Saudi Arabia Executes 47 !!!

Saudi Arabia Executes 47 !!!

Although Saudi Arabia executes thousands of people every year 2016 New Year, welcomed and celebrated in Muslim’s Holy Land, Saudi Arabia by mass execution of 47 people, including top Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr.

Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr and his companions were only peaceful protesters against discrimination in the Sunni-Saudi kingdom. This is the biggest mass execution after1980, in which 63 jihadist rebels who captured the Grand Mosque of Mecca in 1979 were executed.

These people were really dirty eggs because they were demanding and protesting about their basic human rights, denied in their own country because they were Shia, hence are branded, Kafirs and enemies. They were really insane; why they do not understand that in Saudi Arabia the ruling Saudi royal clan, Al Saud is the only HUMAN and rest of the people in this kingdom are just goats and sheep. The Holy Arab Desert is full of dead bodies and haunting souls of the innocent people, who were tortured, killed and even buried alive. This country even in this century of Science and Media is utterly ugly, bleak and appalling; a complete desert slaughterhouse.

Saudi Arabia is in a dire predicament, ruling Al Saud clan has grown increasingly afraid and hysterical due to tumult and strife across the region and especially in Syria and Iraq, and due to the increasing influence of Shia rival Iran in the Middle East.

Saudi kingdom’s judicial process is Arbitrary, Biased, Cruel, Discriminatory, Immoral, Unjust and Inequitable. Torture is the official method for confessions and accused has no access to a solicitor.

Saudi masses generally and particularly ruling Al Saud Clan is unreliable, cruel, tyrant, corrupt, indulgent towards the corruption due to their Islamic Sharia, and they are inbred racist. Apart from that, they are without administrative skills, and work ethics,

Due to their short-sighted strategies, more than 25% of the Saudi population lives in poverty and unemployment. Unemployment especially mostly in young generation is another dangerous serpent.

As a matter of fact, the process of complete destruction and wreck of Saudi Arabia is started. The so-called heart of Islam viz Saudi Arabia is indeed on the brink of unavoidable failure in the next few years.

Once the Saudi Kingdom falls, the most savage ideology after USSR will collapse. The so-called Holy Custodian and Contractors of Islam will soon meet their long-awaited natural destiny, the demise….This country is facing domestic unrest plus tremendously escalating food and oil prices, serious hemorrhage may occur at any time!

If Saudi people want to fend off their kingdom’s collapse, then they have to completely wipe-off their entire ruling incumbent elite class, an autocratic regime who is crushing them on the name of God and endangered the entire region.

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