Sharia laden Islam & human rights

Sharia laden Islam & human rights 

Radical Muslim, followers of Hadith and Sharia strongly believe and boost that these are the eternal words (the indefensible punishments) of most forgiving and merciful God and the preeminent and zenithal model for all societies which enhance the quality of life.

Despite Sharia is rooted in a harsh and outdated theology based on brutality and the barbaric laws but Muslim sophists bluster that customary and traditional Islam is the only religion in the world which specifies duties and requirements for every aspect of life.

Islamic apologists who talk about justice and human rights seem unwilling to withstand the undeniable truths related to violence, hidden in the roots of Islamic Sharia; they just loquaciously whitewash either deliberately or inadvertently, despite the historical fact that traditional Islam does not practice neither justice nor promote human rights. This proves that Most of the Muslims are not aware of their own religion or if they know it, then they deliberately condone its flaws. Whatsoever, the truth about Islam must get out; to reasons why Sharia law is evil for human societies.

Muslim scholars are aware that these harsh and excessive moral and civil laws, punishments and policies were simulated in the fevered imagination of the Muslim rulers especially Umayyad emperor. Islamic Sharia does not offer humanity, dignity or forgiveness and restoration; so people no longer have to be lapidated to death for a sin like fornication.

It is argued by Muslims that Muslim countries especially in Sharia laden conservative pristine Saudi Arabia, and all oil-rich Arab states are unadulterated, while Western civilization and culture is depraved and immoral. There is no point quibbling about Western civilization or culture, but what to say while in their so-called pure Islamic countries as a material fact, still have all kind of delinquencies including fornication, adultery, sodomy, drinking, and gambling in full swing.   

I do not intend to condemn Islamic states or to proclaim that the Western countries are better than they are. No doubt, Western civilization has also many chronic problems but at least they are trying hard to address and deal honestly with their lingering problems; and they do not suffocate or stifle to anyone who raises question or objection. My sole purpose and contention are to prove and convince Muslims that Islamic Sharia laws are not the solutions of evils of human society, these laws do not work but they just drive the heinous crimes only underground.

Muslims are in the state of hallucinations of the Sharia; only through education, reasoning and logical approach we could reform and eradicate this nightmare from their brain; because traditional Islam cannot stand up under scrutiny. Reformation through Muslim polemicist, hierarchy or scholars is not possible because they understand the disbursement; viz rejection of traditional Theology, Stone Age Sharia, Hadith and Fiqah and produce a new versatile interpretation of many verses of the Quran. And this they cannot incur because these all are embedded with Allah (God) and Angel Gabriel, disingenuous at outstanding and precarious at worst; consequently, they will continue to gloss-over naked truths.     

Here are some vivid examples of harsh rules and punishments of Islamic Sharia:

1.     Boozehounds and gamblers undergo flogging. Although the Quran does not prescribe this punishment, the Hadith does. Sahih Bukhari, 6774-6775. Interestingly, in Islamic Sharia, Hadith, Fiqah, Ijmaah etc. there is not any place of mercy, repentance or any offer for rehabilitation; immediately to corporal punishment! 

2.   Grievously Muslim women suffering from domestic violence due to the vague and confusing matrimonial laws and in the context of espousal affairs; where husbands are not only allowed rather praised to hit their wives for merely fear of chutzpah or aloofness.

3.   There is too much severity in the Hadith, and excessive rulings of classical fiqah for sodomy and homosexuals, they must be killed as the fait-accompli; thrown off a mountain or stoned to death, burned alive or have wall pushed on them. ISIS, Taliban, and Saudis are simply implementing the provenance of their religion. Abu Dawood 4447, Mishkawt 1/765. 

4.   Fornicators and Adulterers should face gruesome flogging and/or buried up to the chest and stoned to death viz lapidation. Muslim 4206, Bukhari, 6831& 6833.   

5.    The critical investigation, scrutiny, and analysis of the truth claims by Muslim scholars and their designed Sharia laws can never preponderate or prevailed in the Islamic world because the sword of blasphemy charges hangs over the heads of critics. Bane of blasphemy law testifies to a lack of confidence in radical Muslims’ position and flaw in their message. Why there are severe punishments for just questioning Prophet, companions of Prophet, Quran, Hadith, Imams, and Sharia? In most polite words, it testifies their failing, vulnerability, and frailty since Sharia and blasphemy law threatens those who raise questions or dare to diverge. Lamentably, instead of reason and persuasive argumentation about the message of Islam, radical Muslims rely on violence and force to protect their religion.   

6.   There is no place for apostates in the 56 Muslim countries. They will face the death penalty according to the Islamic Sharia legal rulings. “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, and then kill him,” Bukhari, 6922, even burned them alive. An apostate is a person who abandoned Islam due to any reason or converted to another religion, which is a fundamental human right. Obviously, atheists were once by-birth Muslims, but they no longer wanted Islam, what is erroneous or delinquency in it? Why do Muslims not respect and tolerate religious flexibility, while the Quran accepts this basic human right? In fact, the aggressive, coercive, and excessive Sharia laws sullied the image of Islam and portraying as a violent, unjustly and aggressive religion.

As a conclusion, Islamic Sharia deteriorates society and curtail freedom, we can not risk our freedom. Hence if Muslim societies refuse reformation, then we should switch to plan ‘B,’ Sharia must be stopped by all possible means and measures to spread this menace around this planet.  

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