Saudi Arabia’s Hypocrisy!

Saudi Arabia’s Hypocrisy!

Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh, Grand Mufti and General President for Scientific Researches and Fatwas (Judicial verdicts), the highest religious authority in the country, denounces Iraq’s Islamic State group, as “enemy number one of Islam,” and not in any way part of the faith.  Reuters, August 19, 2014

The oil-rich Gulf States and Saudi Arabia are the principal financiers of the evils. Now the regimes of these countries are afraid that all their own sponsored Jihadists are lurking and threatening them also, viz, jinnee is out of the bottle; they are afraid of revolt and their cries and brags are tears of the crocodile.

The timing of Al al-Sheikh’s statement is significant and interestingly he does not quote any Sharia law, any clue of Islamic education and cult himself to show how the Islamic State and all other Militants and Jihadists are wrong, nor does he gave any specific explanation of how the Islamic State and Jihadists are misrepresenting Islam; silly platitudes, complete and plenary hypocrisy and dissimulation of Muslims’ purported leadership.

As a matter of fact, all Jihadists and terrorists are following and implementing Sharia laws and Saudi Arabia’s illegitimate rulers are also following the same Stone Age macabre barbaric Sharia laws to establish their tyrant Government. On which ground, Saudis are objecting on Islamist militants; because now Jihadists staged attacks in the kingdom also, and posing a threat to Saudis own stability? Morally both are same, following the apocalyptic version of Islam.

Indeed, now they are nervous, hysterical and frightened because their own grotesque depiction is almost revealed which is a signal of the beginning of the end of all that masquerading as wolves in sheep’s and which Saudi Arabia stands for. A zillion numbers of Saudis have joined rebel and militant groups and now spurring concerns in the ruling family that they will eventually challenge their unconstitutional and felonious Government and now they are imposing severe punishments for offering them any support or aid by their citizens. 

What else one would expect from liars except denouncing ISIS but not addressing the root causes of their inhuman Sharia Laws and devil Imams. They ever discuss and challenged the man-made barbaric Islamic laws, which will be tantamount of insult and disobeying Imams’ celestial orders which as a true Muslim they can not even think.

Dear Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh, Please explain why Islamic Sharia laws fever the pedophiles, criminals, liars, rapist, bandits, and murderers. Why on the name of the God you kill apostates, why calls for the death of unbelievers, why there are inhumane retributions of lapidation for adultery and amputation for theft; yes all these are insinuated in your heart and Muslims do all these on the name of the God?

Please, Holy Godfather can you explain, why you refuse to acknowledge the murder of women, rape, assault as worthy of punishment. Why women are automatically accused of causing the crimes committed by men; instead of justice, a raped woman is punished for adultery. Rapists are not punished and allowed to continue raping more women! Why Sharia laws are only applied to the poor, decrepit and frail ones while the rich and royal families are spared any form of punishment even for severe crimes?

These crocodiles are practicing the same as their outgrowth terrorists by beheading for offenses that include apostasy, adultery, and sorcery, oppose women driving or working and describe moderate Muslims as heretics.

Old adage of this Grand Mufti is not about that the Islamic State is the enemy number one of  Islam because he thinks that murders of apostates, beheadings of Infidels, or kidnapping of infidel women are  contrary to Islamic; it is impossible for him to accept the truth, because they have spent billions of petrodollars spreading exactly the same kind of Islam around the world. Actually, this boisterous Mullah is only afraid of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, according to him the Saudi Kingdom and royal ruling family “house of Saud” has no legitimacy, means a harbinger of their doom, hung over their heads.

Thousands of innocent people are executed in Saudi Arabia every year, the death penalty for crimes not considered “serious” under international norms; carried out by beheading with a sword, or more rarely by firing squad, and sometimes by stoning. In addition, an executed person’s body is often hung on public display, or hung from a helicopter for display to make an example and terror. Executioners are also very busy in chopping hands and feet off people accused of theft in Chop Chop Square.

The main flaw in the hideous Sharia laws is that the any innocent can easily be accused of crimes he/she never committed since there is no requirement for rigorous evidence and in this callous system there is no access to legal representation or the opportunity to appeal. Usually, the cases are brought to the attention of the nefarious and corrupt authorities based on a ‘witness,’ and witnesses can be purchased easily for a small amount of money in Muslims corrupt societies. In this fiendish system any innocent helpless, weak human being can be decapitated for only the flimsiest of evidence. In this sadistic system, accusations are usually based on sheer imagination, personal vendetta, revenge, competition and based on entirely fabricated charges.

Remember, Saudi Arabia is still a place on this planet where freedom ends and officially authorized slavery, terror and fear begin.
Finally, I would vehemently suggest that the USA and Europe should implement and fulfill the desire of the implementation of Barbaric Sharia Laws of their Muslim citizens, but on Muslims citizens only. Give the contract of Sharia Justice and Execution to their Holy and most favored country, Saudi Arabia. Muslims criminals should be sent there to meet the Sharia Justice they admire so much, rather than waste hard earnings of taxpayers in civilized courts. After a decade automatically there would be no Muslims available in this civilized world because the most severe volume of third-degree crimes is committed by Muslims. 
Dear criminal mind Muslims, what do you think, should the West sign agreement with Saudi Arabia for the permanent removal of criminally charged Muslims to face punishments in Chop Chop Square, in their beloved Sharia laden Saudi Arabia!
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