Why I Abhor the Religion

Why I Abhor the Religion?

I would take pride to introduce myself as a member of the mankind of this planet; although regretfully mankind is divided on the basis of Colour, Race, Religion, Nationality and many more. I should admit that I have also spent so many years of my life under an ideology which is Tyrannous, Imperious, and Dogmatic and highly biased towards humanity.

As my brief personal background, I was born in an opulent, conservative and radical Muslim family in Pakistan. My childhood education started both in the School and Madrasa simultaneously. My parents and Mullah created a kind of impression of Prophet Mohammad and Muslims’ God in my mind, which was mixed with fear and respect. I heard from Mullah and other orthodox Muslims that by Prophet’s index finger; the whole moon broke into two pieces!  I have been told, only Muslims shall enter the heaven and repeatedly told among God’s cursed people and serious enemies are the Pagans, Jews and least the Christians. This is what constituted my childhood Islamic education.

There was the time when my skeptical nature rested in hibernation and I believed on what I listened from my parents and Mullah, although I doubted what I was taught more than most of age group children, and I definitely seemed to ask more questions. I found the answers good enough to put off probing too deeply but poor enough to sustain a lingering sense of uncertainty. Religious people can not be argued logically, because they claim that their beliefs are of such a nature that they cannot be examined, but just are.

Mullah and my BIOLOGICAL PARENTS both repeatedly installed an important concept in my mind of Muslim Ummah, which means all fellow Muslims in the world are my brothers and sisters, and I must always pray for them. On all the religious gatherings I attended, end up with passionate prayers about the well being of all Muslims of the world only. They never included in prayer the non-Muslims; I don’t recall even a single event. The whole prayer revolved around the benefits of only the Muslims, cracks in my Islamic beliefs start to appear now viz rudimentary signs of skepticism started developing in my mind and I started to scrutinize my Religion and beliefs.

In the meantime, while I was in high school, I made some very great friends and I am proud that many of them happened to be Hindu and Christian. My acquaintance with such an amazing diversity of liberal and caring people and their culture played an important role in later development of Humanist Philosophy in my mind. We were very close pals and often I used to go their houses and spend time; unfortunately, I was not allowed to invite them in my house, I was rebuked for being so close with Hindu and Christian friends.

Parents of my non-Muslim friends never deprived me of their prayers, what they believed is the best for me. I realized that there are good and bad characters in every Religion and culture. My own experience was completely contradictory with what I have been told about non-Muslims and it gave rise to certain questions in my mind. I couldn’t stop asking myself how a Religion could hold such misanthropic views, and how religious teachings can contradict with real-life realities? My faith starts to shake.

I became convinced that religion is a plausible lie, and all religious "Gods and Ghosts" are mumbo jumbo. Since this ideology instills in my soul, in my mind, and in my sense, I started the feeling of happiness and emancipation. I crumbled the recipe of religion and demolished all walls of my dreary dark dungeon which was created by religion and fear. The first time my hermetically sealed personality was encountered and harmonized with nature and enlightened. I no longer had any feelings of being a serf, or a slave of anyone; I started to feel that I am part of nature and infinite space...

My Islamic education in Madrasa certainly did not teach me about the ugly face of Muslims’ and their deeds. By my self-study, I was shocked to realize that all “God Followers” slaughtered their enemies and spread their Religion by forceful intolerance of other faiths and it makes me rankles that how I can believe in such type of the Gods. I had always taught that all other Religions and their deities are false. But I came to know that my Religion is no different; traditional Islam is no more true or false than any other Religion.

I threw away my biased and colored glasses of faith, enlightened, looked around, free from the bias of religious presumption. I started to see the world with my natural naked eyes, I was much more qualified to see the tragedies created by Religion and its by-product the ‘Extremism and Intolerance.’ I was startled by the offenses of the Human Rights on the name of the Religion around the world; I started to consider founding a Religion without any dogma and absurdities including supernaturalism.

I gathered most of my knowledge on varied subjects, including philosophy through my own unbiased research and analysis, resultantly people around me including my parents and relatives came to be considering me an iconoclast against established Islamic ideologies and beliefs, one maverick who was not afraid of speaking out against entrenched beliefs and superstitions.

It was a long process of research and quest for the truth and I must admit that I was heavily influenced by a prominent scholar, Ghulam Ahmad Pervez, who univocally emphasized reason over blind faith. The Mullas were enraged by his efforts to demystify Islam. Not so surprising, in Islamic world including Pakistan he was declared ‘Murtid’ an Apostate by the Mullahs but he fought amid the large circle of Mullahs’ swarm, with Great Spirit and enthusiasm all over his life.

After the throes of decades, I came to the conclusion that Humanism is the only solution to all human miseries, a Philosophy that rejects Supernaturalism and accepts Science, stresses an individual's dignity and worth and capacity for self-realization through reason and I embraced Humanism and Secularism. Being a Humanist I believe in love, equality, and compassion. I start to condemn strongly as unworthy and unacceptable, all sorts of Theocracies and Religions. I rejected all kinds and means of Violence and Torture and especially to spread Beliefs and Religion. I rejected traditional Islamic Religion’s Hadith, Fiqah, Sunnah and Sharia. It might be easy for the Sharia opponents to say that the Islamic Sharia and Hadith institution are bogus, but when I say the same, there is a difference because I have the advantage of hindsight.

I am against the institution of Religion including traditional Islam, because Violence, Hate, and Fanaticism are found readily available in Religion; Religion is behind so many of the major tragedies of Humanity. Sunnis and Shiites conflict which frame the crisis in most of the Muslim countries and the Middle East, they have been killing each other for over a thousand years; declaring other Muslims to be infidels and killing them is a lot older than the suicide bombing. The Israeli and Palestinian catastrophe, the Catholic and Protestant wars, Taiping Rebellion, the bloodshed between Tamil and Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, and daily basis Hindu and Muslim atrocities in India with terror and agony. After the natural catastrophes, Religion is an anthropogenic source of death, doom, and gloom in Africa. And these are only continuations of the hopelessly antediluvian confrontations between varieties of religious delusions. Unfortunately, Religion cherishes on the mistakes, and always defends them with lucrative promises including an Ample Supply of Virgin Delights. 

Furthermore, I am unable to accept the claims of supernatural wonders of the Religions and I do not have the time to argue the endless anecdotal tales of which the faithful are so fond; because I am living in a real world that demands evidence rather than blind faith, and I accepted the real world. Faith, is just a belief that isn't based on evidence, is the principal vice of any Religion. I have always differentiated between ‘blind faith’ and ‘evidence derived faith,’ and accept or discard something only after careful research and questioning. But on the contrary, all Religions, more or less, are constraints to the spirit of freedom of inquiry and an independent conscience; I would limit myself to Islam only because of my background.

In the sense of traditional Religion, Islam is a Political and Dominant nature doctrine which insists to take over the Government and establish the theocracy by force. Islam requires a lot from its followers and appears to inspire more commitment, more often than any other Religion; I most certainly did not see the parallels to the tools of brainwashing yet.

Once a country conquered by Muslim invaders then Pagans have simply two choices, either convert to Islam or die. Christians and Jews of the newly acquired territory can become a second-class citizen by paying tax, unless they wanted to convert, according to the Islamic Sharia. The grim reality is that this is not about the nonfeasance of coexistence or strife. This is also not about people who have trouble getting on and who need to somehow make up. It is all about a well articulated and well documented Theological Doctrine of the Islamic Sharia, hell-bent on dominating non-Muslims and wiping off the Pagans from the Earth, in order to establish the Radical Islam.

Here is an example of Pakistani Muslim scholar Sayed Abul Ala Maududi, whose books are widely available in the Muslim world, across the West and in the USA alike. Maududi argued in his radicalization primer, “Let us be Muslims that the only valid form of government is Islamic theocracy viz Islamic Sharia rule and Muslims are obligated to use whatever power they can mobilize to impose this goal on the world. Whoever you are, in whichever country you live, you must strive to change the wrong basis of Government, and seize all powers to rule and make laws from those who do not fear God. The name of this striving is Jihad, and if you believe Islam to be true, you have no choice but to exert your utmost strength to make it triumph on earth, you either establish it or give your lives in this struggle.”

Recently this phenomenon outstretched in Iraq and Syria and all over the Middle East, blossomed bright red into a torrent of blood; reveals exactly what the doctrine of the choices means for conquered non-Muslims populations, and why the dogma of the ‘Choices’ is defenseless against the assertion that Islam was spread by the sword. Jihadists are not playing according to the civilized rules; they are not concerned with the Geneva Convention; their war strategy is regulated by their Imams, who implemented the Sharia rules of war. Any rational person must be disgusted the murders by very heinous methods, forced conversions, pillaging, plunder, rape, slavery, and even the dead not be spared perpetrated by terrorist’s armies, the refugee crisis also grows by the day.
The challenge is vastly bigger than what many people may have thought because Jihadist's whole generation who taught to hate and theology of radical Islam is raised and bred not only in Mosques and Madrassas of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and in the Arab World but lamentably also in Mosques and Madrassas situated in the Europe and America. What is notable, same Jihadists even from the UK are now flocking to Syria and Iraq where they seek either Victory or Martyrdom.

Muslim terrorist organizations are now using electronic media to recruit disaffected youths to their evil cause, and I am terribly concerned that these fighters will return to their home countries, posing a serious terrorist threat around the globe including the UK.

Muslim societies have been held in fetters of aversion to subject its beliefs, laws, and practices of critical examination, by a lack of respect for the rights of the individual, and by an unwillingness to tolerate alternative viewpoints and to engage in constructive dialogue.

The Muslim world is lagging a thousand of years behind the rest of the world turned in a dirty morass with competing for religious groups fighting over religious pettiness and current perception of Islam is a particularly militant Religion; lamentably Islam has become a weapon in the hand of chauvinist Mullahs and Dictators, and radical Islam is becoming a worldwide problem. 

I want to make our world, a place where people wouldn’t judge on the basis of their Race, Religion and Ethnicity. Only first and the last identity would be good or bad humans, according to their deeds. I am sure; I am not alone in having such a desire. Through my writings, I am doing my part of the job within my capacity. I want to stimulate the minds of educated Muslims throughout the world. I am focusing on how to devise an effective way to rationalize Islam & Muslim societies.

Are you muttering terrible malisons? Feel free to send: islamvsislam@hotmail.com 

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