The Blasphemy Law of Pakistan, a wanton terrorism

Since I read this poignant news on BBC Urdu, I decided to participate as a mourner at the obsequies and on this pathetic situation of Pakistani culture and society in my own way.  

“Monday, December 23rd, 2013
Lahore: A man from the minority Ahmadi community was barred from burying his two-year-old daughter in a graveyard in Pakistan’s Punjab province by a group of a Muslims. …………………
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The whole movement of a separate homeland for the Muslims of India now appears to have lost its credence and direction.  On August 11, 1947, the founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah said “what are we fighting for? What are we aiming at? It is not a theocracy – not for a theocratic state. You are free to go to your temples; you are free to go to your mosques or any other place of worship in this state of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed - that has nothing to do with the business of the state.” 

I admit that I rail against the Pakistani internal and external policies because Pakistan has completely lost its conscience scruples and soul. These are true maxims that:   

Ø     The plight of masses in this country is just like sheep and goats.

Ø     Majority of Pakistani so-called intellectuals, Ulumaa, clergy, Aalims, and scholars are basically avaricious and malevolent and So-called ‘MULLAH & MUFTI’ are illiterate, egotistical and self-complacent.

Ø     Madrasa is the reminiscence of a dark era.

Ø     Pakistani Government Administration and executives from up to down are extortioner and rife with bribery and corruption.  

Ø     Pakistani Royal Armed forces, the White Elephant is a profligate but at least the main trouble-maker and their GHQ is a center of business and property tycoons; specialized in kidnapping or unexpectedly arrests of their own compatriots by unidentified agents from unspecified agencies and for an unspecified crime. Neither kidnappers nor the kidnapped knows what he/she is supposed to have done, even when he/she eventually killed for the alleged crime. And if kidnapped is so lucky then finally his/her corpse may found on a deserted location.    

Ø     Pakistani State lawmakers, viz legislators and Law-Courts are the dastardly cowards, full of venal legisla­tors, hobnobbing with the rich and the powerful might.

Ø     Pakistani politicians and political system are, in fact, a plutocracy and a deed- of- inheritance, more precisely a family corporation of the feudal lords in the shroud of democracy with Kafkaesque bureaucratic lame-excuses. They have not changed their common modus operandi in the form of embezzlement of national wealth either they are Military rulers or so-called civil rulers.       

A review on any social problem can perform only one duty in every society; to show the mirror to the people and let them decide if they find their image acceptable.  If the society wants to carry on with the image that the mirror reflects, nobody can make them change their ways.  All the above mentioned are the herald of further and perpetual sufferings and agonies for Pakistani masses.  

In Pakistan, those who shout the loudest end up wielding the most power. Unfortunately, extremist or conservative elements are more than capable of invoking religion to stir up mass outrage and violence.

I rage at the silence of Pakistani charlatan Mullah Mafia and their sodality, over violence on the name of Islam, murders of Muslims and non-Muslims; in fact, this Mafia disoriented Muslim masses in all 56 so-called Muslim countries. Why there is no voice or enunciation from the pulpit and the Sunni majority? They do not even bat an eyelash on the persecution and suicide attacks against Shia or liberal Muslims, Qadianis, Christians and the Hindus minorities by extremists, prongs with a radical mission.  

Instead, hypocrite Mullah Mafia, the forge and fabricated Hadith hurlers, are insisting that armed jihad is valid and needed today. How much more bloodshed and carnage do we have to see and endure before we wake up to the reality that something dangerous has taken deep root in the Pakistani society and in the heart of the Muslims who are killing to each other in the name of faith. 

Quran is misinterpreting in violent ways, especially by evil-mind and extremists with a satanic assignment, because there are verses in the Quran that can be and have been used to justify violence against non-Muslims. But what precisely I believe that a merciful God who created the Human being would never relegate human beings’ destiny in the hands of the maniac extremists. Hence I come to the conclusion that legitimate and justifiable interpretations of such Quranic verses in this regard are desperately needed, with more human and universal agenda, without any prejudice and preconception.  

If open-mind Muslims give-up due to the fear, then extremists will win and this planet will be no more habitable for a naïve human being, and it would be a grave dereliction of divine duty of every human being as well. Banality about Islam being a faith of peace is not credible anymore; Islam is only as good as the way its followers practice it. This is the reason I am in a battle for the soul of Islam and for the future of next generations, children are not born terrorists.  

I categorically and unequivocally condemned terrorism and all Kinds of violence in the name of any religion, and particularly in the name of Islam. I do believe that radical Muslims’ theory and their man-made so-called Islamic Sharia laws are contrary to truth. Sharia laws justify suicide bombings and unjustified cold-blood murders, extrajudicial killings, street justice, and lynch-law.  

I believe the ideology of hate has nothing to do with humanity. It has been happening in all over Pakistan to the extent that hates spewed even through places of worship, and by people who make it their duty to incite young generation in this hatred.  

The cold-blooded murder of Governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer on January 4, 2011, had left a melancholy in the air but if I had expected to see some sort of accountability or justice, I was sadly mistaken. Apart from the benighted petit bourgeois even educated and refined Pakistanis support the death of Salman Taseer. First ordinary people were in denial, then they were indifferent and later they accepted the propaganda that made other human beings worthy of killing. The assassin of Salman Taseer, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri becomes the national hero. Instead of punishment, judges are evading and refusing to hear such cases just because of the fear of offending religious zealots. Then what’s the purpose of having laws when people are not made to follow them and the Government is not capable to implement? What’s the purpose of a civilized society and heavyweight judiciary, when people are allowed to make their own law and implement it in the way of street justice, lynch law or as they want it?  

Suppose a person is leading a reprehensible life is termed an apostate? And if he is deemed an apostate, then who will enforce the law and execute him? Obviously relentless individuals cannot be given the authority to judge someone an apostate, infidel or non-Muslim. Furthermore, in a civilized society stubborn and dogged individuals cannot be allowed to execute the punishments in any case, because it will pave the way for anarchy, turmoil, restlessness, and lawlessness in society. It tends to bring religion into disrepute and to make it the laughing stock of the world. The whole thing is completely surreal. 

As a matter of fact, the blasphemy law has been used in Pakistan as a systematic tool of discrimination and abuse against religious minorities, The Kafkaesque reality of Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws is that anyone allegedly found guilty of defaming the Quran or the Prophet of Islam can be sentenced to death. Many facing such accusations have been forced into hiding or killed by mobs before they even stand trial. 

Official punishments associated with blasphemy laws are also excessive, disproportionate and inordinate to the offenses. The text of the blasphemy law is religion specific and very discriminatory. It makes no distinction between intentional deliberate action and unintended mistake in its application and has been used indiscriminately to settle personal vendettas. 

Pakistani Blasphemy law sets out no guidance on what constitutes blasphemy, no standards for evidence, no requirement to prove intent, and no safeguards to punish those who make false allegations. This means that, essentially, the standard for blasphemy is whatever offends the accuser.  

The Pakistani blasphemy law has just thrived and burgeon a culture of rowdyism, ruffianism, tyranny, oppression, hooliganism, and vigilantism. As soon as someone has been accused of blasphemy, they live under the threat of death. Many die at the hands of angry mobs before they are convicted. Given this high threat of violence, it is insurmountable and tremendous difficult that wimpish Pakistani so-called politicians cum feudal-lords are afraid even talk or to touch blasphemy law. 

No one should be above the law, but nor should be penalized for expressing views in positive and gentle constructive manners. This is a situation where the reform of a particular law cannot be discussed. In the case of the discussion, the discussion itself breaks that law, it is tantamount of barbarity. It should not be tolerated in a civilized and functioning state. 

Ultimately I am compel to utter that, the Blasphemy law is a serious impediment to freedom of speech and use of the Blasphemy law is actual Blasphemy. Because it goes directly against the mandate of the Quran and the Prophet of Islam.

The criticism, censure and condemnation that I earned doesn’t bother me. I am steadfastly held on to my beliefs and continue to voice them within my capacity. 

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