Muslim Theologian “the Mullah” Vs the Quranic Erudite People

Preface: As a part and experience of the Muslim societies (mire of evils)    I have witnessed things, research as an unbiased and dispassionate analyst into the causes of their ignominy, social and miscellany unrest in Muslim World, which now affecting, not our life only, but also the next Muslim generations. Moreover, I am intolerant of evil and sought to oppose and ravage it.  

My work makes no claim to literary merit; it is simply a work of research and analysis, based on evidence and facts which I trust will help the readers to draw their own conclusions. In offering this article to the public, I have endeavored to expose the main evil character, cancer, and malignancy of Muslim societies, created for innocent dupes every day.

This is irrefutable veracity that broadminded and progressive person like me are terrified in Muslim societies; they survive there, just because of their taciturnity and tolerance; they are compelled to be permissive and tolerant in the tumultuous sea of evil. 

Don’t look on helplessly in despair, it is necessary for all of us to fight the undertow by which our children would be dragged and perish. What must concern us all now is the protection of decency and overthrow subversive upheavals based on the principles of barbarism?

The faculty to gain knowledge makes human beings the most superior of creations.  But what is mean by knowledge? Who is entitled to be called a knowledgeable person? Before dealing with these fundamental questions, it is of paramount importance for the reader to know the historical perspective.

As a matter of fact, the ancient world begets some great philosophies at the time when human beings were comparatively primitive and governed more or less by suggestion. The ancient Greek philosophers and logician enjoyed a highly distinguished supreme position in the faculty of knowledge. There is no doubt that history of the humanity, traces the beginning of knowledge and wisdom to ancient Greece. The Greek view of knowledge was mostly subjective, that it belonged to human consciousness or the perceiving ego, and there was no objective test of the truth. But we must not forget that these theories were the work of abstract thought, which cannot go beyond the systemization of vague religious beliefs and traditions, and they give us no insight into concrete situations of life. 

Socrates and Plato are the most prominent among the philosophers and Socrates is considered the grandfather of all Greek philosophers. Plato, besides being Socrates’ student, is the founder of an entirely new school of thought. 

As Socrates explains, human beings were the only object of study while the universe was of no consequence. On the contrary, Plato went one step further and denied the very existence of the universe. Plato believed in the abstract only and denied the concrete. Plato believes that the real world was the “world of ideas” and the material world was only a shadow of the real world. Since the perceivable world was not real, consequently any knowledge gained from its study would also be hallucinatory, and thus unreliable.   

What is the Quranic point of view on this subject, which is a Charter of Human Rights and a Constitution for practical human life? The Quran says:

 “And pursue not that of which thou hast no knowledge, the hearing and sight and the heart—all of them shall have to answer whether the personal inquiry was made concerning the matter.” Chapter 17/ Verse 36

The words hearing and seeing refer to human senses and the Arabic word heart is also used to mean the mind.   

To understand the perspective of this verse, imagine you hear bullets fired from a gun, followed by a yell, wail, and sigh of pain. When you arrived on the scene, discovered that your beloved one has been shot down and you are consumed with feelings of requital towards the marksman. In this situation, your feelings are backed by your first-hand knowledge of the events. On the contrary, if you do not hear a gunshot and you do not see your injured one, but you are consumed with animosity and rancor anyway for some person, you think may have committed a delinquency, your vengeance is based on scuttlebutt, hearsay, tattle, and not knowledge, because your senses and mind were not involved in arriving at the sequitur. 

Quran directly strikes at the Platonic philosophy because according to the Plato, knowledge gained through the senses is not reliable; while the Quran is insisting that anything not verified by the senses and mind cannot be regarded as knowledge. (Personally, I do not believe that the Quran, Muslim's holy book is sent by God. I am quoting Quranic verses because Muslims do believe it is from God)

The Quran categorically affirms that people who do not use their senses and mind are not living on a human level; in fact, they are living on an animalistic level, and are admonished:    

 “Many among human beings have adopted a lifestyle that will lead them to hell. They have mind but do not use it to think and reflect. They have eyes but do not see. They have ears but cannot hear. They are not human beings and are even worse than animals. They are neglectful.” Chapter 7/ Verse 179  

According to this verse the Knowledge is only that which can be verified by the human senses and mind, and use of the senses means to observe natural phenomena, study the laws of nature, carry out consistent research, and experience the revelation of God’s laws that run the universe and provide systematic sustenance, growth, and development. 

So far we have observed the Quranic interpretation of knowledge. Forthwith it is easy to figure out whom, according to the Quran, are really knowledgeable people and what the term actually means. Simultaneously the Quran has even further demystified if still there is any confusion in the following verses:  

“Did you not contemplate the rain that God caused to fall from the sky, with which we produce the fruit of diverse colors; and among the mountains there are layers of red and white which differ in shape and type, some being dark in color. Similarly, humans and animals are of different colors and kinds. Among the followers of God and knowledgeable persons are those who are astonished by the greatness of God.”  Chapter 35/ Verses 27 &28  

These two verses deal with different parts of the universe, different branches of nature and different fields of science, physics, botany, zoology, and the humanities are all touched upon. The knowledgeable persons are astounded because their acumen and discernment have convinced them of His power and sanity in controlling the universe perfectly.   

The Quran has referred to those people as “Knowledgeable people,” and in modern terminology, we can call them ‘Scientists;’ because Scientists study the nature and after observation and consistent experimentation, conquer forces of nature. God has put the forces of nature under human control, but only those human, who know the laws of nature, can manipulate these forces. The only way to become one of the knowledgeable people is to acquire true knowledge.  

The Muslims’ Knowledgeable People ‘the MULLAHS’

The Arabic word “Eiman,” and in English translated as Belief or faith usually refer as to be convinced, to accept, to rely on, or to have confidence in something. It also implies acceptance without proof or argument, and without reference to reason, thinking, knowledge, or insight. It has been said about German philosopher Immanuel Kant that,“ he found it necessary to deny knowledge in order to make room for faith.”
Eiman is synonymous with conviction and it is based on reason and knowledge. According to the Quran, however, Eiman is not just belief; it is, in fact, what Immanuel Kant calls knowledge. The Quran does not recognize the belief that involves blind acceptance. It is true that the Quran does include acceptance of certain things that cannot be explained through sense perception, but there is no reason to assume that these things do not exist. In fact, our reason and thinking would compel us to recognize the existence of such things. Eiman, according to the Quran, signifies conviction based on full mental acceptance and intellectual satisfaction. It gives one a feeling of peace, inner contentment. Therefore, Eiman means to believe, admit, or accept something, to testify to its truthfulness, to have confidence in and to rely on that belief, and to bow in obedience. 
What inference can we draw from these facts after the Quranic definition of knowledge and knowledgeable people? lets we scrutinize moral and character of Muslims’ so-called Ulumaas, the Knowledgeable Mafia, the Muslim Religious Leadership, the Scholars of Evil, the Nefarious Villains, which are those with predominantly lower character, and have  knowledge of replica of Islam as a tool with which to meet the demands of their selfishness and vilest inclinations, which are what really prevails in them.   

Muslim religious leadership; they do not know even the fundamentals of any branch of sciences and technology and their Stone-Age knowledge is limited to theoretical discussions, verbiage, and verbal emendations. These discussions are mostly related to the obsolete issues and have not any factual and feasible practical value in the life of human being. Their education is not capable to create even single sagacious educationalist, entomologist, physicist, zoologist, chemist, botanist, economist or psychologist etc, but they can beget stupid, dunce, zombie, simpleton, a perfect devastated force for agitation, anarchism, lynch law, discombobulating mayhem, which all lead finally towards doom viz harbingers of terror.

The Muslim Ulumaas, Mullahs, Ieammas, and Muftis have not participated in the advancement of science and technology even by equal to a single mote over the span of centuries, but we should give them credit; they have done enough research to develop Satanic Sharia to replace the Quran surreptitiously and cunningly; have excellent savants and sags in the fields of agony, torture and human exploitation in the name of the God, with the teaching of that the killing of infidels (their list of infidels is prolix and very intriguing) is licit and that martyrs for the faith will gain immediate admission to the Paradise with Seven-Virgins (to be honest, I am still perturbed that how many males will be rewarded from the God to the Muslim female martyrs, to gratify and indulge them in Paradise); Satanic Sharia produced many eminent God-full terrorists!  

Western fears about Islam are in fact due to the Islamic Sharia, which is indeed not only contrary but entirely against the philosophy and soul of original Islam; and I agree that the insurgent extremism of the Sharia, endangers world peace.

Muslim dominion which make the Sharia their constitutive principle, such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia, do try to enforce the Sharia with its extreme corporal punishments, amputation of the limbs and the publicly flogging, lapidation and execution of adulterers, polygamy, child marriage and forcing women to wear the veil, as a fruit of research and  knowledge of  their Religious Leadership.  

NB: Whenever I talk or write about ‘Islam,’ I refer to the original Islam which is only and only in the Quran. Muslims’ so-called prescribed Islam, in their savage criminal and feral societies, is based on Sharia, which is a replica of the authentic Islam and deliberately devised to legalized satanic desires and lust of its originators.

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