Why I Support ISREAL?

Why I Support ISREAL?

With every news of another death, Israeli or Palestinian, my very heart bleeds. I do not believe or hope in my heart of any lasting peace in the Middle East, because my optimism continuously marred by false "truths" of Islamic Sharia lovers, who are openly opposed to Israel's very existence, constantly chanting, "Death to the Jews;" what if such threats were aimed at their families? The horrors of this dispute and constant war have unleashed upon the people of the region are farcical and tragic, beyond words.

In my own small way, I am trying to shed some light on the truth, not in the defense of anyone or against anyone. So then, let me shed some light on some common misconceptions, distortions of the truth, and outright lies.

I implore Muslims to open their minds, hearts, and listen to reason for once, to gain reliable knowledge about Israel and a concise and clear understanding of this conflict instead of the gospel of catastrophe, martyrdom, death, and Jihad. This is a sin even to think to kill any human being without any valid reason; rather you want to kill all Jews of this planet, why? They are also human beings, why you want to follow the barbaric Sharia Laws that openly encourage vandalism and Holocaust.
If Muslims really want ‘Peace’ then the only logical answer is to compromise on a two-state solution, but the problem can not solve because Muslims are not interested in peace, rather they want to cut down all Jews in ‘Pieces.’

This is not a really complex conflict in the world; rather I think it is the easiest conflict in the world. Because Israel recognizes the right of Palestinian that they have their own state and they live in peace and tranquility. The problem starts when not only Palestinian but the entire Muslim world does not recognize the same right of the tiny Jewish state of Israel to exist since its birth. 
Israel also does not believe in imperialism because, after a decade in 1978, entire the Sinai Peninsula was given back to Egypt after peace agreement; a land bigger than Israel itself and with oil resources! Israel is always been willing to do the same thing with Palestinians if Palestinians also recognize Israel as a sovereign Jewish state and promise to live in peace and harmony with it. Unfortunately, Muslims always glorify terrorism, the humiliation of Jews and wants to annihilate Jews completely then, of course, it will turn in a complex conflict.

Very strange and inhumane, 22 Arab countries and total 56 Muslim countries, and there is only one tiny Jewish state in the world, smaller in size than El Salvador! If Israeli lay down arms, without any delay, according to the beliefs and tenets of the Muslims, destruction of Israel and mass genocide of the Jewish population will happen. On the contrary, if Muslims and especially Arabs lay down arms against Israel, peace is guaranteed immediately.  

After the greatest atrocities of the Holocaust, Israel state was founded within the ancestral homeland of its original habitats viz the Jews; Israel was not founded on land stolen from the Palestinian people. There has never been a state in the Middle East known as Palestinian that was not the Jewish state. According to the history first Kingdom: 1000 – 586 B.C, second Kingdom 538 – 63 B.C and today Israel is the third state to exist in the same land. There was never any Arab state, Muslim state and never a Palestinian state. I want to ask Muslims, why can not the one Jewish state be allowed to exist in their ancestral land?

My pals, even the close ones taunt me of pro-Israel and the West, that how being as a humanist and pacifist you can justify the killing of innocent people and children? I don't, I can't…. As a matter of fact, I spent 26 years of my life in the Middle East and I know all Arab nationalities, their mentality, nature and hatred towards Jews; the small children are taught there to hate from the day one. This is brainwashing and entirely inhumane. When you are utilizing your own children, women, and civilians as a human shield then it is nearly impossible to avoid civilian causalities, remember you are in the state of war with Israel, not indulging in Picnic or love.
Israel intentionally does not target civilians or is not committing any Genocide, otherwise, this conflict can be solved in a few days, this is Muslims’ good luck that Jews and rest of the world are not the followers of their barbaric Sharia laws, they are civilized people, otherwise……!

Whenever possible, Israel goes to great lengths to try and avoid civilian causalities; I admit, in war horrific and tragic mistakes happen. Please tell me honestly, what would you do in such a scenario, how to deal with the people whose slogan is "We love death more than the Jews love life". 

How do you deal with the people who believe in sacrificing even their women and children as suicide bombers, strapping explosives to their bodies and seducing them to go to the area of highest civilian concentration that they can reach and kill themselves and as many around them as possible?

Dear reader, if you are not a hypocrite and a compulsive liar then tell me, what if such threats were aimed at your own family? No matter how horrible the consequences of the decision may be would you not do whatever it took to save them?   

Israel is not the only best model of democracy and freedom in the Middle East rather there is no comparison of  Israel with all 56 Muslim countries of the world; a country surrounded by 22 hostile Muslim countries, where people are able to enjoy the freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Israel is a country where Israeli Muslim Arabs also share all benefits without any discrimination. 
On the contrary, in oil-rich Muslim countries, Arabs treat you like animals, despite believing and share the same religion, but you are not more than a slave; Modern Slavery, keep you living in fear, to horrify you, and to profit from it.!

I want to make my voice heard and spread this message of truth that the Crusades, Inquisition, the Persian and Ottoman Empires, the Holocaust, all have been trying to exterminate the Jewish nation from this planet for thousands of years. No one succeeds, the Nation of Israel lives and the Jewish people will endure.

According to the verses of the Quran regarding the Jews; Jews are people of various bad qualities, known for their loathsome characters and contemptible behavior; they are liars, ingrates, selfish, arrogant, rebels, lawbreakers, cowardly naggers and cheaters, prone to crime and aggression etc…

Dear Muslims, please see your own character and your history in the light of these verses; in fact, these verses fit upon you instead of Jews, you deserve the wrath of the God not the Jews!  

Your comments even raving and ranting are welcome on my E-mail address: islamvsislam@hotmail.com  

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