Ashura, Muslims’ Loathsome face!

Ashura, Muslims’ Loathsome face!

May I say “Happy New Year” to the Muslims? No, it is prohibited according to the Muslims’ belief!

The Islamic New Year starts with the month of Muharram, and the tenth day of this first month of the Islamic year is full of nonsense, called Ashura. The Day of Ashura is a national holiday in some Muslim countries.   

For Shiites Muslims; it is a day of harrowing commemoration of the murder of the grandson of the Prophet Mohammad, Husain in the year October 10, 680 in Karbala Iraq by Umayyad dictator regime, the self-proclaimed Khalifa of Muslims. Shiites Muslims observe Ashura through mourning rituals such as self-flagellation and reenactments of the martyrdom and wear black clothes and march through the streets chanting, cutting and hitting themselves to ritually punish themselves with chains and knives. This practice is a mandatory part of their so-called religion, Islam. Sunni Muslims consider Ashura a fast day as Prophet Muhammad and Moses fasted in appreciation of the successful Exodus for Egypt.

Lamentably, even Muslims’ celebrations are horrible, appalling and ghastly; always glorify aggression, blood, and murders. How do you feel about these pictures of these sick people, can you call them human beings?  

This is just one of many ways brain dead barbarian Muslims around the world love bloodshed of any kind. Satan must be really rolling on the floor laughing at these fools who worship him and thinking they are going to be “rewarded paradise” when they die. If this is Islam, then no doubt it is an evil and depraved disease that should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Now come to the point without parti pris, there is not a single proficient historian in the world who has said that Husain made an unlawful uprising against the Umayyad regime, but Muslims turned the history and facts in mythology, legend, and anecdote.   

As a matter of fact, the general human’s tendency towards myth-making and turning facts into legends distorts the facts. This tendency has been at work in all the world's historical traditions. There is also a tendency in laymen for hero worship which induces the people to fabricate myths and legends about national and religious heroes and the Karbala conflict is also not an exception.

But in respect of political and religious individuals who are guides of mankind and whose words and deeds and whose stands and uprisings serve as a model and authority, there should not be any exaggeration and never indulge in hyperbole whatsoever in their statements, in their personality, and history.

Zillions of legends have been fabricated about not only Hussain but also about his father Ali, who was a son-in-law of Prophet Mohammed. There is no doubt concerning the valor of Ali, he was a brave and courageous man. But does that satisfy Muslim myth makers? Ne'er! For instance, there is the legend about Ali's encounter with Marhab in the battle of Khaybar with all the curious details about the physique of Marhab. The historians have also written that Ali's sword cut him into two from the middle and Ali's sword flew so swiftly and slickly through Marhab's forehead cutting all the way to the saddle that when Ali pulled away his sword Marhab himself did not know what had happened (he thought the blow had gone amiss). He sneered at Ali, “Was that all of your swordsmanship?” Ali' said to him, “Just move yourself a bit and see.” As soon as Marhab made a movement, one half of his body fell on one side of the horse and the other on the other side! But myth makers do not stop their mythology at this point only, further they weave out fables which are in fact harmful for the faith.

It is said that God commanded angel Gabriel to go immediately to the earth lest Ali's sword when it comes down on Marhab should cut the earth into two halves. Angel Gabriel was told to shield the blow with his wings. Angel Gabriel went and when Ali struck the blow with his sword, it slashed Marhab into two halves which had they been put in a balance would have turned out to be exactly equal. However, one of angel Gabriel's wings suffered injury and he could not ascend to the heaven for forty days. When at last he arrived in Heaven, God asked him as to where he had been all these days. He replied, “O Lord! I was on earth. You had given me the assignment to go there.” He was asked why he had taken so much time to return. Angel Gabriel said, “O God, the blow of Ali's sword wounded my wings and I was busy bandaging and healing them all these forty days!” I do not want to comment, justify it yourself.

According to another fairy-tale, in the Battle of Siffin (in which, basically, it is not known whether Ali had participated or not, and even if he did he must have been a boy of fifteen years) he threw a man into the air, then another, and so on up to eighty men, and by the time the last one was thrown up the first one had not yet reached the ground. Then when the first one came down, he cut him into two halves, then the second and so on to the last man! Likewise, Muslim historian and scholars have totally distorted the battle and events of Karbala also, just full of lies and lulls, altering it and twisting it out of shape, making it ineffective and inconsequent.
This myth-making tendency has always been very active, but we must not leave a sacred document to the mercy of myth-makers. Unfortunately, in Muslim world what is right and true is not acted upon, and what is wrong and false is not forbidden; there lying is forgiven, forgery and fabrication are forgivable, any kind of sinful conduct is pardonable as the end it is most sacred! In such a scenario, a person like me should long to meet Lord as soon as possible!

Why only Husain’s martyrdom and ordeals should be commemorated every year? What is the reason underlying this Islamic ordinance? Why is there so much encouragement for an emphasis on visiting the shrine of Husain? Some Muslims believe that it is for the sake of consolation! But is it not ridiculous to imagine that someone should still need consolation after fourteen hundred years?
I can not keep myself silent and would categorically condemn the practice of fabricating, exaggerations of such legends, interpolations in the narratives of the history and the false beliefs of the falsifiers of the Muslims, and of the misinterpretations of the ignorant. Muharram is just a month of the Islamic calendar; it has not any concern with mourning or celebration.

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