Brain Drain!

Brain Drain! 

A good character is the possession of power over oneself, a direction towards peace and tranquility while loose or no character is an aimless whirl, a trap of evil desires.

I have implicit trust in the true impression about Muslims, that from a layman’s level to elite class they have no character in any aspect of their life. And this malady is widespread all over of the Muslim world. This lack of strong character (which is vital for life) produces a social imbalance in Muslim societies and leads ultimately to decline and disintegration. Prominent manifestations of an anemic and debilitated character are bribery, corruption, extortion, exploitation, malpractice, and malfeasance, etc; and all of these evils are by-products of Sharia. Without any ambiguity, these all are engraved in and are a part of the Muslims’ modus operandi.

There are still many sagacious and shrewd Muslims in 56 Muslim countries who are good for valuable insights and sapient advice. They favor a shift to a more contemporary and streamlined way of thinking. But they cannot openly promulgate their thoughts for fear of reprisals and even execution. There are faithful Muslims who see a desperate need for a valid reinterpretation of their religion.

Unfortunately, such Muslims can use their fundamental freedom of thought and speak only in the West to write, network and debate their thoughts about the fundamentalist interpretation of Islam by the radical extremists, orthodox clerics and extremist supporters of murder and destruction. 

Now I want to talk about Pakistan that even in such odious and execrable scenario there are some people of good spirit and character in Pakistan, but their voice is being suppressed in the cacophony of the loose character majority of the country. The outspoken Dean of Islamic Studies Faculty at the University of Karachi, scholar, and professor Dr. Muhammad Shakil Auj was one of them slain on Thursday 18th September 2014.

Also in September, in a similar scenario, another intellectual Dr. Masood Baig was targeted and killed in the same Ghost city of Karachi.

Blunt and forthright liberal scholar Javed Ghamdi also fled from Pakistan to save his life.

The author of 77 research papers and 15 books, Dr. Muhammad Shakil Auj had no political enthusiasms, was not a prominent member of any sect or ethnic group and had no business entanglements that might attract hostile attention. He was just an outspoken liberal scholar. Although he was a staunch advocate of tolerance meantime also advocated capital punishment for criminals, above all, terrorists. He sincerely believed it would prove an effective deterrent, bemoaning the fact that scarcely any terrorists have been prosecuted in Pakistan.

In Pakistani terrified environment and modus operandi of “Speak Up Get Shoot,” such remarks envelop everything against around him. I strongly believe that he has served best in the dissemination of true meaning of Islamic teachings and the role of Tolerance which is vital in a healthy, flourishing and fearless society.

As a routine in Pakistan, his own radical colleagues began a covert campaign against him that began with bogus allegations and culminated in death threats, being accused of blasphemy. According to the Karachi police there had been a fatwa (Judicial verdict) issued against him that spread through text massaging. Dr. also received menacing text messages threatening that his head would be severed from his neck. Four men were arrested, including his predecessor as Dean, but were later released on bail.

As a norm in Pakistan, people strongly oppose and punish independent thought or lifestyle.  Personal opinions that conflict with the masses, is looked down at and branded ‘Anti Islamic, immoral filth.’ 

In the Muslims’ heaven Pakistan, vaguely worded blasphemy laws have been used to settle a personal vendetta and persecute religious minorities. Mere suggestions about Prophet Mohammed, his companions, any so-called scared personality or so-called Muslim Imams that have been construed as defamed, can be lethal. Such is the sensitivity around the subject that once an allegation is made, there is no means of defending.

Law enforcement agencies including Police and Judiciary all are completely corrupted, venal, biased and radicalized hence mob pressure leads the police to take the accused into custody, from where they may never emerge. If any judges acquit any accused blasphemer then the real true Muslims, the champions of Islam, take law into their own hands; now he has to face the lynch law on the name of Islam. The assassination of the Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer and the Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti are vivid examples of this lynch law.

In another case, former Pakistani pop singer Junaid Jamshed is also facing blasphemy charges. He is hiding in London, begging for forgiveness.

He was caught on camera while allegedly making derogatory remarks about the Prophet Mohammed’s wife Ayesha as an “attention seeker.” The video of Jamshed’s remarks went viral and prompted hundreds of people to protest and call for his arrest for hurting religious sentiments of Muslims.

Although distraught Junaid issued a public apology in which he admitted his mistake and pleaded for forgiveness. But Islamic Sharia law does not stipulate forgiveness for blasphemers, only their punishment. And so the Islamic hard line that Jamshed has so assiduously preached is now being turned against him. It is obvious in the Islamophobic environment of Pakistan that his abject groveling could not save his life if he returned to Pakistan.

The true contractor of Islam, chief of the Pakistan Sunni Tehreek organisation, Sarwat Ijaz Qadri, rejected his public apology (I do not know who gives to Mullah and their associates this authority to accept or reject; this is the irrefutable proof of judicial and law and order total failure) that he does not deserve to be forgiven for his profaning remarks. He demanded his immediate arrest and trial under the blasphemy laws.

Islamic hardliners are also organizing rallies across Pakistan, demanding his arrest and prosecution. The Police have started blasphemy investigation against him and so-called Islamic authorities issued a fatwa (religious verdict) which results in the death sentence.

In November, Bollywood actress Veena Malik and her husband Asad Bashir Khan Khattak, Geo TV owner Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman and TV host, Shaista Lodhi got 26 years of imprisonment for blasphemy over a controversial morning show, which was aired on May 14th.

As a matter of fact, Veena was caught dancing with her husband while a group of Sufi musicians sang a devotional song about the wedding of the Prophet’s daughter. That was it. I think twenty-six years of imprisonment is not enough for such of heinous crime!!! Apparently, because she was dancing while a devotional song was being sung.

Veena Malik has a higher-profile than Asia Bibi and other victims of Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws. Maybe this will finally lead to an international outcry sufficient to get them repealed.

As a conclusion, you can not enjoy the freedom of thought and speech in this medieval country. Day by day and layer by layer Pakistan is advancing towards a complete collapse, a bleak future, abject failure! Total anarchy and lawlessness!! 

In this scenario, there is brain drain as intellectuals are fleeing from the country and whoever chose to remain in this country would either be the helpless masses, greedy Mullahs or the so-called snollygoster and sybarite politicians cum landlords and their true master “The Pakistan Army.”

Even God is entirely confused about what is happening in the Muslim world and especially in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, complete paradoxical embolism that on one hand they are claiming they are in war-on-terror but in the meantime God witnessed that internationally declared terrorists are free in Pakistan to do whatsoever they want, without any impunity under the kind patronage of Pakistan Army. Allah is still bewildered by the fact that, why the world’s seventh largest army is compelled to shelter such nasty gangsters? 

But no need to worry, there will not be any vitiated impact on us. On the contrary, through this barbarity, we are getting only unadulterated, boorish, aggressive, uncouth namely authentic Muslims as long as the impure and filthy population of Pakistan is evanesced by fleeing or through lynch law. According to our most scared Sharia, this is a brief list of the defiled population:
1.      All moderate and secular Muslims.
2.    All Shiite Muslims. 
3.    All Ahmadis or Qadianis. 
4.    All Hindus and Sikhs. 
5.      All Christians. 
6.    Apart of that, anyone who believes in Liberal Views, Virtue, Decency, Reasoning, Logic, Human Rights, Freedom of Opinion and speech, Philosophy, Arts, and Creative Science. 
7.     And above all, anyone who disagrees with our Sharia laws; would face lynch law or leave our scared country.  
On the completion of this process, we will welcome the internationally declared terrorists and extremists to roam and flourish here, Notorious Dons and Mafias will be sheltered. No need to worry about the civilized world because we have WMD and launching capability around the globe. And above all, we are the warriors of God, who not hesitate even to massacre our own children!

As a matter of fact, we are living through ferocious times. Stories about the radical Muslims and extremists abound in the media, in what has now become a daily round of killings, suicide bombings, and general mayhem from Indonesia to Mali, in all over the Muslim world. It seems that wherever there is a Muslim country, there is extreme violence.

We must learn to speak the truth and break the grasp of the quandary. We do not have the leisure to wait or nod in acceptance until they knock our doors and further disservice us. It is time that not only active jihadists, but their ideological sponsors are also eradicated. Besides that, classical and modern interpretations of Islam, be discussed openly before they do more harm to us; Islam has remained frozen ever since. 
Western rationalism, ethics, and standards of peace and justice need to remain, or the world we know could be trampled underfoot by Muslim extremists who prefer death than co-existence and promote fundamentalism than tolerance.

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