I advocate freedom of the thought and independent thinking, and I am convinced that it is the inability of Muslims to sustain a dialogue with time and text that sometimes makes Islamic teachings look anachronistic or even intolerant. I want to practice my faith without any fear and without regard of Islamic Sharia, I do not want to live under the horror of Sharia and I do resist imposing it on others by force as well, and I do not recognize the celestial authority of anyone to consider me or my co-religionists to be apostates.

We should perceive that civilized world is at war with not a single group of terrorists, rather with the people who are adherent to a doctrine or ideology they call it Islamic Sharia; which is at its core not about religious practices or faith, it is about power. It is about how every relationship must be ordered from individuals to families and from neighbors all the way up to how the world is governed. 

Furthermore, Sharia obliges its followers to engage in a Holy War called “Jihad.” And that war has two goals: worldwide accomplishment of Sharia laws and the establishment of a theocratic government to rule the entire planet according to their so-called Holy doctrine. All these Islamists have professed enemies of the civilized world. And this is not because of how I view them or just a figment of my imagination; I can no longer kid myself to avoid a harsh reality, it is because of their own. Sharia-adherent, deadly foes of freedom could disagree among themselves about some points of theology, for example, Sunnis and Shiites but they are committed to imposing intolerant, brutally repressive and anti-constitutional Sharia on this entire planet either by proselytizing or by the use of violence under any circumstances to achieve their objective.  

Hence it is not enough that various Islamist groups are condemned across the world for their savagery and viciousness only. It is also necessary to acknowledge the ultimate aim of Sharia-adherent Muslims and the fact that these people all over the world share the same ambitions, the establishment of Sharia law, methods may differ.

I want to make it clear that we should be determined to fight with them by all means with not only military might but all other instruments of our power against this monster if we want to sustain our freedoms and to protect our civilization, as did in the past against Nazism, Fascism, Japanese imperialism, and most recently the Communism; and one element without the others will likely doom the effort. Remember, we need to confront Sharia itself which says “leave, convert or die,” not just the vile Islamist groups.

Additionally, Muslims who do not conform to Islamic Sharia are commonly accused in the Muslim world as an apostate, a capital offense under Sharia Laws; we should incentivize them to join us in this struggle. If their efforts also accumulate, the likelihood of our early success improves still further.    

Dear Muslim fellows, please, for heaven's sake, for goodness sake before you rush to condemn and call me an agent of America and Europe you must remember and consider that across the Muslim world you are also lining up outside the American and European Embassies, eager to go there; And you do not just want to visit there but rather become a citizen of those countries. WHY? I tell you why, because you are also jaded with stone-age barbaric Sharia laws and its effects on your society in your ancestral states, like me, but you are not eager to confess this reality, simply because you are misleading and some downright mendacious deceitful nature people.  

There are 56 Muslim countries, is there any Muslim country including your Holy shithole Saudi Arabia on this planet, which can claim that people of other nations and other faiths see the Muslim world in the same way of hope, equality, dignity, and prosperity as you see Europe and America? But shamefully and disgustingly, when you procure the nationality of these civilized host countries then you are the same one who wants to turn idyllic, quiet, peaceful these countries into another Muslim shithole by demanding and dreaming of cursed Sharia Laws; even nature does not flourish in any Sharia bound society but begins to decay and look unhealthy.   

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