A Lost War!

A Lost War!

Since 9/11 we are engaged in fighting against a zillion terrorist and extremist groups around the world. Apart of military confrontations, we are offering financial rewards, freezing their bank accounts, shutting down their propaganda-disseminating media outlets, targeting, arresting and detaining their major leaders, we are still losing whereas their ideology continued unabated; because we are continuing to denying that this war must fight on the ideological level too.

To understand their mindset, their goals, their dreams, their nature, we have to consider the seriousness of their commitment, traditional Islamic scripture, their orthodox exegesis and the citation of canonical Sharia jurisprudence regarding their actions.

We are failed to understand the influence of this tiny minority of extremists when in reality the imposition of Sharia law the stated reason d’ĂȘtre of jihadist groups everywhere is supported by substantial percentages of Muslim populations throughout the Muslim world.

We are committing a fatal mistake by ignoring the minds of Islamists and prefer to see them as aberrations. This is admittedly easy enough to do, with beheadings, forced conversions, sexual slavery, and suicide bombings. These things seem incongruous to us, but they are not aberrations. They are the acts of real people with a different, but equally real, world-view. Viewing the enemy as a mere ‘aberration’ does not lead to victory. I do not know anything about my enemy and I am dreaming to win the war, mere insanity; perish the thought!

We should understand that Al-Qaeda, ISIS and all other terrorists are a by-product of a sham ideology, which is a source of inspiration, energy, and the reason why tens of thousands of our youths are joining them and willing to die.

Even if we manage to kill Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, Abu Muhammad Al-Joulani like Bin Laden and the thousands of terrorists, I assure you, they will emerge somewhere else again under a new slogan. Ayatollah Khomeini of Iran and Juhayman Al-Otaybi who occupied the Grand Mosque in Mecca in 1979 were the old slogan; they were passed, but the ideology which infected them is continued!

Although extremism is an infectious disease there is a virus responsible for it, which spreads all over the Muslim countries, and now in Muslim minorities of Europe too; we must fight the virus. Unfortunately, most of its victims are Muslims. Therefore, the biggest and first responsibility is on the Muslim countries and their intellectuals.

I am certain that the extremist thought could end, provided its sources of education and funding eliminated. However, Muslims are still refusing to admit the problem of extremism which lies within it because they are fighting against extremism on security level only. And this is the reason that if their forces kill one of them, a ten more of them are born.

Remember, this is an ideological war and must be won on an ideological level!

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