Muslims’ “Clandestine War” on Christians of our time.

Muslims’ “Clandestine War” on Christians of our time.

A Christian woman Asia Bibi, an illiterate farm worker from rural Punjab, convicted of blasphemy in 2010 of making derogatory comments about the Prophet Mohammad during an argument with a Muslim woman. She falsely accused to settle personal vendetta that is often the case in the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan with the notorious blasphemy law. Now, the Lahore High Court rejected her appeal against the death sentence passed by a lower court.

As well as the death penalty hanging over her, Asia Bibi now has a price on her head also as a lynch law.  A radical cleric at the village mosque declared ‘no mercy for her,’ and promised 500,000 Pakistani rupees (£3,000) to anyone prepared to "finish her."   
Local Mosque Imam, Qari Mohammed Salim, who brings the case against her categorically proclaimed that she will be made to pay, one way or the other. "If the law punishes someone for blasphemy, and that person is pardoned, then we will also take the law in our hands."
Throughout the 56 countries of Muslim world, from Indonesia to Morocco Christians are being harassed, tortured, and even murdered just for their faith; although entire so-called Muslim world is also crippling and in the state of an advanced state of infirmity due to severe grip of schism among themselves but what is the reason behind such atrocity against minorities like Christians?    

Western Imperialism is a well-known reality, but despite common opprobrium heaped on West, my point of view is a little bit further goes; as a matter of fact, Imperialism is not a Western invention rather Muslims are the first known Imperialist. According to the history, coetaneous Muslim lands in the Middle East and Africa included what were once great centers of Christendom, such as Jerusalem, Alexandria, Damascus, Antioch, and Constantinople.  

Mohammedans, Moors, Saracens, or Turks were fearsome antagonists of their epoch. Muslim so-called Khalifa, the scurrilous imposters, used religious exterior to exploit the dominated conquered territories by imposing the notorious and ignominious Satanic Sharia law which reduce ‘infidels,’ non-Muslims, to servile positions. Under Muslim rule in conquered territories, there was a ruthless persecution campaign against Christians, churches were burned or pillaged. No dearth of Muslim leaders throughout the whole of Islamic history that has persecuted Christians and their churches. No one can deny the noble savagery, brutalities and unrestrained orgies of Abbasid rulers and especially Khalifa Hakim bi-Amr Allah; even Muslim apologists excused and admit that Hakim was a maniac and a dangerous psychopath but this publically mea culpa is not the panacea for their earlier imperialism and other sins.

Napoleon invaded and conquered the heart of the Muslim world, Egypt, in 1798; and the European nation’s invasion, subjugation, and colonization of Muslim terrain were on the peak in the nineteenth century. These invasions traumatized Muslims and the triumphalism which is inherent in their religion and blood.

In such scenario, Muslims not only lost their territories but also confidence and busted in inferiority complex by witnessed the power and dynamism of Western technology and the industrial revolution.

Lamentably, West is just synonymous for Muslims with only Christianity and because Christian world was on the boom and they were on the doom so naturally they feared and admired Western hegemony and attempted to emulate but amateurishly. Western ideas like modernism and secularization are really worthy to praise except nationalism.

Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran Mustafa Kemal Ataturk of Turkey, dictator Muhammad Ayub Khan of Pakistan and Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein in Egypt are few examples of dilettante Muslim emulators. During this period which is the Golden Age for Christians according to the Muslims’ point of view, extended to about 1950s, Christians were tolerated in Muslim countries.

Apart of the tiny moderate Muslims minority, the majority of Muslims remained loyal to their Satanic Sharia laws which accept imperialism as the normal exercise of power.

Twentieth century’s most renowned Muslim scholar Sayyid Qutb had advocated that Muslims should emulate Western science and technology but in the meantime insisted that using Sharia law, Muslims must first clean up their own mess in their countries and then those of the rest of the world. Do you understand, what he was insisting, wanted to revive and who is the mess?

Tiny moderate Muslims in minority and infidels are the mess in the Muslim countries and he was insisting on the antiquated ideology of Islamic supremacy and aggression, the features of a tyrannous and ferocious religion from the seventh century!
The most vivid attempt and precedent of this revival is the Iranian failed Revolution of 1979, in the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini and Mullahs, the harbinger of terrorism who overthrow the Shah in their aggrandizement of Islam and repugnance of America, grumbled against ‘the Great Satan.’ This is not an isolated episode, Sharia is back!  They took the U.S. embassy in Tehran, a denegation of internationally accepted centuries-old protocol, but accepted norms in Muslims’ Sharia.

 The former period of tolerance toward Christians in Muslim lands was an exception, and the present attacks on Christians are the norm.

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