Terrorists are the Syndrome, Sharia the Dinkum Cattiness

Terrorists are the Syndrome, Sharia the Dinkum Cattiness

The corporeality of Islamic doctrine ‘Sharia’ literally presents predicament equally to Muslim and the non-Muslims of our planet. Most of the illiterate radical Muslims around the world believe that the stone-age Sharia is still valid and this absurd believe pushes them towards fundamentalism. They strive blisteringly even to the point of doom to implement Sharia on Muslims and the non-Muslims equally. A tiny minority of Muslims who are also recognized as Muslims and do not acknowledges Sharia are labeled apostates. Apostasy is a fatal crime in Islamic Sharia, so cataclysmic that death is the minimum penalty for it. The concept of freedom of religion is not an option with Sharia laden Islam.   

Most of the Muslims derided my efforts and observation as pathetic a rueful but no one can deny the facts that in the UK, Sharia effected zones are created, where devout exerting pressure on the rest of the Muslims to conform to Islamic standards. Consequently, Muslim women entirely or partially cover up, Muslim men harassed attend the mosque, dress differently, grow the beard, etc. The non-Muslims in such area do not feel comfortable until they move from Muslim dominated areas, consequently making room for more Muslims to move to such areas. This situation is transforming semi-autonomous sectors in the country due to the paucity of pressure by the host country to integrate Muslims into the larger society.       

According to my understanding, mainstream tutelage of Islamic Sharia are entirely violations of human rights if any society adopts it into practice. This is our (civilized world) total failure that in the age of science, billion and a half people of our planet allegiance to an ideology that is incompatible with time. Trust me, we can not afford to ignore or deny this nonfeasance, we have to fix it by hook or by crook. War with all of them would be a cockamamie idea and sit idle would be equally farcical. A real solution is the only solution which is based on ground facts and realities and not on wishful thinking.

Any oxymoronic definition of radical Muslims’ behavior as acts of violence or violent extremism committed against people of different faiths further obfuscated the issue. Despite the fact that West and USA both are engaged in kinetic war against terrorists around the planet but without any success and less than certain prospects; this is a vivid example of just how terribly convoluted, chaotic and quixotic our understanding of Sharia laden radical Islam cum prophetic methodology of the caliphate and eschatological propaganda can be. Surprisingly, there have been no palpable efforts in that direction by West or USA to understand the interpretation of Islamic Sharia and aim, returning human civilization to a seventh-century priesthood environment. Notably, the concept of Khilafat or Sharia is not mentioned in the Quran.

In fact, the pigeonhole of Sharia laws did not begin until the middle of the eighth century and was not completed until the end of the ninth century, almost after 300 years of decease of Mohammad. During his lifetime and that of his four immediate successors, there was no Islamic jurisdiction, authority or hegemony in; there were mostly the old Pagan Arab prevalent laws called ‘URF’ were practiced.

It is imperative to understand the nature of this bone of contention, that what exactly is Sharia? From the point of view of radical Muslims and all kinds of Jihadists, Sharia is the sacred laws of the God and the constitution of the Islamic state and the guarantee of the perfect symbiotic relationship between religion and the state. Sharia laws should be obeyed, first by the Muslim and then implement on non-Muslims too, to end up in the Heaven (a fecund imagination).

First of all, Sharia was based for the most part not on the Quran, but on secondary and often not only unreliable rather imaginary fairytales sources such as the hadith viz so-called Muhammad’s sayings, without any documented proof. To liberal Muslims it is nothing of the kind; rather it is a post-Quranic fraud, a man-made doctrine designed to legitimate the imperialist policies of the hereditary Muslim empires, the open bigotry, and exploitation against non-Muslims and women widely practiced by them.

According to my research and understanding when I appraise the Sharia, I cannot swallow and agree that Sharia is based on the Quran too. Muslim imperialist and their touts devised malignant doctrine of Sharia, deliberately abrogated and invalidated most of the peaceful and tolerant verses of the earlier Mecca period and replace them with the later violence-preaching Medina verses which suit to their imperialism. My contention is clear that Sharia is not only by nature extreme, radical and intolerant, but over-the-top directly conflicting with a lot of Quranic injunctions.

So-called Muslims’ Imams, patron saints who were actually working for the Muslim Imperialist governments makes the establishment of the Khilafat and Sharia laws a religious devoir for Muslims forever. They propagated to obey Khalifa and Islamic (so-called) government even if Khalifa is unjust, and rebellion against Khilafat is one of the greatest enormities which lead to hell.   

Quran allows Muslims to fight in self-defense only but Sharia makes offensive Jihad compulsory against non-Muslims and non-conforming Muslims both for the spread of so-called Islamic imperialism.  

As a matter of fact, the biased and vicious nature of Sharia made it improbable and ridiculously implausible as a law even early on in Muslim states, it was seldom practiced, except occasionally as family law or according to their lustful desires. Even in the Ottoman Empire, the law of the land was "Qanun Usmani," substantially secular law.

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