Covered or Uncovered Flesh?

Covered or Uncovered Flesh? 

I am happy that I live in a country, which despite its problems is not violent, but I wonder why the British government seems in love with its own self-destruction by importing a huge amount of garbage from the Muslim world.

I am again bludgeoned to use my pen by shameful, horrifying and outrageous news that approximately fourteen hundred (no one knows the real numbers of child sexual exploitation) children, girls as young as eleven years old were discovered as victims of Pakistani rape gangs and prostitution rings in Rotherham, UK; responsible authorities and child protection services turned a complete blind eye from helpless young girls in order to avoid being called ‘Racist,’ and left allowed occurring from 1997 to 2013, over a sixteen years long period and over the top in more than a third of these cases the youngsters were already known to child protection agencies!

The effect on the victims was devastating. This is not a mistake rather it is the deliberate abuse and enslavement of children by Pakistani immigrants, in the most barbaric and cruel way. But I am not terrorized or shocked at all on this news because I know that it is the part of Pakistani culture, traditions, and outrageously a Muslim idiocy. What do I expect more from these Pakistani Muslim Animals except such despicable crimes?  

But from my point of view, it is also a case of appalling negligence of the British Authorities and especially Police from the abuse that child victims suffered. They were abducted, beaten, intimidated, brutally raped and trafficked to other parts of the country by collaborative Pakistani perpetrators and no one stood to protect them all over such a long period! This is a time to prosecute all related authorities and personals that have failed and destroyed the lives of thousands of young girls and their families; otherwise, we will give up this beautiful country to these barbarisms.

Anyone who harms children including the Traffickers, Police, Social Workers need to be prosecuted and punished severely and the Rapists should hang without any mercy, there is no place of such beasts in any civilized society.

Please bear in mind that there is a big cultural difference between the Muslims’ uncivilized world and the Western civilized world. In the Muslim world, women are treated either as covered or uncovered flesh, they are not considered as human beings. According to the Satanic Islamic Sharia Laws, in case of female abduction, molestation and rape the deciding questions will arise that when a girl or woman was raped whether she was at home or outside, whether she had her flesh covered or uncovered, whether she was traveling and accompanied with any blood- relative or alone, whether she was acting like bashful and modest girl or obscene or smutty one and most importantly whether she can provide four witnesses of her rape! If she can not provide four bystanders and spectators of her rape then she will be called accused and her rapist will be proved an innocent and free for further abductions, molestations and rapes, this is what bloody Sharia is about.

Sharia-adherent immigrant Pakistanis and Muslims are everywhere in the West; then expecting them to respect the rights of Western women is asking them to turn their backs on their beloved rape culture and religion. High incidences of harassment and rape cases in Muslim societies are a direct consequence of their meanest and nastiest ideology; in the view of absurd Sharia laws, when a man rapes an immodestly dressed woman, the rape is not his fault but hers. Unless and until we stop blinding ourselves to these realities and protect Western freedoms and values against Sharia, we are doomed.

I would recommend to the British Government to strictly implement Sharia Laws on the British Muslims only and especially on those rapists. Do not waste time, efforts and tax payer’s money on these fierce animals to feeding them in jails. Sharia is legislation for the Muslims and they want to implement this bane in the UK too; therefore, they must brunt of barbaric Islamic laws, what they deserve.

In the end, I would like to suggest to British politicians that if you are still in dilemma then you should contact Mr. Putin for advice; although Russians are not democratic they know very well how to manipulate such situations.

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