Savage Khilafat!

Muslims’ desire to restore the Savage Khilafat!

Today, illiterate and ignorant masses of radical Muslims applaud that the Khilafat is about to return by the ISIS as if the days of the Khilafat were golden days! The days of the Khilafat were all dark times of eroticized violence, savage justice from Umayyad Khilafat to the Ottoman Khilafat; floggings, stoning, beheadings, and amputations, executing homosexuals, gender apartheid and the merciless treatment of slaves.

And today’s self-proclaimed Khilafat is just repeating the same by kidnappings infidel women and children, sex slavery, crucifying and beheading of the infidel. They are fighting for greed, lust and to build up and sustain their power, rather fight for values and morals. How do such abhorrent and heinous crimes conform to a healthy and acceptable faith?

Coercion, duress, and intimidation are the basic ideology of Khilafat and Islamist movements around the world. Radical illusionist Muslims considers that they have to implement divine laws for mankind. And punish on the behalf of God those who fail to comply with such laws. In doing so, they do not claim to be seeking power for themselves but merely trying to make the world more hallowed and sublime.

But as a ground reality, Khilafat is a society in which masses lose their ability– rational or instinctive– to distinguish between worthwhile and grisly cum gruesome and finally, such squalid society becomes a curse to all humanity. No relations between human beings in such sick societies could be anything but oppressive and exploitive.

There are many radical Muslims who longing and craving for complete adherence with the past but there are also tiny liberals and modernists in Muslims who believe and striving in defending and fighting for opinions and ways that are devoid of the correct Islamic concepts that can guide them in the right direction.

The official parallels and replicas of Islamic Khilafat are still available with fudging and fence-sitting in Muslim countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Sudan, UAE, and Yemen, with the growth of religious intolerance and the spread of sectarian-related conflicts. Outwardly and ostensibly ISIS is more brutal than these countries but this is an undeniable fact that these so-called Islamic countries also share ISIS’s ideology and approach of compulsion in religion. Inhuman and frightening corporal torture is also common and legitimate there on the name of God. Apostasy is a fatal crime and the death penalty is a minor and a common official justified punishment. So they are on the same ground, avouching the superiority of Islam and the legality of religious discrimination.

Regrettably, these countries’ behavior and policy come with the open consent of the West and USA. Due to their double standards and consensual complicity, they are also partners in their crimes against humanity; they must deal with it with full transparency.

Although freedom of belief and speech is an internationally accepted fundamental right, it is still far from becoming established in the so-called Muslim world; and this is true in the case of both Muslim government and society. Discrimination is not only acceptable, but the right thing to do against people of the so-called erroneous faith, and against those who hold unorthodox views.

What is bizarre is that these radical extremists who accuse their opponents of heresy and of apostasy acknowledge neither the apathy of their own perception and ideas nor the inadequacy of their Sharia laws, and thus do not realize that what they are persuading will only inflict suffering and torment on the entire planet and Muslims are the first victims.

How lethal are these contractors of Islam who accused others of apostasy, heresy and of deviation from the right path, There is nobody to condemn them and no authority to hold and punish them? Rather, they received respect and admiration, and full access to plant in the minds of our young generation that who has gone astray and that one is an apostate, infidel and who is neglecting tenets of Islam.

Lamentably, most of the Muslims’ greatest unscrupulous clerics of past and present are ideologically identical. They evangelized the exegesis of parochialism and principles of Islam in a serpentine and contorted manner that makes things incomprehensible, inconsequential, vague and distorted, and preserve things that negate Islam.

Mullahs educating their students with grotesque distortion of the facts while learning all preposterous whimsical fairy-tales by heart; crams his pupil without any understanding. These tales have besotted in cramming minds with fear and superstition and with venomous thought and chimera that they are entitled to rule and responsible to bring the apostates and infidels to the punishments of God and by doing so, they will restore the glory and splendor of Islam. These are all chains of the past but they howl and claim loudly, “their so-called Islam is compatible with every time and every place!”

These diabolic Muslim radical gangs have granted themselves the right to imbrue, seduce and entice minds, although they do not have any inkling or comprehend to realize the situation of the Muslims and the dangers they are facing. In other words, they are not capable to adapt, brace and manipulate today's factuality, materiality, realities, and challenges.

I do not extrapolate and deduce that why our past must control our present and curb our future as well!!! What I discerned and concluded is that in the past first Muslim generation changed their perception, and brought about their transition from the caliginous atmosphere into the radiance and luminous future. Their situation really improved when they changed their parameters.

First Muslim generation was not insisting for conserving or maintaining the legacy and patrimony of their primogenitors' and the interpretations and perceptions of their previous ancestors, but rather the complete antipodal. They entirely relinquished the steps of visionless devotion; their faculty of brain started to work after it was rusted and withered for thousands of years. Now their eyes were opened to distinguish what they had not done before.

Literally and explicitly the same, I want to encourage and appeal to all Muslims of my era to abdicate the steps of visionless devotion and recognize reality as it is and broaden your horizons. Emerge with momentum towards the horizons of the bright future; future for our next generations along with whole human beings with an open-minded and civilized manner.

Muslims should concede that their past edition contains things that are not appropriate with our time and they desperately need a superseded edition.

As a matter of fact, the Islam of today or in the epoch of the Khilafat cannot be compared with that of the days of the first Muslim generation. The Islam of that period was completely different. It was an Islam free from encumbrance by the muck and filth of the books of tradition, Fiqah, Hadith, Imams and over-the-top, filthy Sharia; the real smut.

Western civilization also experienced the same scenario of religious failure and disintegration. After the centuries of sacrifices, finally West became fully aware and able to distinguish between decayed religion and scientific intelligence and awareness. Then without any hesitation and further delay, they successfully managed a farewell of distorted beliefs and cults those were not capable, pertinent and applicable for every time.

By the stroke of bad luck, Muslim societies are awash with radical extremists, preventing enlightenment from advancing and to embellish and streamline present and future of the Muslims’. Anyone who dares to resist and points out their gaffe, logically, or anyone who suggests a wise opinion that they eager to covered up and ignored because it contradicts their doctrine and dogma; it is attributed as a deviation from the righteous trail and is repugnant in their so-called vogue Islam. Finally is accused of being apostasy and heresy; disparage with a “tailored made” accusation!

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