Muslims’ Rigid Defense Mechanism!

Muslims’ Rigid Defense Mechanism!

Although I am aware, “who will listen to the counsel of sanity in this insane world?” But I will continue to deliver my message!

As a matter of fact, almost all worthy-considering religions and cultures altered, enlightened and changed in democratic societies with the advancement of science. Unfortunately, Muslims prefer to live by brutal and backward traditions and values of the primitive and medieval dark era; with criminal and inhumane laws and traditions on the name of Islam, traced all the way back to the desert tribes of Pagan Arabia.

The non-Muslim chunk of our planet is dramatically advancing in science and technology. Creating the most humane, rich and free societies in the entire humane history; the so-called Muslim chunk contributes nothing but is very busy in extremism, terrorism, amputating limbs for theft and chopping necks on the name of God; lapidating adulterers and homosexuals for adultery, denying human rights, free speech, and democratic values. Every day we look at the savage violence that is a daily occurrence in the Muslim world. How is this possible?  How can this be?  How can human behavior and culture be so grotesquely and heinously different?  Is this difference attributable to nothing more than environmental nurture theory?  

I delved and rummaged all possible sources and tried to understand the reasons and factors behind such stubborn behavior and the taut knot of Muslim brain and over the top defense mechanisms which successfully kept them in medieval era as the prisoner of time. Prevent them from being influenced by non-Muslim values.

Here are my findings!    

Ø     Mammals, most other animals, and higher plants as well, have evolved mechanisms to avoid inbreeding of any sort. Even fruit-flies apparently have a sensing mechanism to avoid too close of inbreeding, even in a closed population they maintain more genetic diversity than they ought to by random mating.
Most primate animals like lions and dogs drive-out young males out of the pack so as to prevent them from randomly mating with female siblings. Generally, humans have also very strong anathema against mating with closed relatives; this is a transcendent anthropological fact. When a male and female marry together who carry so many similar genetic alleles, the chance of an undesirable recessive trait expressing itself in their offspring soars.

 There is a well studied, although only partially understood the phenomenon called inbreeding depression. Inbreeding depression encompasses a wide variety of physical and mental health defects.

The massive inbreeding viz consanguineous (first cousin) marriages in the Muslim world have been going on for 50 generations and have done virtually irreversible damage; extensive damage to its intelligence, sanity, and health. As a direct result, the Muslim population is mentally developmentally disabled on a mass scale; resulting in aberrant, abusive, deviant and shockingly inhumane behavior, yielding the fruit of bad harvest for nearly 1,400 years. 

Most of all Muslims on this planet are inbred. Only in Pakistan, the numbers of Genetic disorder approach above 70% and the numbers are equally devastating in 56 Muslim countries. And as a corollary to that produce the ability to enjoy and produce knowledge and abstract thinking is simply lower in the Islamic world

Closer blood relative marriages have a higher risk of schizophrenic illness and the first and biggest victims of this scenario are Muslims themselves. People with low intelligence and Down syndrome, living in a country like Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan or Sudan that does not manage to take care of handicapped people, are easier to brainwash by fundamentalist and terrorist organizations. The unhealthy culture of inbreeding in Muslim societies increases terrorism and the number of Muslim martyrs. These are the people with low intelligence, more easily inclined and convinced with the promise of 72 virgins who die fighting for their so-called religion. In fact, Muslim suicide bombers are suffering from depression; in such milieu, they are easily trapped in socially and religiously accepted the way of suicide among Muslims in order to end their mental torment.   

Ø     Every religion allows their followers to debate and interpret their religious books and Holy Scriptures, according to their needs and as per their time frame. On the contrary, as per Sharia laws, Muslims categorizes to any fellow-Muslim who does not take the Quran literally as an apostate and deserves the death penalty.

The menace of so-called “The Islamic Sharia,” juggernaut of the Muslims, makes it impossible for Muslims to develop into a civilized nation and kept them uncouth, boorish and suppressed, held in pre-Enlightenment culture; conflicting and challenging rest of the world.

It is prohibited in so-called Islamic Sharia to raise any objection even about the companions of the Mohammed, those are also holy! Any sane person can accept this exemption, why do they have this privilege, why are they so celestial? If anyone challenges this entitlement because they were also the human being, not angles and they can also commit mistakes and even crimes and they did, as history testifies my claim; considered and regarded as apostate and heretic, worthy of gallows. 

Regretfully, apart from wayward Muslim extremists even qualified and refined Muslims in all over 56 Muslim countries are not ready to even listen to any of this positive criticism, doubt, question or reluctance to accept febrile imaginative stories attributed. It is tantamount of notorious heresy and apostasy. Apart from that, aniconism is also taboo in Sharia. For example, what were the reasons for violent protests, demonstrations and riots in the Muslim world after the Danish newspaper ‘Jyllands-Posten Mohammad cartoons controversy?

This attitude is their core defense strategy, only submission; any question or criticism would jolt down their so-called basic five pillars and most importantly disclose and debunk their great and grand Imams.   

Ø     According to Sharia, racism, and misogyny are the central characters go largely unchallenged in Muslim societies. This is the fact that the Muslim violent husbands kept their wives like slaves, with very few freedoms and rights. Such a scenario is enough to keep them from escaping the religion. Education level is extremely low in Muslim women all over the planet. Hence they are compelled and totally dependant on their husbands or parental home. The possibility to sustain themselves in any crisis (in most cases be cut off by their families and vicious father is entitled to the children) is almost nothing, except prostitution; further bolsters the culture of hypocrisy.

Over the top, “Family Honor” killings are not only common but shamefully accepted demeanor in Muslim societies of that, many will live with a death sentence over their head for the rest of their lives for having insulted the family’s honor. Due to these malevolent behaviors, Muslim women are forced to continue and pass on the Islamic culture.

Ø     It is not clandestine that in the eyes and hearts of Muslim parents, there is no compassion for their children, just raving and ranting in delirium tremens. Indeed this is a ruthless and so powerful defense mechanism within Islamic culture, related to Muslim child rearing.

A Muslim child is arrested from the day one in a very real menace of intimidation and Jitters of brutality, cruelty and even death if a Muslim child decides to leave Islam and choose another lifestyle than first of all he or she will antagonize by his own parents and consanguineous relatives. Suppose under some circumstances even if they condone their child to choose his or her own religion, or none at all; other fellow Muslims are dedicating their lives to kill them!!!

Immense use of violence and torture from the family level to the state level in so-called Muslim countries and the horrific fact of family executions of youths is enough to keep the vast majority from even considering escaping the way of the Sharia. Parents and Mullah both control the toddlers and younger children with the promises of hellfire to those who go against the Sharia. And they are really scared from leaving the culture that brings them so much suffering.   

Ø     According to the Sharia, Muslims are not allowed to take non-Muslims as friends. The devaluation and demonizing of non-Muslims is a religious duty. Due to this sick mentality and barbaric values, Muslims keep a mental and physical distance from people of other cultures. So-called Islamic Sharia prevents its followers from being influenced and inspired by other societies and cultures and even orders them to migrate from non-Muslim land to so-called Muslim-lands; otherwise, they will not be considered Muslims.

While the world is shrinking and transforming in a global village, distance has no meaning and traveling is so easy but the Islamic culture states to remain unchanged due to psychological factor of ethnic-pride and ridiculous and embarrassing belief that non-Muslims deserve the eternal fire.

At the end of my article, I would admonish all Muslims that trajectory of terrorism, suicide bombings, beheadings, mass killings, violent Islamic expansionism, totalitarianism, hatred for the non-Muslims, and subjugation of entire populations both Muslim and non-Muslim who do not follow the so-called Islamic Sharia, and to dream a new Caliphate so that you only sustain, is Impossible!

It is insuperable and absurd that 1.6 billion flurried and lost Muslims could annihilate the rest of the 7 billion world’s inhabitants or drag them back into medieval darkness of pre-enlightenment-style acceptance of religious dogmas.  This vision of the world is not accepted even by the creator of this planet, otherwise, God can decimate and eradicate your so-called enemies and keep you only on this planet as the beloved and chosen one.

You cannot understand what I am trying to convince and persuade you towards if you remain trapped within your ludicrous mindset. Your so-called Islamic Sharia Law is antagonizing the entire world. You are in need of a complete religious revolution, a more enlightened version of doctrine based on rationalism which does not contradict with nature. Let’s be clear: You are heading towards perdition, keep your heads tucked snug in the sand, or you can recognize the source of the problem.

My stance on Islam is neither a result of anger nor of irrational anxiety. I am also neither captious nor cranky. I just categorically reject all kinds of repression in the name of religion and this is not apostasy or heresy; just a call for a profound reform and change, a positive, constructive, valuable, productive and effective change in the Muslim world. I am keen to persuade Muslims that they must understand and recognize human rights; rights that have neither religion nor gender nor color.

I vehemently advocate and am anxious to spread and evangelize the culture of moderation and tolerance in the Muslim world. It is my love and affection for all human beings including Muslims who are also on the brink of a complete doom, are living under the totalitarian, evil enigmatic Sharia. I am very much hagridden and perturbed for the freedom, safety and for the future of our next generations.

I am all aflutter and want to persuade Muslims that they must realize and review the changes they have to make; their behavior and religion which are pure manipulation and lying. This is your last chance to speak and act against Sharia. You can not deny that radical Muslim jihadists cum terrorists and even your so-called Muslim states are also following Sharia. Remember, God is not fanatic!

Muslims should find a common ground of mutual respect and the possibility of living in a more peaceful world with non-Muslims in complete harmony, without any anxiety or danger from each other.

Dear followers of magi-Islam, the civilized world will not tolerate your willful feigned, excuses and ignorance anymore. The civilized world is very much offended by you. They will not endure any longer followers of the ideology of amputations, lapidation of rape victims, genital mutilation, the execution of gays, the rancor of Jews, the inferiority of the daughter of Eve, and the stifle and gag of free speech and voice of conscience.           

I persuade and invite you to differentiate in real Islam and replica of Islam and make your respectful place among the civilized nations of this planet. But if you reiterate on remaining loyal to the magi-Islam and the culture of Jihad and Takfir (excommunication, declaring moderate Muslims apostates), I assure you, you will lose this ferocious game, because my head is no longer hidden in the sand and I paid the tremendous price of telling, divulging and following the truth about Islam. Your opponents and rivals are increasing and your so-called Muslim countries, without foreign invaders, are turning in battlefields; slitting each other’s throat... Now, even God can not help you.   

You do not have any other choice except to repent, renounce your adhesion, adherence, and troth to this savage and fascist ideology which is tantamount to Nazi ideology with the addition of the name of God!
The entire world is watching you. You are being torn, destroyed and lost, and unfortunately lost by your own deeds!

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