Mindless Travesty to Justice

Mindless Travesty to Justice

Ingeniousness of tyranny in Pakistan is admirable that anti-terrorism court in Islamabad had granted bail to Zakiur Rehman Lakhvi, the accused mastermind behind the heinous 26/11 massacre of Mumbai. He was one of the seven people charged with planning and helping to carry out the Mumbai terror attack that killed 166 people. Over 250 bodies rolled in their graves and unhealed wounds started bleeding again.

What an irony, this ominous decision was made by the so-called Judiciary of Pakistan when the whole Pakistani nation was mourning the massacre of innocent school children of Peshawar.

What a travesty of justice, Pakistan itself had acknowledged that the attacks were planned and masterminded by individuals based in this country and despite India providing sufficient pieces of evidence to the court to incarcerate the accused but the trials were not manipulated with a seriousness of purpose and strategy. All over the period, this trial has ensnared in dilemma, adjournments, and limbo, over and all only pretext. Is justice too high a demand by dead and alive? Heaps of corpses are awaiting justice. Pakistani myopic refusal to act according to justice would undoubtedly cause a catastrophe in the future.

As I said earlier, The funniest thing about the Muslim’s idiosyncrasy is that nobody is really honest about what they look like or pretend; due to this particular attitude whole, Muslims have become compulsive and congenital liars.  
As a grim truth, Pakistan stood as a helpless spectator while Taliban (who are hell-bent to turn the Pakistan into a theocratic state) entered in school and massacred innocent children as a necessity of their ‘holy war,’ on the name of Islam, which based on the teaching of ‘blood for blood,’ the notorious ideology which penetrated in the hearts of the terrorists from the cradled and infancy. Even so-called Pakistani government and Army became maudlin on this occasion, started crying like a child and reacted sentimentally, vowed revenge and ordered the Army to avenge the deaths of the children. No, do not vow for revenge, vengeance or reprisal, this is entirely uncivilized and medieval approach; only "JUSTICE," the only one correct reaction and civilized approach, Justice.
With all due respect, I would like to ask a simple logical question to Pakistan; is the massacre and terrorism in India different from the bloodbath, butchery, massacre, death, holocaust, and slaughter in Pakistan? Are the lives and blood of Hindu or Christian cheaper than Muslim? The loss of innocent and impeccable human beings in India is a mere statistic and in Pakistan catastrophe? Is this your Islam’s vaunted teachings of justice? Disgusting, Shame upon you!

Can the pain, blood, and anguish of humans anywhere on this planet be differentiated and categorized by religion, caste, creed, and color of skin or mere boundaries are drawn on this planet? This planet was bestowed by God to the human race to live peacefully like a family but due to human greed, shortsightedness, and pseudo-passion, they divided it by imaginary lines? The souls of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians do not live according to your drawn geographical boundaries; they exist in a place where countries and religion do not exist and have no meaning.

I should appreciate the stand and behavior of ordinary Indian citizens who stood by Pakistan in this holocaust, showing solidarity in every possible manner. Indians are not demanding any abnormal or much, just for a fair trial.

Pakistan should stop odious practices and stand up for justice without differentiating in good or bad terrorists, (Taliban who is fighting against the American and the Afghan Armies are the “Good Taliban,” and those fighting with Pakistan Army are the "Bad Taliban.”) otherwise there will be no end to terror. If Pakistan continues to support killer wolfs then they will kill their own as well as others innocent civilians. Pakistan’s so-called leadership must realize that in the Mumbai terror attack trial, Pakistan is also on trial.
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