Frustrated and upset Apostate and Heretic

Frustrated and upset Apostate and Heretic

As usual, my opponents including my consanguineous relatives are slandering me that I am a frustrated and upset Apostate and Heretic. I wish to refute the basic tenets of Islam to suit my desires. With vicious endeavor, I am vying for a pluralistic faith. They are also imputing my articles heretic, sanctioning the religious approval of all taboos in Islam and wants to seize the ‘Holy Jihad’ etc.

As a matter of fact, I have one arsenal to answer all allegations against me, the mighty ‘PEN.’ I believe Islamic Jihad is an absurd and stone-aged barbaric philosophy, used to the massacre of humans on the name of God. There is no more place of goofing around religious hostility, bloodshed, and holy wars in the era of science and technology. Now with the progress and development of human intellect, expansion of knowledge, media, and science Islam can only prevail by logic, rationality, and undeniable arguments. Bear in mind that medieval commentators and theories are no longer congruous and consistent with the recent and latest research and discoveries.   

It is also necessary to mention that my articles are a simple response to the main allegations and distortions inflicted upon me. I am writing my articles in an indigenous, vernacular and simple conversational style to convey my message to all. I cannot waste my time to rebut and confute each and every allegation, charge, sarcastic and sardonic remarks passed by my relatives, ex-friends, and enemies.

I wish to confine my work solely to manifest the real picture of Islam and bring conspicuous changes in the Muslims attitude towards the requirements of our time. Unfortunately, Muslims' character tarnished and tainted by implanting of so-called Sharia laws, Sunnah and Hadith etc by their beloved Imams. They just wanted to fulfill their carnal desires, lust, and whims in the disguise of religious teachings. Sharia Laws are entirely repugnant to the fundamental human rights.

Islam should teach the followers to create and maintain a pluralistic society on the basis of tolerance and diversity of ideas and knowledge, justice, altruism, benevolence, and equity; harmony amongst humans not tedium and monotony. Unfortunately, you can not find any characteristic out of them in all over the Muslim world except chaos and anarchy. Muslims take the Quran only as a holy script to imitate rather than contemplate and interpret.

Yes, I abhor the "Islamic Fatwa" a religious decree, which is the routine arsenal of Mullah Hierarchy in the Muslim world. They are full of sick mind and zombie attitude against anyone who starts to think, raise question or object on their traditional fake Islam. The “Question” could be asked in two different contexts: 

(a) Confronting or challenging the authority and authenticity of so-called Imams and Mullahs. 
(b) Pursue knowledge. In both cases ‘Questioning’ is taboo in the Islamic world as tantamount to sheer provocation and incitement and leads towards Apostasy and Heresy.

The totalitarian Mullah Hierarchy of Muslim world is intellectually shortsighted and lunatic. Morally they are perverted, engaged with each other throats in their disgraceful brawls. They are responsible for deliberately hiding the truth, perverting words meanings and confounding truth with falsehood. The sole purpose of their "Fatwa Cottage Industry" is to suffocate the breathing souls and engrossed thinking minds, bereft of any positive objectivity in their endeavor.

I myself am a victim of this antagonism and ‘Fatwa Culture’ by Mullah Hierarchy of the so-called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. 

My ambition is not to issue any "Fatwa" against Muslims. But I would like to say according to my knowledge: 1.5 Billion Muslims of the world are not actually Muslims because they do not know what is the meaning of Islam. They have not become Muslim after contemplating the teaching of Islam or they know the meaning of Islam. They are just born Muslims, without any logic, understanding, and reasoning. 

Muslims connect their racial, cultural, tribal and ethical characteristics and practices, their so-called Imams and even their tyrant Kings as the tenets of Islam. In fact, traditional and practicing Islam is mere “The desires of their Imams and Monarchy.” 

I emancipated myself from this kind of dumb and deaf Islam. Due to this crime, I am known as an "Atheist and Heretic."  With this kind of Islam, Muslims are obsessed with the idea of a ‘Born Ruler.’ Even without any quality of the ruler. And eventually, they have a right to rule all over the planet with the celestial help; without their own efforts or endeavors. Sharia laden Islam is not ready to recognize the rights of non-Muslims in their territories, what they claim as citizens and minorities from the Western and non-Muslim countries. These are vivid and shocking double standards of Muslims.

Muslims wish to establish a horrible Islamic State (Caliphate) on the basis of Sharia laws without any social justice, benevolence and equality for all human beings. Their vision and mission is the implementation of Sharia laws and deny the basic human rights on the name of God. Sharia-based Islam is a punitive and retributive system, to oppress and exploit the common Muslims and non-Muslim minorities equally. Islamic Sharia Laws only gladden the ruling elite and theocracy.

Any civilized and progressive individual will evidently abhor and resist and wish to abstain from this vindictive version of Islam, appended with Sharia. This kind of Islam only serves the interests of the aristocracy, theocracy, and monarchy. For masses, Sharia only offers an officially approved bondage and slavery for non-Muslims as their destiny.

I want to mourn with grief on the wisdom, judgment, and foresight of the Muslims. The stone-age version of Islam which is very dear to them but alongside they want to establish and enforce it also to the entire planet on the name of God.

My dear Mullah, naturally, everyone will judge Islam and Muslims through their deeds, conduct, and behavior. Your rhetoric has to be supported by your deeds. The onus lies upon you to prove by your character what you claim. If according to your claim Islam is a religion of peace then you have to establish peace first of all in your own countries.

You have to respect fundamental human rights, freedom, and emancipation of women as they are our partners, not property. Islam regards woman as CHATTEL. You have to give equal rights and opportunities to Hindu, Ahmedis, Sikh and Christian minorities in Pakistan. 

Muslims should respect Jews as human beings and accept the state of Israel as their homeland. Otherwise, your rhetoric of peace is ambiguous, enigmatic, inconsistent, absurd and mere fraud. This is the only way to vindicate yourselves from what is being attached with you throughout your history.  

Dear Muslims, you should remember that savage warfare, the beheading of enemies, lapidation, amputation, capturing of women and children for sexual slavery and pleasure, booty, slavery and bondage labor and religious wars are the remnants of medieval tribal customs and characteristics of the uncivilized era, the dark-age. There is no more place for such atrocious practices again on this planet. Otherwise, the civilized world will resist and retaliate with an ironic and ruthless hand and you will become history; the decision is in your own hands.   

Mullah Mafia and so-called Muslim tyrannical and oblivious governments are deliberately ignoring the troublesome affairs and matters of common Muslims in their countries. They are the evils of corruption, hunger, poverty, penury, all kind of immoralities and the increasing degradation of the Muslim mentality all over the Muslim world. Regretfully Mullah Mafia never gives any attention to such suppurating soars around them.

No one can ask Mullah Mafia why they are not doing something constructive to improve the despicable situation and position of common men in their own countries. If they are really serious and honest then why not concentrate on the development of the masses living in their vicinity. Economic and political uplifting, growth and improvement is not their responsibility? Or they are just interested in booty, wealth, women, wine, land and 72 virgins; seeking power to satiate the carnal desires. 

Now, enraged, biased and prejudiced Mullah will castigate the West and USA and impute all their flaws, shortcomings of Muslims upon them. This is Mullahs' all-time favorite and approved nostrum.    

Despite such a deplorable situation in the Muslim world, they are in the delirious obsession of restoring the lost triumph of the Muslim empire, "the Islamic Khilafat." They are dreaming to spoil the entire planet like they spoiled the entire Muslim world.

The intoxicated Mullah Mafia around the world (even in Europe) using the new Muslim generation as a scapegoat to fulfill their lust and satanic desires on the name of God. I am sure that despite the admonition, Muslims will keep continuing their deplorable activities under the influence of Mullah Mafia in the name of God. They will continue to earn a pernicious reputation around the world.

Dear Muslims, I am fully aware that more than 1.5 Billion Muslims would not change their religion to become Christian, Hindu, Humanist or Atheist etc. And I am also not interested in changing religion. From my point of view, all religions are worthless and just a waste of time. I am just interested to convince Muslims to abandon extremism, terrorism and Jihad philosophy which is completely linked to Islamic Sharia. The rest of Islam as a religion is harmless if they want to practice.

Dear Muslims, please study Sharia Laws without any prejudice or bias in your mind. You will find Sharia is a forgery, created by Imams and Mullah Mafia with the complicity of the monarchy. This is the tool to enslave you and then all human beings in the name of God. My vision and mission are to make Muslims harmless and acceptable for the civilized world. This is in the best interest of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. I want to defeat enemies of reason by making them friends of rationality.

But at the end, I must admit with sorrow that according to my knowledge and experience Muslims are extremely adamant and stubborn. They do not permit anyone who wants to show them their mistakes and possibilities and wants to remind them that in the name of God, adroit Mullah Mafia wants to keep them in the past. They want to impose medieval thoughts with great dexterity. It seems that the majority of Muslims are consigned to a lifetime of intellectual servitude and scholastic bondage. 

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