Brussels Massacre

Brussels Massacre

After Paris massacres, now in Belgium, Brussels is engulfed in bloodshed and grief. If we do not open eyes, there will be much, much more to come, one after another.

We are witnessing the surge of violent terrorism, genocide, and conquest, as a global terror movement is on the march from Africa to Asia and now in Europe palpably becoming ever more perilous.

The current Western narrative represents a pertinacious, persistent and tenacious denial to delve into the Islamic Political Doctrines and the nature of Islamic Tenets, out of fear of offending Muslim immigrants. This anomalous denial is not a Western phenomenon, and it will not help or change the lethal philosophy of Jihadist groups, rather it will invigorate and embolden them. My articles contain various portentous apprehensions of future catastrophes in this regard.

The persistent infantile denial by the European political elites (indulging in preposterous utopian fantasies) that Islamic Sharia (a supremacist and fascist ideology) is the doctrine with which Islamic Jihadists terrorist groups justify the war they wage on the European soil; such terrorist assaults and atrocities against the civilian population could become even more, so trivial throughout the European soil.

I personally think that such behavior of European political elites is tantamount of the gross transgression of their moral and over the top, legal responsibility, which could jeopardize the whole future. If they do not acknowledge the source of the imminent danger and disaster that are lurking; they will continue to embrace the shilly-shally policies that empower the Islamic Jihadist terrorist groups.

With regards to Muslim immigrant communities that are already in Europe, there must have sensible and veracious surveillance policy and wider dragnet regarding Mosques, Private Muslim Schools (Madrassas) and Community Centers which praise and sanction Islamic supremacies.

In addition, it is imperative and mandatory to officially inform Muslim immigrants that any kind of affirming and countenancing of the Islamic Sharia will not be tolerated. Any Muslim immigrant who wishes to replace, supersede or implant European value and constitution with Islam Sharia is on the wrong side of this skirmish. It is not necessary that to cross this line, one needs to hold a rampage or be violent.

This is not a violation of human rights against Muslim immigrants; rather it is a golden opportunity for pro-European Muslim immigrants to come forward, step up and help or leave European soil.

As a matter of fact, West had acknowledged its colonialist crimes and the crimes of Nazism. West does not hesitate to criticize the crimes committed during the colonialism era by the European Colonist Empires. They candidly accepted what the British Empire did to the Aborigines in Australia and New Zealand, and what happened with Indians and native South Americans by the European imperialist invaders in newly discovered America.

Germans also acknowledged the crimes against humanity by the German Nazi Government in World Wars, especially against Jews. They have enumerated the flaws, atrocities and any infraction of the rules in their history.

The question that I want to raise in my article is whether Muslims are also ready to confess and recognize that they have also committed similar atrocities and crimes when they were in power.

But the case of Muslims is different. They are not ready to acknowledge crimes and atrocities committed by them; because their crimes are holy crimes, by the consent of their GOD!  I have no sympathy either with Sunni Terrorism, under the patronage of Saudi Arabia or with Shia Terrorism, under the patronage of Tehran. Both of them are still committing heinous crimes against humanity under different holy religious titles; like Sharia Laws. Their history is also full of bloodshed and crimes, without any sense of reparation.

Muslims are not ready to acknowledge that they have also committed grisliness and barbarity around the known world when ‘Muscle Power’ was the only known language. Under their Godly, pious and sainted religious appellations, they killed millions of innocent Indians, Persians, Africans, and European, especially in their conquest of Spain.

These conquered and subdued nations did not submit to Muslims because their conqueror was pious, righteous, saintly, devout and sanctimonious people. Rather they surrendered because of the muscle power and Muslim sword that was hanging over their head.

In the time of illiteracy and darkness; when ignorance was common on our planet, every nation, including small tribes committed crimes against each other. It is not just and fair that we remember others crimes and call ours ‘Godly.’ This philosophy is rubbish and is not acceptable to anyone on this planet, and I am certain about it. Even today, if Palestinians get Weapons of Mass Destruction they will not hesitate to use them against the state of Israel, because according to their belief, it is also a “Godly Act,” because Jews are perpetual and eternally execrable and cursed! What a fanciful load of bullshit.

Apart from the political and serious issues, anything else written in Sharia, even about routine life is absolutely dangerous, pernicious and obnoxious. It makes Muslims believe that they are the best, aristocratic, blue-blooded and noblest of all humans. It makes them believe that their way of life is the immaculate and pristine while the others are nothing but filth, scum and squalid.

What they eat is the best, what they wear is the best, their way of living is outstanding, and solely their way of thought is the best. They still do not consider a sick and absurd ideology and superiority complex which was brought to them in the deplorable and wretched situation; has turned out to be a failure in over 56 Muslim countries.

Muslims must re-examine and reconsider it all. But, I know this is just my dream which will never come true, perish the thought! With all due respect, Muslims can only be deemed best in bad, awful and lousy bullshitting.

The appalling injustice, corruption, oppression and over the top poverty paved the way for the rise of serpents like ISIS, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, and Al Shabaab etc. in the Muslim world.

Since the collapse of the Muslim Umayyad Caliphate, dozens of fidgeting and writhing similar movements emerged, camouflaged in the name of Islam. They were opposing and fighting with their own so-called Muslim Governments like today Al Quada and ISIS are. In efforts to achieve their political objectives, many of those fanatic fundamentalists have not been deterred from aggression and bloodshed, even by the prospect of losing thousands of their own people. They have slaughtered, killed and maimed tens of hundreds of Muslims by going to war and continue the conflict even when their defeat is looming and impending.

I have written this more than once in my articles that: “According to my knowledge and understanding, Muslims’ Jihad philosophy can be as defeated as the Japanese imperialism, Italian Fascism, Nazism, and most recent Communism after the 45 years of Cold War. However, the strategy must be tailored to address all aspects of this suicidal ideology viz a complete survey of the evil and their supremacist behavior. We should work enthusiastically with the belief that we can defeat this inferior ideology and stone-age civilization. I want to make it clear that we should be determined to fight with them by all means with not only military might but all other instruments of our power against this monster.”

Hence, apart of military might, sensible and effective policies are necessary for response to the global terrorism and this is the only solution to finally defeat the totalitarian menace on the name of GOD, not containing or deterring it, but vanquish and annihilate it.   
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