Sharia, No Competition!

Sharia, No Competition!


I know that due to my altercation and protestation about Islamic Dogma and Sharia Laws many Muslims including my Consegenious Relatives and Friends will become more troublesome and harsh towards me. Some offended contractors of Islam will claim that I am not qualified to debate about Islam, Sharia Laws, and Theology. I am really aghast and genuinely anxious that they would Lynch me if they find me.

But I also do not want to waste my time and efforts in theology. I am fighting and attempting with altruism for the Future of the next Muslim Generations. They deserve better and safer futures in ensuing decades. If today’s Muslims do not realize and welcome Modernity and abreast with their Era and Time and remain stuck in erroneous beliefs of Dark Era, they will ruin it.

If my articles help even a single Muslim to think positively and critically about Islam, while realizing that Sharia is tantamount to a Supremacist, Intolerant, Genocidal and Totalitarian ideology; differentiating between friend and foe, just and unjust; then I will regard my supernova success.

I am struggling to let them know that if they want to live in this world peacefully and respectfully with harmony with other nations then they have to accept modernization, secularism, modern civilization and stop hating the West. Internecine bloodshed and hostility between Muslim Shia-Sunni and other sects are not because of West, rather it is because of their own Damn Sharia and its fanatic followers. If you resist and reject peaceful solutions, you will be isolated from the entire civilized world and you will jeopardize the future of your next generations.

I am convinced that Sharia laden Islam poses challenges to human civilization that are posed by no other religion on our planet. If this ideology is not controlled within a time frame then all possibilities of peace, perpetuated harmony, productivity and stability on our planet will diminish.

I really must assert that sacred and sacrosanct text of Islamic Sharia makes believers violent. They also sanction theological violence against anyone who does not agree with their ideology. Al Qaeda and Islamic State are just on the front line but behind them, there are Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia are who claim that they are fighting against terrorism. No, they are not fighting against terrorism; actually, they are just fighting against only those elements that are verily threatening and challenging their Illegitimate Governments.

What is Terrorism? This is not about any person or country rather it is an ideology. If they are really fighting against terrorism as they claim then why they are officially practicing the same ideology in their countries? Any critical statement about the Prophet Mohammed or Islam is sacrilegious and is specified as an act of blasphemy and death is the destiny. Temples, Churches, and Synagogues are prohibited; Lapidation and Beheading are not only acceptable but also Legitimate forms of punishment and retribution. And even family honor has become “Islamic.”  This is called Hypocrisy, Insincerity, Deception, and Sanctimoniousness.

These so-called and self-declared Muslim Governments and states are impudently and deliberately unwilling to acknowledge facts and easily repudiate that intolerance and violence embedded in their own Sharia Laws. All Muslim fundamentalists like Boko Haram, Islamic State or Al Qaeda, did not hijack their religion, but rather they practiced and cited the same man-made primitive Islamic Sharia Laws that every Muslim state, today or in the past, considered revered and venerated. They are engaged in a dispute with the rest of the world for this kind of Islam and insist to not changing it from its original seventh-century Despotic version. At least they are honest and veracious, and better than Muslim leadership who hide the truth, they seriously take it according to their faith, to forcibly impose Sharia Laws on this planet as their Religious Duty.

Due to their religion and belief system, Muslims are in dilemma and in a sense of abasement, ensnared in a precarious scenario. They are facing all around them modernity, a very complex economic system, and situation; they are also facing cultural and political innovations and dynamic media which reshaped and dramatically transformed most of the planet in just two decades.
They are trapped between the ancient world and the modern era of science and technology. Muslims are lethargically engaged in a deadly struggle to cling with primitive Islam; on every step of life they have encountered numerous challenges to secure their primitive values and beliefs. Ultimately they are divided into three groups:

A) Intolerant and anachronistic Muslims: Mentally and emotionally retarded, inclined towards extremism as the reaction of their mental stress. They strongly believe in vigilantes, religious police and politically empowered theocracy. 
B) Self-enclosed Muslims: In the modern world, they resolve their strain by just imitating the rituals and sending their children in madrassas for traditional Islamic education and if they are settled in the USA or in Europe, disengaging themselves from the mainstream non-Muslim community; attempting to lead a quiet life in their own culture.                         
C) Secular Muslims: Critical thinkers, born and raised as Muslim but proved unfit, usually called apostate and heretic. In fact, they are the dissidents and reformers within Islam. In the Muslim world, they are ostracized and completely rejected, face all kinds of insults, death threats and even face lynching.

As a matter of fact, the role of Sharia laws is the main curse, malediction and on Muslims and imprecation for the civilized world. Many Muslim apologists and polemicist claim and justify that Muslims’ Sharia Laws are similar to Jewish Rabbinical/ Halakha Laws or Christian Canon Laws. They are just trying to keep up the pretense that all three are analogous and complementary. I feel, either they are Compulsive liars or really Stupid, Doltish and Dopey.

Anachronistic Sharia and its Labyrinthine Laws are involved practically in all aspects of human life and society, regardless of whether a Muslim or non-Muslim. On one hand, it governs everything;  matters ranging from Birth to Death and Marriage to Divorce, from personal disputes and skirmish to the full-blown conflagration, Politics, Economics and Finance, and all Religious Rituals and Ecclesiastical plus Celestial issues.

On the other hand, it has also complete control and command on all Government Bodies and Matters, Civil and Military affairs. Justice, Criminal Punishments, terms of Peace and War; literally everything is within the Jurisdiction of Islamic Sharia!

All nefarious and appalling punishments, Hudood Ordinance of Pakistan, corporal punishments considered as comeuppance like Amputation of Limbs, Whipping, Lapidation, Crucifixion and Beheading, all and only about the Sharia. Unfortunately and eventually, violence is the inevitable corollary of such Inhuman Laws. While Jewish Rabbinical/ Halakha laws or Christian Canon Laws mainly covers Ecclesiastical and Religious issues. There is no resemblance between Sharia Laws and Jewish Rabbinical/ Halakha Laws or Christian Canon Laws.

Moreover, Canon Laws are only for Christians, Rabbinical or Halakha Laws apply to only Jews; on the contrary Islamic Sharia Laws are not only for Muslims but for every other Religion and Faith of this Planet too! Fundamental and radical Muslims impose their Sharia Laws on Muslim and non-Muslim population equally, by force.

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