A Religious Comedy & Farce!

A Religious Comedy & Farce!

Hadith and Islamic Sharia followers are Frankenstein; savage, monsters, lumbering and lurching in our midst, destroying everything they touch. They are hell-bent on murder and conquest and to remake the world in their own self-acknowledged ugly image.

Hadith and Islamic Sharia are the abstruse and ambiguous doctrines of the pernicious and viral ideology of lapidation, beheadings, hangings, amputations, rapes, slavery, honor killings, genital mutilations, and suicide bombs viz abrogated all civilized values; even these evil doctrines were not created or approved by the prophet of Islam Mohammad.  

Manufacturing of Hadiths business start centuries after Mohammad's time, apparently became a cottage industry, Hundreds of thousands of Hadiths were written down at least two hundred years after Mohammad's death in 632 A.D. During the ninth century, a real Hadith-producing industry evolved in non-Arab Iranian influenced Muslim world. Almost a contest to see who could come up with the most imaginative and inane pseudo, most imaginative fairytales, cackling, malevolent mystics, could possibly have said about Mohammed and his life. Apart from that, Hadiths were mainly made according to the wishes of tyrant rulers. They wanted to legitimize their tyranny and in the meantime, the sycophantic and hypocrite writer the IMAMS, narrators all were making good money in a short time period Estimated, around 1.5 million Hadiths were produced in that era.   

The task and scenario of creating and developing of Hadith and Sharia were much like a movie making in Bollywood or Hollywood. There is only one exception that it took centuries, not years to complete the end product, “The Sharia.” Most proceeds from that special promotion period go to the best well-known writers of the blatant lies. They are called IMAMS, Mr. Abdur Rahman Nisaayee for his book Nisaayee, Mr. Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Zaid for his book Ibne Maja, Mr. Abu Dawood Soliman for his book Abu Dawood, Mr. Abu Isa Muhammad Trimzi for his book Tirimzi, Mr. Muslim bin Hajaj for his book Sahih Muslim and the most notorious name, Mr. Bukhari for his shoddy product Sahih Bukhari.

Muslims are virtually a comatose flock because they are credulous enough to believe such balderdash without examining and scrutinizing it. They are just blind followers, and those are the Muslims’ most notorious, brigand writers, the so-called scholars, “THE IMAMS.”    

One can easily deduce that all these forgers belong to Iran, Out of them, even a single scholar was not of Arab descent. Please also note that none of the Arabs were prepared to do what these people have done. All of them were born in the same time period and in the same era of tyrant dictators, ‘Umayyad Caliphate’ in the third century. This is the time when Banu Umayyad had enslaved the Muslims. The Sahaa-Sitaa or the famous six hadith books were compiled in third century Hijri. Whatever hadith were collected by them, were all hearsay and without any written authentic and approved records of Hadith before their collections. Their work is largely consisting of fiction written by malignant minds of the most corrupt people of the Muslim society. Muslim rulers then had to be continually amended and expanded to resolve contradictions and to fill in gaps in doctrine and to account for historical conflicts and anomalies.   

Instead of the contents of the chain of transmission, the narrators of the Hadith were the criteria of above mentioned sainted people who are now a pile of crumbling bones for accepting the validity of a Hadith. Their unusual principal in this regard is the soundness of the justice of the narrators of the Hadith and his true character is an indication of the soundness of the Hadith that he narrates also!

Imagine a trader is selling gold, and you are told that he is a veracious merchandiser; what you will do, instead of verifying the merchandise you ask about the trade or trader, can you buy his merchandise without checking the product whether it is really gold or brass? The irony of the situation is apparent that Muslims find out the real nature of the Hadith product; nevertheless, the greatest disaster is that they still insist to purchase it. A religious comedy and farce! The play suddenly changes from farce to tragedy when Muslims implanted this as it is in their real life, blindly.

Remember there is a big discrepancy between fooling a single person than to cheat an entire nation, spread from the East to the West in 56 Muslim countries of this planet, over centuries of time. Lamentably, completely besotted Muslims with their so-called Imams continue to extol in gratitude are attempting since centuries to make two contradictory things agree, it is just wasting of time and efforts.

Now I want to put a serious issue in front of you, and I leave the decision on you.

According to following Hadiths, Aisha was just six years old when she was betrothed to Muhammad, himself in his 50s, and only nine when the marriage was consummated.  

Urwah reported, “The Prophet (PBUH) married Aisha RA when she was six years of age and consummated the marriage with her when she was nine. She stayed with him for nine years [until he passed away].” [Bukhari 5158]

Aisha RA reported, “The Prophet (PBUH) married me when I was six years old... the women of the Anṣār then handed me over to the Prophet (PBUH). I was nine years of age that day.” [Bukhari 3894]

Also see Sahih Bukhari volume 5, book 58, and number 234 

On the contrary of these hadiths according to the Quran marriage is valid only between consenting adults, and that a woman has the right to choose her own husband. And I am sure most Muslims would not even consider marrying off their nine-year-old daughters, then it is totally against of the Quran and it is also a case of child abuse. People accuse Muhammad of being a pedophile, "child molester" for marrying a young prepubescent girl.

If we believe on these authentic hadiths then why does a Prophet not follow the Quran, claiming words of the God? This kind of character is not fit with a true prophet.  

Now there are only two possibilities. Either both these hadiths and their authors are fraud and liars who slander on Mohammed or can we not consider Mohammed as a prophet of Islam? The choice is yours, a perplexing issue indeed.

If you think that your beloved Imams are marvelous and their books are genuine and authentic then nobody would consider and accept Mohammed as a prophet and complete structure of Islam will collapse.

In another case, if you realize that your so-called Imams were fraud then it means that hadith and Islamic Sharia both are fabricated then drive them away and over the cliff and into the dustbin of history. 

What is your logical and rational answer in the presence of such Hadiths about the accusation on Mohammed of lust, sensuality, and philandering? Raving and ranting or cursing is neither count as civilized manners nor logical and coherent answer. 

My question is very clear. Are your Hadiths and its byproducts wrong? Or is the Quran wrong? Or is Islam as a religion entirely a mere mirage, there is something wrong, you have to accept? How could you define and prove the authenticity of Islam and Mohammed, by sword cum terrorism or by logic?  

My job is to convey my message, not to convince or argue with anyone.

Are you muttering terrible malisons? Feel free to send: islamvsislam@hotmail.com  

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