Oh, Muslim world! I am your estranged Son

Oh, Muslim world! I am your estranged Son

I view you from afar – from the UK, with the naked eyes of a philosopher who was promoted and nurtured from childhood on traditional Islamic thought. Hence I am able and qualified to circumscribe your world through my knowledge and experience. 

And what do I see; I see and extrapolate you better than others, very precisely because I am a disgruntled part of your dark and musty society and antediluvian system. I see you in a state of disaster, sufferings, distorted by too much grimacing, total catastrophes viz near to complete apocalypse and that saddens me and creates a profound effect on me and makes my philosopher's judgment even harsher.  

Here in the UK, I can perceive, which you cannot feel or understand from your world, I can feel despise and contempt and aversion for you… And this provokes me to ask you; why has this loathsome monster of terrorism and extremism chosen you and not any other nation?  Why this monster has become your sole identity around the globe?  The answer is very bitter and offending, I will disclose and it will not make you happy but being a philosopher this is my responsibility.  
Unfortunately, you are responsible for giving birth to a lot of monsters with different names around the globe on the name of Islam. Some even worse monsters will emerge in future, as long as you refuse to acknowledge your malady and to finally decide to tackle the root of this evil.  

But as a matter of fact, what I witness that you are losing yourself and your honor. You are just shouting loudly; proclaim to the world, that Islam condemns barbarity. You are crying and earnestly entreating and beseeching civilized world and producing explanations, 'That's not Islam!' Merely denouncing terrorist barbarism is not enough and the world cannot condone it.  

This is absolutely not enough without realizing the truth, self-critically that the origin of YOUR grotesque terrorism and extremism which snatched your respect, peace and causing famishment in your 56 rotten, stinking hovel countries is within yourself; the devil emerged and nourished from your own wrong beliefs and practices.  

But you are satisfied with lies and you easily become indignant when any of your estranged sons persuades you to follow only truth rather than traditions. Instead of taking responsibility for your self-destruction by yourself, you accuse the West, USA, and Jews as enemies of Islam.  

Indeed, there is no esteem, deference or reverence and place for you in between civilized nations; because you are perpetually refusing to recognize and address your core problem that these BEHEMOTH monsters are part and by-product of your nasty Sharia, even your behavior and persona of irresoluteness and your contradictions are also due to your believe and practice of the vile Sharia; your Sharia has usurped and perverted your identity.  

Dear Muslims, what is admirable about you today? What do you still have that is worthy of the respect of the peoples and civilizations of the Earth? Have you lost your all your wise people, thinkers, and philosophers? Do you have any Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King? Do you still have something valuable and rational to offer the world instead of terrorism, extremism, plutocracy, oligarchy, kingship, corruption, usurpation, exploitation, oppression, injustice, persecution, torture, lynch-law, plunder, pillage and illegal encroachment? Do you have any idea who you are and where you want to proceed, why you are so unhappy, wimpy and aggressive? No, you are actually so weakened behind the self-assuredness that you always display and persist in not listening to those who call on you to change by finally freeing yourself from the dominion over all of life that you have granted to your so-called religion. How you will contribute to building the future of our planet in such a scenario? You are billions in the population of this planet and trust me without your sincere devotion, the dream to create a world more humane, is almost impossible, how you can abnegate your responsibility!  

Your point of decline and decay starts and you lost completely sublime beauty when you changed “DEEN Islam” into a new religion with the adulteration of ‘Sharia laws;’ where all the laws were invented by the greedy and hypocrite theologians and distorted by all those who manipulate it politically in the disguise and subterfuge with the old name of ‘Islam’ defined and called a system of life that must rule by tyranny from the state level up to personal life. Now Islam changed in a completely authoritarian, tyrannical, dogmatic, literalist, formalistic, macho, conservative, and regressive religion. No rhyme with liberty and no place for personal choice.  

Servitude and thralldom are implanted in you from such an early age that you are so sacred ... to the point where you have so internalized a culture of submission to tradition and to your masters viz so-called Imams, Muftis and Scholars. You can not dare and are not allowed to your own conscience to question, the question is a taboo in your damn Sharia. You just not only believe that Islam means 'submission' rather you desire to impose these erroneous beliefs on the entire planet! On the contrary, I challenge you and can prove that the Quran itself declares that there is no compulsion in religion. How can you betray your own sacred text? Lamentably, you persist in not listening to those who call on you to change by finally freeing yourself from the dominion over all of life that you have granted to man-made religion.

You also proclaimed and promulgated ‘Jews’ as your eternal relentless enemy.
You are not the enemy of Jews’ because they occupy your land; you certainly would be their enemy even if they had not occupied any piece of Arab land. Suppose, if they dissolve the state of Israel today and handover entire Palestine to you and leave Arab land forever; I assure you, you will continue cursing them. Because this is the part of your so-called Islamic nonsense beliefs viz as usual humbug of your Sharia. You are a foul-mouthed psychopath who has created a truly scary indelible antagonist forever. There is no solution for your problems; all proposals, conferences and entire international efforts are all a waste of time and vain endeavors. Even recognizing a Palestinian independent State by Israel will not bring any peace and tranquility to the Middle East, You will not mollify or placate on less than anything but to eliminate and subjugate Israel and Jews. 

You divided the world into two antagonistic Chunks: the Islamic world, and the infidel world. Where, the clash is natural, unavoidable and eternal because the forces of evil and forces of good are predestined to be at war. You have an unhealthy obsession that the West and Jews are after us, they want to destroy Muslims, Islam and our culture.
Furthermore, your evil womb is your inability to establish sustainable democracies in your countries, you do not recognize freedom of conscience, and you have chronic absurdities in improving women's status towards equality, respect and freedom; the inability to free political power from its control by religious authority; and the inability to establish respectful, tolerant and genuine recognition of religious pluralism and religious minorities.  

Finally, your religion imposes excruciating violence in every aspect of your life and confines you in the cage. Besides that, the denial of human rights and the denial of human freedom is also one of the evils from which you are suffering, it is one of those dark wombs in which your monsters grow and emerges in the form of violence – violence against women; violence against heretics, atheists, apostates; violence against Christians and other minorities; violence against thinkers. And Jihad is the worst stage of your violence which finally affects the whole planet including you also.  

And most recently, obscurantist of Wahhabism and Shiism is gnawing you with devouring passion, under the patronage of the butchering fascist mafias of Tehran and Riyadh. Completely fanatic religious archaism that is in fact regression towards 7th century; spread like cancer from your holy shits, Saudi Arabia and Qom, with the help of petrodollars. And apart of that, you are also corroded by indulging and dote of the venomous Western philosophy– the Nationalism.  

Are all these again the fault of the West, USA, and Israel; are all your above-mentioned flaws due to them? Oh my dear Muslims, how much more of your precious time will you lose in such childish, embarrassing and stupid accusations and continue to lie to yourself? The world is laughing at you; wake up, you are not living in the 6th or 7th century.  

If you are really interested and serious to know how to stop the birth of further monsters and miseries, I will tell you how, because I have geniture. It's simple that first stop bullshitting with yourself and then the difficult part that you should reform your entire education system by adopting only one education system for all and education which you give to your children from schools to universities. You must reform accordingly and follow the truth and the principles of nature. Shut down all Madrasa and all parallel education systems. Healthy human society cannot be based on contradictions in their education. Cultivate the culture of freedom of conscience, democracy, tolerance, human rights, gender equality, women's emancipation from all male sentinels, and a healthy culture of criticism. You do not have another choice, and you can do no less than this. If you can not do as I mentioned then you will be eradicated from the planet, this is the law of nature and no one can go against nature.  

Unfortunately, no one is willing to listen and ascertain me. The Muslim world is stagnating, and the West, they only listen to so-called their terrorism experts. Western intellectuals have difficulty to understand Muslims’ core problem and they are wasting time and efforts on just syndromes. They have so forgotten the good and evil power of religion. They completely forget that religion is the core issue in the entire human civilization.  

You both do not delude yourself, by illusions that by finishing off Islamist terrorists you will settle all problems relating to Islam.

Are you muttering terrible malisons? Feel free to send: islamvsislam@hotmail.com

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