A big “WHY?”

A big “WHY?”
Since the invasion of USSR in Afghanistan, everywhere in the Muslim world the extensions of Jihad grew faster and turned into a center of a bloodbath. Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan and recently Iraq and Syria are under the patronage of Al-Shabab, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hamas, Boko Haram, ISIS, and many more villains. They are collectively and incessantly delivering sustainable miseries, great sufferings, bombings, explosions, death, fear, terror, loneliness, destitution, and carnage, briefly, complete anarchy in the Muslim world. They want to capture these countries by force and terror.  
When I see what the jihadists are doing in the world, I feel shame to say, they have adopted Nazi ideology to eliminate non-Muslims and annihilate Jews but their barbaric atrocities are severely harming Muslims themselves and not Jews, West or USA; why do you not realize that your own  countries are burning with this ideology.
Muslims are murdering Muslims, suicide bombers are detonating themselves in the busy markets, at bus and train stations. Abduction, rape, torture, and killings of innocent people are a routine life throughout the Muslim world; the so-called “Jihad” is massacring you, no one is safe or spare from the hands of these aliens, compelling you to migrate and become refugee even in your own countries, and it is happening everywhere and recently has started knocking the doors of Saudi Arabia. Muslims have built their entire identity on misery, destruction, and terror.
In just last one decade, apart of massacres, Muslim countries turn millions of their citizens in refugees as well, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria and now even Pakistan are on the top list. I know, you have an old answer of all these Muslims’ miseries, “the West, Israel, and the USA are responsible;” stop this rubbish ad nauseam, enough with the lies, in fact, they are fed up with you.
Why are Muslims sleeping, why are you keeping quiet on such holocausts? Why can you not recognize your own snakes? Why are you always pointing fingers on the West and Israel? Why are you not ashamed on your own misdeeds and misleads? Why haven’t you burned jihadist’ flags instead of American or Israeli flags? Why no one has taken to the streets in Karachi, Peshawar, Lahore, Jeddah, Riyadh, Amman, Gaza, Ramallah or anywhere else in the Muslim world; And why are you not going to protest in front of Pakistani and Saudi embassies in London, Paris and Washington, to protest against Muslim terrorist organizations? Why deceive and have double standards?  
Is that what you want here in the UK too? Why are you sending your children in Madrassas which are the factories of terrorism, why are you not protesting against the Islamic Sharia and against your insane fellows who want to implement this bane in the UK also?
Do you really know what the Islamic Sharia is? Spend some time on an unbiased investigation and understand it from its roots, you will disgust it; mother of all evils!
Why being as British citizens you are not fulfilling your responsibilities?

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