James Foley beheaded

James Foley beheaded

On 22nd May 2013, a British soldier was beheaded in the streets of London, and now an American journalist James Foley is beheaded by The ISIS masked Jihadi militant who is recognized as a British citizen due to his British accent, completely rejected his British nationality; most shocking example of British Jihadists committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq. Any British national fighting with these monstrous savages should have their passport revoked and never be allowed back; they have given up their right to citizenship by themselves. Otherwise, when these Jihadists will return back, then they will pose a direct threat to the security of the country.

This may come as news to people but it certainly does not come as news to me. According to the Greek mythology terrorism on the name of the Islam is like a hydra, the many-headed serpent, for each head you cut off it grows two more and Muslims are blessed by this hydra. The acknowledgment of this reality by the West would vastly enhance the chances of success.  Radical Islam is fascism, either stand up to it and crushes it, or watch the civilized word descends back into The Dark Ages.

I am thoroughly embarrassed because all successive British Governments have failed to keep a check on growing Islamic extremism in this country and the Muslim community simply would not accept that they have substantial radical tendencies. It is time to stand up and declare that the UK could not change for them; if they want to live here they need to adopt British values and ethics.

It is also very necessary to look into that from where these Jihadists learned their understanding of Islam, and how this fascist understanding is being spread in Britain. The ultimate goals of radical Muslims are to create an ugly, savage, inexplicable, nihilistic and fascist evil society on this whole planet. 

We have to address the ideological center of gravity of the enemy and the bottom line is, the permanent solution to the Jihadists threat will not be a kinetic one, viz, the only military solution is simply not enough and we are fooling ourselves if we believe in it. Targeting terrorists is essential but it is not enough to merely kill active militants; you have to pulverize the ideology that mobilizes them. This is not about individuals nor is it about specific organizations, but to recognize and manipulate the ideology that drives these individuals, that what makes the thug Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi so successful in recruiting fighters to capture most of Iraq even from the civilized society of Europe!    

British Government spends millions of pounds to open and maintain Mosques, Islamic Schools and Organizations, Sharia Banking and many different laws supporting them more than others. British Government also import hate preachers and Mullahs from Muslim countries so they could consolidate all the hatred, violence and extremism; translation services are available into their own languages so they do not even have to learn the English language. And the effect of all this is the demand for Sharia laws all across Britain which will hijack the entire society.

If Britain wants to survive then you have to control the Mosques, total ban on Madrassas, and begin to deport radical and religious Muslim residents.

As a matter of fact, British Muslims already rejected all British values, culture, and ethics. Rather than living in harmony in this country they import their contemptible mentality and ethos, wishing to continue to exist under the macabre laws of Sharia.

On this occasion I would like to remind you about the horrifying Ayatollah Khomeini, the godfather of hate towards America; instead of any Muslim country, France gave sanctuary to him. But his ingratitude for all that they have done for him is truly appalling that he was at the front line of hate-filled anti-American statements. The Islamic Republic of Iran has perpetuated the atmosphere of violence against the United States in the Middle East by chanting "Death to America."  

My heart is bleeding, Foley’s mother Diane implores in her statement to the barbaric kidnappers to spare the lives of the remaining hostages! Oh no, we do not need to implore beasts, rather implode such filth.

I am living in this country now more than three years, being a scholar I am continuously watching the behavior, attitude, and mindset of the Muslim community. I can understand that community cohesion is an important goal of the British Government. But the decision makers who allowed Muslim immigration into the country need to understand that although all Muslims are not the threat but illiterate and the religious ones, dedicated to Islam are a bona fide danger and capable to jeopardize the security of the state

According to my judgment spouse immigration is a flourish business in the Pakistani community (I would restrict myself up to the Pakistanis, because until now my all research is limited in this community only) because it is a big open wide door, allows all kinds of uncouth and boorish, biased, prejudiced and mentally sick Muslims who just come here for the social benefits. For the sake of the safety and flourishing future of this country, Britain has to adopt a system which not only impedes this as an illegal business but also screens the genuine spouses.

I am not a racist, xenophobic, biased or sectarian, rather I am a humanist and pacifist and I want to see our world become a peaceful flourishing place.

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address: islamvsislam@hotmail.com  

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