Who Is Responsible for Peshawar Massacre ???

Who Is Responsible for Peshawar Massacre ???

Although I managed to console myself and control my emotions I would confess that 16th December 2014 was the most difficult day of my life. I was going to collapse after I heard the horrible news of Peshawar school carnage and massacre of the innocents; the softest, vulnerable and most obvious target of the lustful Allah’s warriors. The Pakistani Taliban immediately claimed responsibility.

This is totally loathsome and despicable. Terrorists indeed do not belong to the human race. They are reprehensible thugs, murderers, and barbaric swine; even wild animals do not behave like these radicalized fanatics. The sooner we can obliterate the putrid terrorists from the planet, the better it will be.

What a debacle, throughout the history of human civilization, humans have been hated, plundered, tortured, killed and have waged war in the name of the God of peace, compassion, and mercy. Not even a single religion is exempted from such heinous crimes. Sharia laden Islam is latest but not last. As a matter of fact, fighting against Islamism and Sharia is the most pro-Muslim action to promote freedom for Muslims in the world.

Recently at least 15 children and 10 adults were killed in Al-Qaeda bomb attacks in Yemen and the same scene again, just a different location and day. Slaughtering small kids is nothing wrong in Islamists ideology; they use them as fodder for suicide bombing too.

Despite ambivalent feelings towards Pakistan and Muslims due to their hypocrisy and dissimulation, but being a human being, I felt the pain as if all of them were my own children, for distraught parents as my own family. I am compelled to yell that all radical Muslims around the planet is infected with a disease of shingle or herpes zoster, slowly destroying and rotting their senses especially ‘Mind.’ There no base to the pit of depravity that they wallow in. Barbarism is so ingrained in their psyche and blood that they can not shake themselves out of that penitentiary.

I want to ask all the Muslims; does Islam allow this kind of barbarity to behead children and to burn their teachers alive while forcing the pupils to watch?

Stop producing lame excuses and absurd lengthy explanations, I am outspoken in my beliefs; Yes, Sharia laden Islam does allow every kind of barbarity including the recent ones and if anyone does not believe or accept this bloody version of Islam then construed as being anti-Islamic; then you will be either an apostate or agent of the West. Contemporary bizarre radical Islam and terrorism are associated with each other, based on the ideology to force this ugly version of Islam on everyone without any distinction, by devoted Muslims. Tortured, massacred, hang on hooks to slaughtered humans are the simple and basic means to glorify terrorism by Islamic extremists who are hell-bent on world domination.

Wrongheaded Muslims should understand and admit that terror and violence or more pointedly, unmitigated horror is the part of their damn holy Sharia. Imperious Sharia is a stone-age culture that controls your relations, your thoughts, even your imagination, and your dreams. Sharia infected culture does not allow you even to think differently; it is a culture that pocks its nose in all of your matters. There is no sense of human rights, killing of infidels and pagans is statutory, and oppressing minorities is a norm.

As a matter of fact, the main complication with Sharia version of Islam is that it is very rigid in how it looks at others. Being a devotee or follower of Sharia you cannot accommodate to love the rest of the world. Sharia and peace with the world, which consist of moderate Muslims, infidels, and pagans in it, can not harmonize with each other.

Lamentably, you can not make peace between Muslims and the rest of the world at the same time. I am not a mealy-mouthed writer and thinker and I am not any more terrorized by fear of offending Muslim sensitivities, hence I would say that it is mere self-deception to consider about Sharia devoted Muslims that they can love the rest of the world.

Even if you are a born Muslim you are not allowed to leave Islam or criticize Islam or so-called Islamic government or rulers, sully the reputation of their so-called scared faith. A Muslim who turns away from Islam or converts to another religion or embraces ideas of freedom and tolerance would be an apostate; apart from the Muslim state even any devotee Muslim could kill you and your murder would be LEGITIMATE. A Muslim is not allowed healing from the cancer of Sharia, all over his life.

Incontrovertibly Peshawar incident falls in the category of terrorism and extremism. But, there are certainly other things that are extreme too. And what do all these extreme things have in common? They are all according to the Islamic Sharia; I can not afford to obfuscate this issue. So what we need to do here is to be able to measure not just killings of innocent children and their pedagogues, but all forms of radical ideas. In other words, we need to understand the nature of Islamic Sharia.   
We do not only have to fight terrorists to counter this menace; rather we have to fight with all tyrant theocrats who exploit religion for political gains. Although this is a tiny minority it is a dominating minority. War on Terror does not have any meaning until we do not formulate it in War on Theocrats in a holistic manner together with the military, social, and political methods. I would categorically not only condemn theocrats and theocracy rather scorn them for being very much like the tyrant pharaohs; they do not have any place in this century.    

Unfortunately, due to high illiteracy rates and low education standards in the Muslim world, they can not understand my premise. They definitely fall prey to their avaricious and rapacious Clerics and Mullahs who are just followers of the beaten path, hell-bent on world domination.
After these prolegomena, come to the actual question again:
There is no doubt; it is a massacre of the innocent children like cherub by the hands of Islamic fanatics. But Pakistani Military cum Inter-Services Intelligence ‘ISI’ and their two entourage partners viz entirely corrupted frustrating political elite who deliver only speeches without follow-through and lascivious cum covetous Mullah; this inauspicious triangle is equally responsible for this carnage and also what-so-ever is happening in Pakistan, since 1947. It is hard to not feel contempt for Pakistan Army and Mullah who allow this to continue unabated. What I am assured now, this country teetering on the brink of civil war.
Pakistan could have gotten rid of the terrorist groups a long time ago had they only wanted to. But since ages under the patronage of Pakistani army and ISI, numerous terrorist organizations are flourishing and thriving. They are cosseting and pampering almost 48 terrorist groups including the Taliban. Pakistan Army has given succor and strength to evils in their own interests and now they are damaging and hurting their masters.

After decades of supporting and backing up, while spewing hate at the West and India for opposing terrorism they now want to address terrorism! They should have done it a long time ago. How many billions in funded have been dumped in Pakistan to deal with this menace since decades, and they did nothing, no eagerness to rat on terrorists? It’s the Army’s hypocrisy that is absurd; who transformed Pakistan into a rotten, putrefied and overflowing cesspit.

They do not bother at all while these terrorists were killing innocents in Afghanistan and Kashmir. But when these monster pythons gulp down their own innocent children, they suddenly and amazingly changed their tune. Now they are insisting on “Good” and “Bad” Taliban; unfortunately, they are still justifying and mollycoddling the former.

 I still remember hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 in December 1999 and Army dictator’s role and how top listed terrorist Maulana Masood Azhar was freed in exchange for passengers. And most recently, according to the Pakistani press Saudis were buying weapons from the Pakistan Army to send to their rebel friends in Syria.
All of the above mentioned, are equally complicit in this carnage of angles by super Mominen viz pure Muslims, in an only one Nuclear power Muslim country. Allah will reward you for your kind support to your beloved terrorists and all Muslims are assuaged by the blood of our innocent and defenseless children. Watch in delight as our children and their teachers are killed and maimed. Fill the mosques, and odious madrassas with the faithful and glorify these devoted servants of Allah, Allah be praised.

From the point of view of any sane human, it is an atrocity but jihadists are celebrating it as a victory for Islam and the global jihad as Muslims’ conflict consumes and engulfed the world.

Pakistan army is going to be very disturbed and furious by all this and now may wish for revenge after this barbarity. Now their beloved Taliban and all their associates are banging in their own homes and slaughtering their own helpless innocent children. All in all, this sudden new air of anti-terrorist rhetoric gripping the country is actually temporary, to overcome the sheer horror of the Peshawar carnage.

Although now Pakistan Army MAY hate the Taliban –, they still need them to use as allies — as “strategic assets” against “enemies” like India — to launching an uncompromising offensive against them. Pakistan’s Army will never allow and resist all Indian attempts to get influence in Afghanistan or sabotage Pakistani interests in Afghanistan on any cost. To counter India, they permanently need their services!

This historical and real friendship between the Pakistan Army, Inter-Services Intelligence and terrorists is standing on common ground and ideology and can not seize old loyalties so easily. After knowing the dates of the American withdrawal in Afghanistan, now Taliban wishes to extend their power in Pakistan.
Unfortunately, the Taliban and all other terrorist organizations are becoming greatly audacious with the extension of Islamist's over-whelming prevalence in the Middle East and Africa. Taliban and their partisans wish to extend their power, prevalence, and domination in Pakistan and it is becoming harder to end this medieval savagery. Pakistan Army now stuck in a quagmire, in a terrifying equation.

It is worth repeating: this decade's long insurgency in Pakistan costing thousands of innocents’ lives by the hands of these terrorist organizations, and notwithstanding they continue to expand their terrorism across the country, but all hapless Pakistani impotent governments never declared or designated them as terrorist organizations!
And there appears to be no effective political counterweight that can put Pakistan on a course to mount a counter-offensive against these monsters’ savagery, viciousness, and wantonness. So far, even Pakistan Army has been unable (or reluctant) to mount any substantive opposition to their effrontery and temerity.  
Apart to mask the problem, Washington and Europe are also asleep at the wheel; they do not realize that the loss of Pakistan to Jihadists would jeopardize the whole region.   

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