Why I am my own best enemy!?

Why I am my own best enemy!?

My close buddies usually asked me why I am my own enemy by interfering in every issue. The answer is simple I only listen to my conscience and due to my little idiosyncrasy that I can not tolerate any kind of tyranny or oppression and religion and injustice are my pet aversion.

I do not ravage, violent or engage in vandalism; rather I just disclose the truth. I also respect the law and do not believe in harming anyone. I am slow to anger and when I finally get angry, I still control my sentiments and express my anger in a genteel and accomplished manner.

Either you are a rational moderate Muslim or a person of any other faith, instead of so-called especially Sunni Muslim, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan then every moment your life is at risk. Any traditional Pakistani Muslim could blame, shout and point at you that you have committed blasphemy; you have no chance of saving yourself as the Nazi collaborators did during the Second World War against the Jews. You inevitably would be beaten and tortured to death by a mob as a lynch law, in the presence of police. There would be no question of providing evidence or proof against you. You would be killed either by the mob or by the Pakistani so-called legal system. 

And now as usual again in a horrendous incident, a young Christian couple Shahzad Masih and his wife Shamah were first tortured and then burned alive by a group of angry 1,200-strong Muslims’ crowd in Pakistan’s Punjab province for allegedly desecrating the Quran.

Their four-year-old girl and her 18-month-old sister were forced to watch their pregnant mother 'twitch' in the flames accusing them of blasphemy; great lynch-law and street justice of Islamic Pakistan! Thank God, they did not burn the couple’s children. And as consistently in Pakistan, Police from the nearby Police station had reached there but did not intervene seeing the charged mob. This cold-blooded murder again highlighted the sensitivity of the issue of shameful blasphemy law of Pakistan.

Why does the Government of Pakistan not realize the repercussion of such tyranny and oppression? Why not announce such atrocity as a national disaster and called a national morn day? Where are Pakistan’s so-called political leaders and pious devout Mullahs, religious leaders? What happens to the conscience of this ill-fated and jinxed country and its masses? Where are Imran Khan and Tahir ul Qadri? Why is it that now they do not take street protests and bring masses out on this issue?

There is the worst record in Pakistan of not punishing the culprits. Rather they are enjoying police protection, escort, and no one dares to arrest or touch them. And even, if anyone ever arrested under some circumstances of international pressure but will be set free after a short time. On the other hand, on false allegations of blasphemy, Pakistani police and law enforcing agencies are putting innocent and helpless people behind bars, and courts awarding them death sentences, just travesty and parody of justice.     

Justice, equity and integrity are not possible in this country. What was the sin of the governor of Punjab, Salman Taseer? Why was he killed and by whom he was killed and why assassin Malik Qadri has not prosecuted until now? Please check thoroughly that in the entire history of Pakistan how many criminals were prosecuted and punished. Every day 10 to 20 innocent people are killed like insects and aphids in Pakistan, has anyone ever been prosecuted?

Apart of the layman, murderers of well-known personalities of Pakistan like Hakim Muhammad Saeed, a medical researcher, scholar and a former governor of Sindh and even Prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto were never punished in this country. How can we then expect justice for a common person? How shameful is the condition of this country where even a single responsible person of “Dhaka Fall” was never prosecuted?

Lamentably, every satanic and evil deed is happening and committing on the name of Islam and by Muslims and whenever I pointed out, protest and scrutinize the scenario, the Islamic apologists frantically produce excuses in their defense that ‘This is not according to Islam, This has nothing to do with REAL ISLAM and nowhere does Islam command one to do so.”

Then let me know whether Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Saudi Arabia’s political and social fallacies has nothing to do with real Islam? Taliban's destruction of Buddhist antiquities has nothing to do with real Islam? Murders of Polio vaccinators by Islamic extremists of Pakistan have nothing to do with real Islam? The sectarian violence in Pakistan between Sunni and Shiite and all other sects and denominations has nothing to do with real Islam? Genocide and forcible conversion of helpless Christians, Ahmadis, and Hindus in Pakistan and other Muslim countries has nothing to do with real Islam? Bomb blasts in Mosques of Pakistan and Iraq have nothing to do with real Islam? The aversion and antipathy of the Saudi so-called Muslim government to not allow women to drive has nothing to do with real Islam? The practice of female genital mutilation by Muslims has nothing to do with real Islam? Forced sex with helpless young housemaids in Saudi Arabia and oil-rich Arab states has nothing to do with real Islam? Oppression, decapitation, inequality and honor killings in Pakistan and all over so-called Muslim world comprising of 56 countries have nothing to do with real Islam???????????!!!!!!!!!

Oh! For heaven's sake, please let me know if this is not Islam, then what is Islam, where is it followed, and who are following it in all over Muslims’ history?

As a matter of fact, shortly after the death of the Prophet of Islam, Muslims splintered into various sects, with each group claiming that they were the only ones who retained the true message of Islam. The unfortunate truth is that none of them had followed the message and teachings of the Quran, abandoning it for the message and opinions of their so-called greedy and biased scholars and ignorant haughty and arrogant leaders.

The Muslim world has created a fortress around its ignorance and since fourteen hundred years this fortress has been being strengthened in every way possible by the implant of Sharia, Hadith, and Fiqah etc.

Literally, Muslims never think or question their vainglorious Mullahs and Clergies about such heinous crimes on the name of Islam because they never feel the need to do so. They assume whatever they have learned from parents or in Madrassas are unquestionable. Usually, all healthy brains have a tendency to question, then why do Muslims not think and question? Unfortunately they can not question, they are mutilated and debilitated because from day one, purely from a religious and spiritual point of view, artificial insemination of Islamic Sharia-based education destroys intelligence of a Muslim child which is based on lies, hatred and false stories, compelling them for blind obedience, suppressing their questions, discouraging their creativity, innovation and avoiding exposure, excessive importance to rituals and encouraging religious ignorance and dogmatic acceptance.

I personally consider that the slaughtering in the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan is supported by the country's obnoxious and horrendous blasphemy law and any civilized society cannot tolerate mob rule and public lynching with impunity, this is only possible in Sharia laden societies.

I also strongly believe that statements of Pakistani government on such incidents are nothing but parroted rubbish and crocodile’s tears; rather it is a state-sponsored crime in Pakistan. Pakistan's notorious blasphemy laws are a license to kill without any fear and were subject to widespread abuse frequently invoked to settle a personal vendetta. These blasphemy laws are only legislated to target religious minorities.

Finally, I would vehemently advocate and appeal to the Europe and U.S.A. (the custodian of Human Rights, Liberty, and Freedom of Speech and Expression) that there should be not any kind of aid or cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a major culprit in the world of persecuting and treating in cruel and unfair means women, Christians, Hindus,  Ahmadis and even moderate and liberal Muslims by the means of the notorious blasphemy law; denying the freedom of speech and conscience, where Islamic extremists are free for vandalism and lynch-law under the state patronage; Police, all law enforcing agencies and so-called judiciary are just spectator and bystanders.  All aids should be attached with the condition of complete rescind of the heinous blasphemy law.

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