Paris Massacre

Paris Massacre  

Chanting ‘Allah-Ho-Akbar’ that all-too-familiar battle cry kicked off the war on the people of France. Muslim terrorists again set off on a murderous turmoil in the streets of Paris. The terror and violence are not impulsive or freakish, crazed fanaticism, but a very deliberate, considered strategy.

What we have learned through the experience of Jihadi attack in Paris, it is the reflection of Muslims’ staunch rule of numbers, briefly, wherever and whenever Muslims grow in numbers and they make for a large minority the same acts of violence and terror that are endemic to the Muslim world grow with them. Muslim terrorists exported the terror and horror of the Islamic State from gruesome Syria and Iraq to the streets of robust Paris. They massacred defenseless innocent people, killing them down as they begged for mercy, blowing themselves up for Allah.  

Regretfully, such lethal attacks will continue. Because Western leaders are only just deeply shocked, dismayed and completely bewildered. They are expressing their condolences (as usual statements after all Muslim terror attacks); because they are still in dilemma and they do not interpret the nature of problem…... 

Islamic Jihad has declared war on the Western civilization with the greedy and rapacious appetite and intention to dominate the world; a 1,400-year-old hostility and strife against so-called ‘Infidels.’ In the first 100 years after the demise of the founder of Islam Mohammed, Muslim vanquished most of the known world with the exception of Western Europe. European forces impeded the first century of Islamic conquest at the very courageous battle of Tours which also called the Battle of Poitiers on October 732, but Muslims’ Jihad continued to threaten the very existence of Western civilization throughout the 1,400-years of their history. 

Muslims’ Islamic Jihad mania has conquered the Middle East and most of Eastern Europe had surrounded and finally, they beleaguered the Vienna, the Battle of Zenta; one of the most decisive defeats in Muslims’ history. Suppose, if Vienna fell in hands of Muslims then all of at-least Western Europe would be likely to surrender as well. 

With all due respect, West, USA, Canada, Australia all seem completely moribund, arrested in political atonia and in moral and ideological disarray, neglecting their own past and history as well as the history of Islamic proliferation and expansion. Regrettably, UK already has turned a blind eye, encroaching on freedom of speech by shutting down criticism of Islam and allowing parallel hellish Sharia Courts and Islamic Finance Systems. 

I want to shake the dormant, torpid, paralyzed and catatonic West from their deep sleep, wake-up and throw off the Incubus pinning the entire planet down. What a shameful situation of this pathological societal inner conflict is that those legitimize to obliterate of Western civilization through advocating Muslim advances through mass immigration and preferential regimen of Muslims routinely diabolize with the charge of ‘Islam-Phobia’ those who see the peril of Muslims and dare to speak out against it, like me.  

Taunting by Islam-Phobia, however, is not the solution. Fair and constructive criticism does not come in the definition of Phobia. Abominate and response to violence and terrorism is natural and innate for every healthy person. Muslims are killing each other in almost all of the Muslim countries, and it is obvious that there is more Islamic-Phobia among Muslims for each other. Certainly, there is more ‘Infidel-Phobia’ by Muslims towards non-Muslims than by non-Muslims towards Muslims.   

In democratic states, Islam has the privilege and advantage of being the only religion that can not be criticized. Criticism of religion is crucial and is a healthy attitude in a civilized society, essential of free speech, scrutiny and translucency are extremely necessary and an important element in democracy and these freedoms really matter. 

According to my knowledge and understanding, Muslims’ Jihad philosophy can be as defeated as the Japanese imperialism, Italian Fascism, Nazism and most recently Communism after the 45 years of Cold War. However, the strategy must be tailored to address all aspects of this suicidal ideology viz a complete survey of the evil and their supremacist behavior. We should work enthusiastically with the belief that we can defeat this inferior ideology and stone-age civilization. I assure you that Islamic Jihad philosophy has no genuine capability to compete. West should learn from history if wish to prevent creeping Sharia and Islamic hegemony from overwhelming Europe and the whole human race. 

We have to also fight the financial warfare against them to gradually atrophy their power. We should use all our capabilities of cutting off all funds flowing to terrorist organizations.

Islamists are using the Internet as the most important recruiting and propaganda tool to recruit, in spirit and direct their associates around the globe. We have to launch smart cyber warfare, defensively and offensively to sabotage their communications.

Even forcefully banning the teaching of intergenerational hatred is the foundation and can guarantee a peaceful future of human race. I can understand that it is the most difficult assignment but also top on the agenda and crucial to shut down the elements of Islamic fundamental educational system worldwide that teaches Islamic Jihad and hate philosophy. The young Muslim generation is brainwashed with this ideology and the Madrassas are a breeding place for violent Jihad education and indoctrinate to believe that violence is normal on the name of GOD.

If we want success in defeating Islamic terror and Jihad philosophy, then we have to amplify intelligence services significantly to gather strategic information. It is crucial to constellate all kind of information of the enemy, which is only possible by committed leadership and resources. 

We have to remember that it is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated; to foist its Sharia law on the entire planet and to widen its power to the whole world. Although I believe in peaceful solutions and abhor bloodshed; but as a matter of fact, we are not engaged in any argument, debate, contest, controversy, dispute or deliberation, it is a war, war for survival. We have only two choices either win this war or lose this war. We are not dealing with criminal problem or Cartel or drug Mafia; Muslim terrorism is also not a by-product of frustration or discontent, it has a well understood Doctrine, consisting of the strategy of expansion throughout the world through carnage, holocaust, massacre and even genocide. 

Remember, we have to ruthlessly blow and smite the all terrorists’ sanctuaries wherever they are, otherwise, they will kill us in our own lands. Islamic terrorism is not a domestic or familial criminal problem, but an act of war against civilization by a death cult, enslavement of mankind. We have no choice except to destroy them in Iraq Syria, Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, wherever they are or we can be murdered by them in our streets. It is obvious that current Western and American strategy and policy is not working; the same old approaches which have failed to triumph against Al Qaeda and the Taliban are not going to defeat their associates’ Islamic State, despite all the Western denials, their dream comes true and finally has become a state, a uncivilized state of terror. It is not possible to defeat it by just killing out one of its commanders on a monthly basis. We can only rout the Caliphate by completely destroying it.  

So, No more Drone Strikes and shock-and-awe policy, we need to the device and also follow a categorical and vivid DOCTRINE, must clearly and unambiguously mentioned that any attempt to restore a Caliphate to implement Sharia Laws anywhere in the world will not be tolerated and will be met with unmitigated disaster and complete destruction. Same utter destruction they have to face that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan faced after they attempted to impose the rule of a supremacist race philosophy and pernicious cum virulent ideology on the world through genocide, holocaust, and terror. If we do not adopt and follow such doctrine then we have to engage in another century of war, and if we want to avoid engagement in such wars and bloodshed then we must make the Islamic State and their all associates around the planet into an example of admonition.

Resuscitation of Caliphate is tantamount to demand, to surrender the rest of humanity through terror, rampage, bloodshed, and violence. Caliphate is commensurate to subjugate so-called Infidel territories to Islamic law with all its accompanying barbarism. By taking a conclusive and decisive stand against Caliphate, we make it clear that the modern world has no room for such barbaric and stone-aged institution and that Islamic terrorism domestically or internationally, is just fighting for a lost cause, which is not possible to restore in the era of science and technology. The dreams of Islamic terrorists and extremists and their associates around the world will be smashed and shattered with the annihilation of Islamic State, and they will begin to perish and succumb with it. 

There is no doubt that the truth hurts, but we can not avoid it, have to face it. Islam desperately needs to transform; reform your sordid teaching to stop breeding so many terrorists and radical thugs. Due to your stone-age teaching, you are in trouble and are not happy all over the so-called Muslim world.  

Dear Muslims, please consider that due to your teachings and belief system you cannot live peacefully and in harmony with Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Qadianis/Ahmadis, and Atheists. Over-the-top, even your different Muslim sects and school of thought are engaged in blood-shed for centuries. Do you know where you are delightful and safe? In fact, rather than the so-called Islamic world, you are blithely living in peace and complete tranquility in Europe, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zeeland; the so-called infidel lands. Why do you not realize that you are happy in every country that is not so-called Islamic? And who do you blame? NOT the terrorists, NOT the Islamic thugs, NOT the so-called custodians, NOT the piggish and ignoble demagogues’ leadership. Unfortunately, you blame without any thought, the countries where you are gladly in. And you also want to change these countries where you are merrily and willingly living, to be like the hellish Sharia laden Islamic countries you fled from where you were unhappy. Is this is not the state of insanity and deliberately collective suicide?   

So, what is next, I can predict it, our respectful leaders and decision makers will sit around enervated and enfeebled waiting for the next dreadful and dire attack on freedoms and on our civilization.

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