Have you no shame?

Have you no shame?

Muslims have rich backwardness and bloodthirsty culture. Even in this century, they murder their own coreligionist intellectuals who try to present ideas to improve their societies and condition.

Regretfully the violent, coercive and disdainful practices of Muslims against non-Muslims, Apostates and even different sects of Islam still run wild in the entire Muslim world. A vivid example of this deep schism which even after 14 centuries continues until today as the Sunni-Shia rivalry and strife in the Middle East, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The latest episode of this holy tradition of bloody violence, horrific beyond words has mainly occurred in Syria and Iraq; unending religious violence and murders, as they have done for centuries.

I am not convinced that this anarchy and bloodshed is the consequence of American or European invasion in these countries. America dropped two atomic bombs on Japan; Brazil, Chile, Vietnam, and Koreas were also intervened by them. There is still a brawl and scuffle between Argentina and UK over Falkland Island but no one from these countries retaliate on American or British interests and no one blew himself/herself as a suicide bomber; and once the Americans left, they did not begin a civil war in their countries.

I am sorry to say but as a matter of fact and proved by history also, In terms of promoting violence, Muslims are by far the most violent and discriminatory people. Those Muslim countries, however, were already vicious and repressive even before the American intervention. Muslim culture and history seem to give them enough encouragement and enticement to commit those crimes on daily basis.

Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain murdered thousands of people and gassed the Kurds of Halabia. Hafez Al Assad of Syria slaughtered and his son Bashar al-Assad is still slaughtering his own people just to stay in power, I can give you numerous of such examples. The only difference is that those so-called secular regimes attempted to hide their crimes and atrocities while ISIS or Al-Qaida are publishing their felonious crimes in media and on the Internet.

According to my knowledge, I just want to highlight where the problem lies in the Muslims and they should ask themselves where they have gone wrong. Only by social development and education, Muslims can be taken out of the dark era. But unfortunately, they would not listen, so adamant, stubborn and dogmatic to live in peace and harmony with the rest of humanity. They simply reject knowledge, rationality and human worth. They just believe in Islamic expansion and savagery where lives and liberties have no value and refuse to exist side-by-side with other humans who do not believe what they believe and eventually terrorizing them and even not hesitate to start killing.

Over the decades of the tyrannical Arab rulers and the autocratic ruthless Military regime rulers, they did not pervert Islam the way Jihadi and Muslim terrorist organizations have over the last few years.   

Muslim Mullahs, Sheikhs and governments should be ashamed of themselves; why they do not declare Holy Jihad against ISIS, Al-Qaeda and their associates for such notorious crimes and as a result grave problem of mass Muslims’ migration after the world wars and menace they are imposing on the whole planet? Western infidels who open their doors, open heartily are more ardent and passionate for Muslims and Islam than the oil-rich Arab countries where unimaginable opulence found and European infidels have to rush also to defend them against ISIS and Al-Qaeda etc. I am completely mystified on their silence, which is tantamount to complicity in their crimes.

Millions of refugees are standing at the doorstep of Europe but, the oil-rich Arab nations do nothing to help their Muslim brethren. These wealthy states are, as well as geographically, religiously, linguistically and culturally close to the war zones of Syria and Iraq, but they are not ready to take even a single refugee. Only Syrian beautiful vulnerable underage girls got attention in the Gulf States, they are keen to buy in the name of marriage.

While Christine Europe who does not share the same culture and religion takes the burden of the Muslim migrant crisis, Muslims’ Godfather Saudi Arabia (literally a shit hole on this planet), the Holy custodians of the two most holy mosques of Muslims’ refuses to take in any refugee (where is the so-called Muslim Brotherhood?) but keen to build 200 mosques in Germany! No one can deny that Saudi mosques and funds have played a major role in the rise of Islamic fundamentalism cum terrorism in the West. There is a crucial question that arises in mind that why the Saudi Holy custodians are willing to build 200 mosques for these Muslim refugees in Europe, yet they are not eager to take responsibility of a single refugee and not even allowing their citizens to take Muslim orphan children in their homes? 

Saudi Arabia has 100,000 fireproof Air-Conditioned tents in the city of Mina with bathroom and kitchen facilities and are only rented for 5 days out of 365 days of the year by Hajj pilgrims and can accommodate 3 Million refugees. They are the richest people of the world who built the largest holy mosques, the tallest buildings of the planet and the most magnificent shopping-Malls and luxurious hotels and palaces. But they are not eager to give shelter to their own brothers in their religion of Islam, shows a cold stance when they are desperately in need.

Saudi Arabia, a powerful, competent police state is the most bizarre and weird country on this planet with flagrant violations of human rights. Non-Muslims are forbidden to enter two of her cities, Mecca and Medina, females do not count politically and are not eligible for driving. You will not find even a single cinema all over the country; male and female can not use the same elevators or shop counters. A special notorious religious police squad is specialized to terrorize and continuously screw the citizens. Her conspicuously offensive social mores and governmental institutions are famous for flagrant abuse of the law. This country has no election even for pretense, no constitution, just rigmarole of monarchical dictatorship of 50 members in the royal family.

It would be better for the selfish and deceitful greedy kings, emirs, presidents, and other dictators and Holy custodians to accept the Muslim refugees and thus fulfill the real Holy custodians’ role in the ‘Islamic Ummah.’ It is necessary for readers to know that the Islamic Ummah is the foundation of the worldwide Caliphate and Muslim Brotherhood, where the all Muslim communities should join as one unit and thereby finally conquer the entire planet and their dream come true; either the entire humanity converts to Islam or perish. 

In the routine life of the Mullah and Muslim clerics, (who also vie vigorously against each other) they deliver their altitudinous ridicules sermons, and boorish audience embarrassingly obsequious them moan and chanting “Allah Akbar.”

And the topics they deal mainly are about the life and practices of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions, so-called self-made and attributed towards the God ‘Sharia’ laws and affairs, the afterlife Hell and its horrors cum luxury of Heaven and 72 virgins, necessity of Jihad against infidels and apostates.  They devote all their time and resources campaigns against matters that are trivial, never utter a single word about despicable crimes of radical Muslim organizations, governments, and their associates. They are masters in hypnotizing the audience where hypnotized Muslims must have felt that they were living in an utterly disparate planet. Ground facts and what is happening around them and required in real life, this is none of their business.

They never talk about the dangerous situation and circumstances in their countries and to the world exposed by extremist organizations who want to change original Islam and replace it with Sharia laden barbaric Stone Age Islam which only delivers unexpected consequences including sex slavery hunger, poverty, penury, indigent population, child marriages, destitution, exploitation, murders, lapidation, amputation, forced conversions, man-slaughter, floggings, wife beating, to kill the unbelievers and every third street is the ‘Chop Chop Street’ in their reign;  violence against non-Muslims, and their eternal damnation.

These wretches themselves are living in privileged life of tranquility and complacency, paying no heed to the challenges and dilemma of Muslims. Regretfully, Muslim masses are accursed by heaven and entirely confused about their destination and goal and surprisingly no longer they are capable to distinguish right from wrong.

There are three kinds of Muslim Mullahs, clergy and Sheikhs are available in Muslim societies:

First, mean and sneaking cowards, refraining from telling the truth who do not dare and courage to speak the legitimacy and veracity, fearing that extremist organizations or radical Muslims would assassinate them. This kind of Mullahs is in the state of contradiction with what they are preaching, encouraging masses telling the truth even at the cost of life.
The second type of Mullah is hypocrites and imposter those who they believe in their hearts that Muslim fundamentalists and extremists organizations are acting correctly on the behalf of the real Islam and they are very happy and pleased with their barbaric acts. These kinds of Mullahs remain silent as the grave whatsoever happens in the region or in the world by the hands of these organizations. These kinds of Mullahs should face terrorism charges and state should act against them without any hesitation. They have also the same vision of global implementation of Islamic Sharia but through education, science and technology and work strictly within the existing system, but their goals, despite their mild tactics are no less cankerous.
Third and yet most revolutionary than their other counterparts, those who consider themselves ardent about Islam, a fervent supporter of terrorists, openly and directly involved in terrorism and hate preaching. They are the open enemy of Europe to whom they call ‘Infidels’ and secular tiny Muslims minority to whom they call 'Murtadin' viz ‘Apostate,’ who deviated from the straight path. They want to overturn the existing world order and replace it with the notorious Islamic Sharia laws.   

All the above mentioned Mullahs and Islamists have an apocalyptic mindset and preoccupation with the domination of the world and imposing dirty Sharia Laws. The House of Saud of Saudi Arabia, Ayatollahs of Tehran, the Taliban of Pakistan and Afghanistan, Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab in Africa; they all have taken Islamic nostalgia to an inconceivable extreme by imposing its flamboyant and vicious version of a medieval order. But ISIS left behind all of them, reoccurrence of an executive Khalifa after centuries, simulating as best it can be, a seventh-century Islamic era, down to such specifics as cruelty, debauchery, insanity, enslavement cum sexual slavery, public beheading, and lapidation. For the West, it is same as someone abominated like Caligula reviving the Holy Roman Empire in the European territory in this century.  

Finally, I apologize for nothing!
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