Sweeping statements about Islam

Sweeping statements about Islam

Some of my pals are having the impression and grievances about the fact that how a guy like me who seems to be a serious-minded scholar can have so much hate for Muslims; despite me never saying or writing, ‘I hate Muslims.’ Although it is true that I make it clear that I believe radical Sharia laden Islam is a threat to the world. And I have a solid foundation for my belief that radical Islam is the threat we face.’

One of my old time buddy who has unfortunately now turned to my fast foe was cursing me that I am blogging sweeping statements about Islam that are not true. I want to ask all such people, how can you comprehend, grasp and understand what Islam does or does not teaches as its doctrine and creed if you have never read even a page of it or weighed its log or gave any careful consideration of its by-laws?  In fact, such people are arguing with me about something which they have no knowledge of and over-the-top deliberately they want to hide factuality, materiality, and reality.

As a matter of fact, such people are basing their comprehension of Islam based on individuals they know who identify themselves as ‘Muslims’ but that do not subscribe to the very thing Islam tells its ardent devotees and disciples they must obey — the vile Sharia; overthrow all other laws and makes Sharia the law of planet. And this is what I count a real threat that is currently conquering nations and killing tens of thousands of people across the globe.

Here I would like to clarify that this is not my perspective. Whatever I preach about Islam I got from Islamic authentic doctrines and sources and having infinite authority in Islam and cannot be denied. Remember, the hate for Israel and what the Jihadist are doing grotesque acts of violence around the world are not doing for economic or social reasons; they are fighting a religious war because their doctrine commands them to do so.

I do not have any concern with people who identify themselves as Muslims or who simply want to live indecorously as incorrigible Muslim. However, I am very much concerned about those radical Muslims, full of guile on this planet who want to impose their nasty and infernal Islamic Sharia laws by all possible means including force on non-Muslims and even Muslims equally who do not want to live under it. According to my point of view, such elements are a direct and real threat to the peace of our entire planet and I can not desist myself to condemn them.

All radical Muslims and scholars divided our planet into two vicious zones viz, one called “Dar al Harb” means ‘House of War or land of non-Muslims’ and the second zone called “Dar al Islam or land of Muslims” means ‘House of Islam,’ ruled by Sharia laws under the so-called Khalipha. Jihad is the warfare strategy against non-Muslims and Muslims equally who not surrender.

Who can deny that revolutionary ideology is the essence of all so-called Islamic teaching which is taught across the planet in all of the Madrassas and even schools of Sharia Jurisprudence from the first-grade level? I am giving an open challenge if anyone can give me the name of even one definitive and scholarly Islamic law book that says something other than that; is there another rendition, interpretation or variant of Islam is taught around the globe?  

This is, in fact, a political ideology of radical Muslims which is not welcome anywhere on this planet. Because it is precariously imperious; primarily using tranquil tactics and lastly hysterical and vicious means if necessary as an indispensable obligation. Anywhere its believers live they are bound to a mission to make Islam the preeminent religion and legislative system.

They do not just retain their Islamic culture, but they do try to impose it on anyone else. They demand and protest, even riot if anyone does disapprove their culture and call. They do not hesitate to assassinate people if they criticize their wrongdoings and belief. They do not enjoy the company of people from other cultures and religions; rather they are committed to eradicating all other cultures, religions and political systems as their prime directive.

Fundamentalists Islamists demand consonance with hoary old jokes and outrageous and barbarous code of laws that routes from the stone-age. Although the War on Terror is very relevant in constraining the audacious jihadist, blitzkrieg alone is not enough response. No matter how many radical extremists and fundamentalists you send in hell, there is always more lining up to take their place in the name of embedded and ingrained Islamic doctrines. Their struggle is not just a physical one rather mainly it is an entrenched ideological one; hence I would accentuate the need for a war of ideas; we must understand the hearts and minds of Islamic militants to successfully counter their onslaught.

The preeminent goal of Islamic militants is to bring the so-called laws of God known as Sharia to all people on this planet. According to Islamic Sharia, it is the only right way to live, and all humans should be subjected to it. All other religions also claim that they have the solution of every problem (although they all are the core of all problems) and answer for every question, but at least in this century, they are not ruling their religion or beliefs on others by force. But Muslims are unique and different in the way that they compel and impel their doctrine on every human of this planet.

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