Radicalization in British Muslim community

Due to the right to freedom of expression, I am writing on issues related to young people, religious activism and radicalization in the British Muslim community.

This country sheltered me when my own people and consanguineous relatives spurned me with aversion and rescued me from terror; I have nothing to return except love and a deluge of gratitude. I love this country and my love makes me concerned about it, and consequently, I can not brook or condone any threat or danger of this welfare state. Due to the voice of my conscience and the right to freedom of expression, I am writing on issues related to young people, religious activism and radicalization in the British Muslim community.

My children were born and brought up in the radical Arab world, but I kept their brain immaculate and unblemished from all sorts of haughty demeanor, prejudice, and alienation.

Recently one evening, my eleven years old son was innocently asking his mother that why Christian, Jews, and Hindus are Muslim’s enemy? We were bewildered and petrified on this question; I asked him who told you all this nonsense? He replied, usually my classmates in school talk all this; these are the children who regularly attending Madrasa after school.  

Apart from that, since I am living in this host country, being as a scholar, intensely scrutinizing this multi-cultural and pluralistic society with scrupulous attention. I am not a racist, sectarian, factional, biased or prejudiced or against of anyone. Criticizing Muslims does not mean being racist to Muslims, but I am compelled to howl in pain at the shocking and shameful situation and the mentality of Muslims in the UK, just due to the Madrasa culture in this civilized society.

Uncouth and boorish Mullahs of these madrasas are completely illiterate, they do not learn any good thing of this civilized society, how they can enlighten to others? Our children are vulnerable and without any ambiguity their amenability in madras perverted unabashedly by radical and fundamentalist Mullah, who taught radical thinking which is not innate into the subconscious of our children.

Simply, politely and most affably, Madrasa is a place for subliminal messages to our children to uphold Islamic Sharia at any cost. Brainwashing, criminalizing seduces with unpalatable conservative religious views; their edification laced with deadly poison of intolerance, injustice, cruelty, absurdities, discrimination, and contradictions which perishes all future good possibilities of these children and consequently they become emulated zombie. Mullah teaches obsolete paranoia to our children, Islamic supremacy from the very childhood, and teaches them not to compromise with anyone. Interestingly, there is a complete dichotomy between what Mullah says and what they do; it hurts to see people that do not know anything about Islam, preach on it.

Then, the whole struggle and endeavor of Madrasa educated pugnacious people is just to instigate and use illiterate Muslim masses for personal gains, disrespect and coarseness for Christians, Hindus, and Jews, curse them in every prayer. Affix label of ‘atheist or blasphemer’ on any simple logical or dissenter Muslim who admonish or regret on them, and finally kill such alleged blasphemer, atheist, infidel or heterodox to get paradise of the God as bounty. What a great fanatic Muslim ULUMA!!! These swindlers intentionally foment the aversion in the society.

Moreover, this Stone Age education takes children beyond logical thinking, opposed to the social rights of other human beings, violent repression, superstitious; in fact, their proper thinking power totally and permanently paralyzed, and they become perfect factotum to perform all sort of evil things.

It is lamentable that in the UK, zillion of Islamic madrassas are operating under the patronage and financial cooperation of the British Government, despite the West very well aware about fatal consequences of their insane barbaric ideology and final ambition viz implication of lingering, macabre Sharia laws. These laws will never mesh in the British Society because they have extremely active opposition to fundamental human values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, freedom of expression, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. They believe in the miscarriage of justice, curtailed civil liberties, flagrant violations of human rights and violent intolerance towards societal diversity

Furthermore, Sharia is focused on strictest punishment for women, and the poor underdog in the society; to the rich and influential, the law is more lenient. There is no punishment for the crimes, Muslim men committed against the women. Most of the terrorism, pathetic Islamist anarchy and killing each other in Muslim countries, mainly committed by completely diabolic madrasa educated Muslims. These are just egregious examples, we are aware all other barbaric brutalities they are engaged in at large on a daily basis. These telling specimens should give us a hint what a madrasa dominated society entails and turns into.

Due to these madrasa educated people, Pakistan becomes epicenter of terrorism; which was once held up as the most moderate of the Islamic states, seems to be embracing extremists and their dysfunctional violent ideas and all Pakistani governments have been cowardly in dealing with those who oppose modernity and try to push the country back to the seventh century. Is there any other Christian, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist country in the world where religious persecution and communal and sectarian fights are rampant? On the contrary in every so-called Islamic country, Muslim fundamentalists are at constant war to capture state power.

Mullah is taking the advantage of British higher moral standard and uses it against. A madrasa, no matter situated anywhere in the world, used as a pillar of stability of stagnant dogma rather than an as a force for positive change in society.  

According to my point of view, if Muslims eager to live in the UK, then they should live English laws or by Goodness stay in their own Satan ruling countries.

There has been much chatter in the West and USA over the “harsh” brand of Sharia laws imposed in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia; how deliberately West can close eyes that under the nose, locally gradually commencement of ‘Talibanisation,’ especially in the UK?

Although I am in the UK, what a debacle, I still feel that I am in Pakistan or any country of the Muslim world; I can’t understand why British Government tolerate colorful turbans and radical Muslim dresses and ‘Hijab’ veil for women in this country. How Muslim courts are allowed in this country while English laws and judicial system are functioning properly. If anyone wants and believe to live according to the so-called Islamic Sharia laws then should settle down in any Muslim country, these kinds of people are a warm welcome in fifty-six so-called their Muslim countries.

A hurtful truth is better than a pleasant lie. Hence due to the above mentioned, I am convinced and categorically against the Madrasa and so-called Islamic Sharia because it creates the kind of atmosphere that greatly shortens the distance to the apocalypse.

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address: islamvsislam@hotmail.com

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