Is Islam is a Religion ?

I would like to draw attention towards a subject. Usually, no one wants to discuss – Religion. Many people are afraid of it, misinformed about it and ignorant of the most basic theological concepts.

Professionally I am neither a Maulvi Mullah, pontiff nor savant, rhapsodist or theologian. Apart from that, I have not any mercenary motives or any desire for megalomania. 

Furthermore, there is no inducement for nihilism, craziness or fanaticism. I  am also not a claimant of having omniscience or omnipotence.

I, being as a completely unbiased and impartial person cogitated, studied and researched in my own way, and delved the veracity of the religion itself. Besides, I have explored and examined Islamic tenets, cults, beliefs, dogma, doctrine, history and the Quran.   

In addition, I never foist my interpretation on anyone. I just want to invite, exhort, expostulated people affably and adduced evidence. I always told the truth as per my knowledge, conscience, and understanding regardless of what anyone wants to hear. I want to explode false myths of Muslims, busted since centuries.

What I found on the name of religion appalled me. I reached a conclusion that “RELIGION” itself is an ancient consensual intrigue, conspiracy, plot, scheme and the deterioration and flaw that has set in, is permanent and immutable.  As an outcome of my all efforts, I am compelled to concede that religion is a primitive fraud of human society, a deception by artful subterfuge, sophistry, verbiage, legerdemain, plausibility, chicanery and disguise, mere fiction, myths and lulls against and contrary of science and nature. Religions including Islam are just a continuity of vogue and dilapidated traditions without any thought or logic.

Most of the readers of my blog would not agree to these kinds of realities due to only their sentiments. Beyond the doubt, all religions are almost the same with the difference of having their own version of the common stories. Hence there would be no need to argue about which religion is 'true,' such disputes would be pointless. 

All religions are commonly composed of three parts namely Code, Cult, and Creed.

The code is related to the moral edification of a religion. 
Cult composed the rituals, ceremonies, and observances of religion while Creed is related to the doctrines or teachings of a religion.

Despite these apparent differences, I consider all of them the same because their common product, commodity, and merchandise viz THE GOD is coequal for sell; only outlets are different. 

Here in the UK, there are many outlets like Asda, Tesco, Morrisons etc. they are all different in name, management, and ownership, but their all products for sale are same. They are requisites and necessities, relating to our daily life. Likewise, God as a picture is the same in all religions but their frames are different.   

To be honest, I don’t want to hurt feelings of anyone but as a matter of fact, “TRUTH” is always bitter and fraught with anguish and pain.   

Upon closer examination, religion and injustice became my pet aversion.     I want to protest against all kinds of masquerades, charades, and injustices under the patronage of the holiness of religion. Peculiarly about the so-called religion of Islam practicing in 56 Muslim countries and particularly in Pakistan.  

Due to this Magi-Iranians-produced-Islam, Muslim world becomes a suppurating sore and scum on this planet, and individually Muslim become a hypocrite; the funniest thing about Muslims’ idiosyncrasy is that most of them are not honest about what they look like or pretend

According to my research, I vehemently disagree that Islam is a religion. Apart from a belief system it is an amalgam of social, political and judicial systems and covers all aspects of human life as well, includes geopolitical aspirations - the conquest and administration of the territory. 
While any religion of the world not concerned with such a phenomenon.

Philosophically Islam is different from other religions. To obey men made laws in other religions is accepted. Real Islam functions in a different manner from all other religions. According to the Quran, to obey man-made law is equivalent to the worship of man, tantamount to polytheism. Then, what about the Sharia Laws, they are also man-made? 

If we acquiesce about Islam as a religion then with all due respect, according to their bitter and sanguinary history we have to also reconcile that in the form of religion, Islam is the most dangerous religion of the world.

At least other religions have something good for society. They nurtured morality, strengthened the family ties (Muslims’ Polygamous, child and forced marriages are not marriages. It reduces women to the status of their property. Is it just to tolerate such marriages in the name of religious freedom?), fostered the healthy concept of public service and encouraged social harmony. Islam, on the other hand, is self-segregating and fosters ideas of Muslim supremacy. Holier-than-thou attitude, and thereby inseminates inkling of social discord. Even its tradition of charitable giving is solely for the benefit of fellow Muslims only! 

There is nothing clandestine during recent Arab spring when the despotic regimes and their superintending police machinery suddenly scraped. Muslim societies in all of these countries descend abruptly into destructiveness, anarchy, and chaos. Muslims’ religious sects fight other Muslim sects, tribes fight other tribes, looting, pillage. Molestation and raping of Muslim girls and women conducted by their own rampant fellow Muslim brothers even by their neighbors, Muslims are defending their families against their neighbors; the complete scenario of Doomsday! Can anyone ascribe or impute their atrocities towards West, Israel or the USA???????  !!!!!!!!!!!!

On the other hand, complete Pakistan has changed into the form of the 'HELL,' becomes smoldering cauldron and arrived on the brink of mouth of an erupting volcano, on the name of the Islam and by the hands of the harbingers of the Islam; thereby their customary Islam is their main problem, neither West or the USA nor India or Israel   

The vigilantes, police, all law enforcing agencies, security forces, extremists, Molvi Mullah, politicians, landlords even common men, everyone in this lawless state is able to abuse human rights. Law is flagrantly floating with impunity. Virtual impunity from the prosecution and culpability. Street-justice and lynch-law are common consuetudes, law-of-judiciary is just a Billingsgate.

It is unnecessary to say that, this is not what we expect from any religion. We expect religion to uphold morality and help at least to create a civilized society. Unfortunately, it is proved that replica, fabricated and customary Islam doesn’t have even such capability and strength like other religions. Without the use of brutal forces of oppression, Islam can not control and integrate any Muslim society.

I regret to confess and admit that Magi-Iranians’ man-made Islam is not the answer for human miseries rather it is the problem. 

Ø    NOTE: When I talk about Iranians, I mean to say, Magi-Iranians of magi Iran of the seventh century; existing Iran has not any concerned.  

Therefore, I believe and admonish to Muslims that it would be sane and prudent to reconsider Islam’s position and role in their life, as a RELIGION or as a DEEN?  
I understand the difficulties with this approach that it is tantamount to ‘Bell the cat;’ and I know, majority of Muslims have and will reject it with abomination with the title of HERESY, without any thought, but I also think it is necessary to raise the question about what Islam really is, and what it should be and forewarn Muslims that they cannot fight a lie of this magnitude (So-called Islam) with half the truth.

According the Quran and as used in Quran, ‘DEEN’ (Arabic word ‘Deen’ means, code or system for human beings in their life.) refers to the path along which mankind travel in order to comply with divine laws, which are available only and only in the Quran rather than fabricated men-written and prepared books by the name of Hadiths, Sunnah, Fiqah, Ijmaah, Sharia etc.. [Just reams of balderdash], and attributed towards God. {all of them are fabricated, with the intention to misguide and double-cross Muslims, by the Sasanian hypocrite’s dissimulators.}  

A compendious comparative summary of Religion and Deen could help understand the vital and fundamental characteristics of each and the differences between the two:    

1.    Religion is merely some sort of introspective experience and is concerned only with the so-called private relationship between God and man.  WHILE Deen is an objective reality and a system of collective life and not any sort of communion between God and man.

2.    Religion grimace and hold in contempt at all things of art and beauty. WHILE, Deen confronts and defies those who forfend and stymie the enjoyment of the pretty, dainty and comely things of life which nature has created for the enjoyment of human being. 

3.    Religion denounces everything new and declares all innovation as sin; reprehends and bashes every new thing, propound and acknowledge all innovations as highly reprehensible.
    WHILE Deen acknowledges that the needs and demands of human life keep changing with the change in the conditions of life. Change and innovations are, therefore, demanded and necessary by life itself. Only the laws of nature are immutable. 

4.    Religion is the name of self-deception by enjoining religious meditation in the name of unfathomable worships and thus induces phantasm. WHILE Deen encourages men to vouch and affirm themselves with the perpetual struggle for the establishment and enactment of the social order and its amelioration when attained. Worship in Deen is tantamount of obedience to the laws of nature. Deen does not approve some physical exercise or any sort of sanctimonious activities related to specified timings.   

5.    In religion every religious being satisfied that has established a communion and rapport with God, and the objective of each individual is just his/her own salvation. WHILE Deen is the system of the welfare and progress of all mankind without any partiality. 

6.    Religion finds comfort in a state of weakness, helplessness. It insists that human beings are compulsive congenital subservient. Oppressed with the belief that the affairs of this mundane world are governed by the Will and yearning of God and they are subjugated by pre-design-destiny. This sort of ideology naturally tends to morbidity and exemption from the sense of amenability from all kind of derelictions. Religious leaders who always invigorate and embolden crooned and rocked the human beings day and night to profess and counterfeit the erroneous interpretation of the “Will of the God.” While they indulge in their malefactions and transgressions from peccadillo to blunders with perfect impunity and culpability. They persuade the adherents to complete and quiet submission. It is peerless and expedient evasion and subterfuge for all sorts of tyranny and exploitation. WHILE on the contrary, Deen is an ultimatum, remonstration, and revolt against all forms of political aristocracy, plutocracy, theocracy, sacerdotal frauds, and despotic regimes. They are the begetter of sanctioned tyranny and exploitation. It calls upon the effete, tormented and the oppressed, to follow only laws of nature. Seek to establish a social order in which all tyrants and oppressors will be forced to accept the dictates of right and justice. In such social order, there is no place for dictatorship, capitalism, priesthoods or monarchy. They are all antagonists, leeches, and termites for human society.  

7.    Religion can not allow or afford any objective criterion by which a human being could determine whether or not their actions are producing the desired results. WHILE, in a social order which governed by Deen, the denouement of the development of collective and harmonious life, correctly indicates whether or not the society pursuing the right course. 

8.    Religion is not only oppugnant but also hostile towards the scientific investigation. It is an adversary of reason, logic, and rational conclusions. So it could flourish unhampered and unobstructed with the aid of blind faith. WHILE, Deen embolden human being in the development of reasoning, rationalizing. Deen allows full freedom to approve or refuse anything on the basis of reasons and arguments in the light of the Permanent Values. Deen encourages analysis, research and discovery of all natural phenomena to illumine the path of human life and its advancement.  

9.    Religion encourages belief in fatalism and stoicism, and this tends to dissuade human being from active life and self-development.            WHILE, Deen empowers to human beings to challenge fate theory, carve their fate according to their wishes and select their destiny by themselves.  

10.   Religion aggrandizes the vulnerabilities, susceptibilities, prejudices, superstitions and augments such flaws. WHILE Deen categorically deny all such bombast and bananas. Deen explores to lead humans towards the path of life that is in harmony and abreast with the realities and demands of life in their era. 

11.   Religion promises and lulls about paradise only in the Hereafter. It is a reward and bounty for the renunciation and eschews the material mundane world and temporal affairs. Religion treats the obligations, assignments, and factuality of the existing world with contempt and insists to renounce it. WHILE Deen enjoins the acquisition of matter and entire cosmos, leads the human being to immense and inexhaustible heights of attainment.  It exhorts him to seek advantage, prosperity, and happiness in this world. 

12.   Religion since its inception sets up new idols and mumbo-jumbos, poppycock as necromancy and hex objects of superstitious homage and fear, It is necessary for religion in order to keep the attention of populace and especially bourgeois class, away from the real problems of life and society. Concessions and compromises are common phenomena of religion; 2+2=5 4.5 or 3 is possible only in the religion if the majority of priests agreed and cast their vote in favor of such absurdity. Islamic Sharia Laws are vivid examples of the Religion. WHILE Deen is absolutely rational. It never accommodates or hesitates to break all idols, and is never variable in its principles. Concessions and compromises are taboo in the Deen. 2+2 is always 4 here. No matter even entire human race cast their suffrage against this reality, refused to come down squarely on either side of the issue. 

13.   Religion coaxes and cajoles to flee from undertaking, exertion, and toil of the life. WHILE, Deen emphasis that whatever the circumstances, face and confront with realities and facts of the life squarely. 

14.   Islam in the form of Religion is just to tolerate the unequal right to inheritance for women, and men are superior to women. It is just to tolerate forced marriage. It is just to tolerate anti-Semitism. It is just to tolerate the preaching of hatred toward non-Muslims and even among their own different sects. It is just to tolerate the teaching that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims. It is also just to tolerate a parallel legal system of Mullah, based on inequality. WHILE, according to the Deen, the answer is 'NO' to all of these discriminations cum baloney.

A scrutiny of the aforementioned brief explanation shed some light on the primary mistake, fundamental misinterpretation, and delusion of Muslims about Islam. It is entirely unfair of making Islam religion in the presence of the Quranic vivid verses which called Islam a Deen.

Moreover, it is equally beguiling if understand and grasps its meaning and its impact on human civilization from the standpoint of religion as commonly, intentionally or unintentionally understood.

Religion, as such, is nothing more than a kind of private relationship between humans and the so-called Creator. Whatever the nature and characteristics of such a relationship, it is admitted that such a private relationship is essentially founded on the ideology of salvation. Salvation is common in all religions, even to Buddhism which does not acknowledge the existence of God. But the Quran does not consider salvation or human life on this planet as a period of bondage, calamities or afflictions.

Whatever the case the idea of salvation or emancipation does not arise in Quranic Islam, rather it is a "Code of Life," regulating the conduct of affairs concerning the individual as well as the collective life of human beings. 

Being as a conscientious and pertinacious person I am trying to convey my message with the sense of responsibility and moral compass within my capacity.

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address:

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