole Muslim nation.

Either progress in the material world or in the world of values, Muslims are benumbed exactly at the same era as of the ominous Abbassid tyranny and this ‘the status quo’ is the result of self imposed intellectual cerebral palsy.

In Muslim society, the schema of the laws of nature, principles, and guidelines are now not the way of life anymore. On the contrary, blindly following the customs and traditions and man-made laws, pertaining the era to of Abbassid monarchial sovereignty is considered to be the authentic and intrinsic Islam.

Ultimately the Muslim nation changed in an animal flock. Without curiosity, no motivation, outwardly no aim of life. Thought and reflection become taboo. Research and pondering regarded anathema, and not any place for the moral compass.

Sequentially, rules, regulations, laws, customs, traditions, rituals and the tenets of the assiduously Abbassid anthemia have become the offical standard of judgment between good and bad in 56 Muslim countries. Any dissenter termed atheist and infidel. Research labeled heresy. Furthermore, any business, concept, concern, configuration, contrivance, corporeality or anything of the modern idea different from traditional Islam characterize as non Islamic.

Initially, Islam was mutilated and maimed by the hypocrite, masquerader and malevolent new Iranian Muslims, who become Muslim insidiously to malign and sabotage Islam subtly and daintily. Those Iranian diabolic characters were under the patronage of the Abbassid paramountcy because Abbassid snatched power from the Umayyad by the help of those Iranian. They not just subverted every thing of the Islam but also very craftily changed all Quranic terminology including “JIHAD,” anyone who even bewailed was lost his life. Completely besotted so-called Muslim capricious Abbassid rulers magnanimously conceded and condoned their activities until their doom at the fall of Baghdad.

Due to the new denotation and definition set by Iranians and so-called IMAMS of the Islam, the Islamic terminology ‘Jihad’ becomes frightening image of the Islam.

Although Quran (I do not want to use the name of ‘Islam’ here, intentionally) teaches noble ideas even in the scenario of combat, antagonism, enmity, hostility and strife but there is a frightening image of Islam in the West, why?  The answer lies in confounded misrepresentation of term Jihad, and its proclamation by beat of the drum in the media. Muslims are also no less responsible for this daunting, rebarbative and formidable delineation of jihad either.  

Lamentably, terrorist organizations and criminals are consistently using this terminology. Regretfully, all over the Muslim world since centuries despotic and tyrant Muslim regimes invoke jihad or holy war to terrorize and annihilate their opponents (without the difference of Muslim and non-Muslim). Jihad was a tool to fulfill their evil goals of imperialism and implement their political agenda.

The Arabic language word ‘Jihad’ means endeavor, scramble and exertion. This word denotes the meaning of fight against poverty, all kinds of corruption in human society, skirmish against social, political, and economical injustice. Struggle for human rights, fight against all kinds of tyranny and oppression and constantly hard toil to gain knowledge.

In the term of war, Jihad is permissible for the sake of humanity and good reason and then there is another term in Arabic language, ‘QITAL,’ such war must be declared and must be for defensive and constructive purposes only. Permission of war is not an excuse or provides any reason to declare to conquer piece of land, property or wealth.  

According to the Quran (Hadith, Sunnah, Sharia are men-made and are not my concern or subject to discuss here) under any circumstances Muslims are not permitted to exploit anyone, the debilitated and the vulnerable should secure in the state of war. Quran teaches Muslims to honor treaties and to do justice even to their adversary.     

However, I admit that Muslims seem to have turned away from the Quran and follow men-made Sharia, etc. which was basically designed for aggression and lust without the distinction of Muslim or non-Muslim. Muslims’ sanguinary history, is witness on what I believe and trying to explain. Muslims’ history has abundantly demonstrated that their doctrine of Jihad or holy war, unequivocally calls for forced conversion and enslavement of non-Muslims and for the establishment of an imperial Islamic rule globally. Whatever Muslims have done and are doing in the name of Islam and in disguise of Jihad is contrary to their own holy Quran, and this is really unfortunate, Islam maligned in the world because of their terrorist and lustful acts.

To be continued.
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