Islamic Sharia Bunch of Awful Laws

Islamic Sharia Bunch of Awful Laws

In my articles I am calling on the world including Muslims to open their eyes to the fact of Muslim fundamentalism and violence around the world as innate in the nature of Islamic Sharia itself, it is not the case of abuse. Islam must be evaluated on its own terms and conditions which has been devised and practiced from the seventh century, rather than through the Western values.

Feeble-minded Muslims and their defenders claimed and continually deny that Islam is built on terrorism and Islam is wholly consonant with progress.

As a matter of fact, they proved that either they are compulsive liars or they know the least about their own religion, and have not even little formal knowledge about Sharia Laws.
Muslims, no matter where they live or migrate to, they always lack in integration in the host society, based on Sharia’s behest and being as a Muslim is required to abide by Sharia Law (entirely anti-human plus anti-life laws). All code of ethics, morality and religious duties; in brief, complete control of one’s life. The fidelity and adherence to Sharia Laws is the real driving force to terrorize the world and to go on mass killing sprees even in their open-hearted host Western countries.

Muslim Violence, Terrorism, Extremism, whatever you call it, is simply a tool, medium or mean to fulfill the will of God, even sacrifice their own life in achieving so. Muslims justify their violence as an act of piety. This is not possible to adopt any successful strategy to fight Muslim terrorism without acknowledging its objective and organizing principle.

The designated, determined spiritual goal of the Sharia is the conquest of the whole planet on the name of God has been enlivened again and again in Muslim history from the seventh century. This rejuvenescence and expansions, which have only been temporarily halted as a truce only, just because of superior counterforces.

There are Jihadists and terrorists from numerous Muslim and non-Muslim countries who have joined militant organizations like Al-Qaeda or ISIS; what do you think they all have in common? The bloody Islamic Sharia, the only gravitational and positive uniting factor for terrorism on the name of the God around the planet. If I am wrong, then what else unites these fanatics into a common goal and identity that they are willing to kill innocents and ready to blast themselves as well?

This revivification was inspired and fueled by endemic and ingrained hatred for Western values. Once entrenched in the western civilization, Muslims start bamboozled and hammering at its foundation in an effort to turn it into Sharia dominated viz replaced with what is approved by the Muslim theocracy.

Islam is not a religion rather in the disguise of religion it is a political movement and faith with appetency and longing for expansion and colonization. As a matter of fact, this desire of colonization and expansionism necessitated the Christian Crusades in order to regain territories occupied by invaded Muslims.

Muslim invaders raided and conquered many lands; the Byzantine Empire, the Persian Empire, North Africa, Spain, Middle East; even farthest destinations like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Indian subcontinent and Pacific were all forced into submission and conversion to Islam by the sword.

Islam is stereotyped as unmitigatedly harsh in its code of esoteric laws, intolerant of other religions, repressive toward women, advise their faithful to kill the infidels, apostates, heterodox and incompatible with progress; oppressed and regressed thriving societies.

Furthermore, we should remember that religious differences are more explosive than political ones. And where religious differences don’t exist, Jihadists create them by denouncing their Muslim enemies or moderate Muslims as Atheist, Apostate, and Heterodox.

I am not slandering on Muslims’ reputation or trying to prove anything right or wrong! Anyone can read and easily interpret Sharia Laws, the instructions and commands of religious racism to Muslims. I would suggest that while reading, honestly recall all events of persecutions, bombings, and massacre in Muslim and non-Muslim world, and the Muslim Shia Sunni internal skirmish and confrontation. What we need to do, just only an honest and unbiased analysis of the Muslim history and Islamic theology. It would lead us to understand what is going on around us and all over the planet.

After an honest and plausible appraisal, a reader will acknowledge that teaching and laws of Islamic Sharia are potentially vicious in the masquerade and charade of obedience to the Law of Allah (God). We usually assume that all religions must be peaceful by their nature, but when Islam comes as a religion, regretfully it is not the case; it becomes violent, extremely violent and savage.

Sharia law provides an Institutionalized, authoritative and legal comprehensive framework for legalized harassment, violence, amputations, lapidation, lashings, murder, slavery; discouraged and prohibited practices that are strongly biased and discriminatory against apostates, non-Muslims minorities, homosexuals, blasphemers and especially against women, allegedly accused of adultery and petty crimes.

The Sharia devoted Muslim refugees from war-torn Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, who have invaded generous welfare European countries and are raping and pillaging the host countries, have seriously stirred and overwhelmed the very tolerant and multi-cultural nations who naively refuge them in with open hearts and arms.

I want to assure my readers that I am not trying to justify Muslim violence against non-Muslims either in Europe or in the Muslim world against minorities, and I am also not encouraging counter violence against Muslims. I am simply inviting an honest look at Islamic Sharia itself. It is vital to extrapolate and perceive this religious phenomenon because we have to deal with.

For someone’s point of view, it could be politically incorrect to state these things openly. But I strongly believe they need to be stated because they are in fact the truth and both Muslims and non-Muslims need to consider and acknowledge the truth. A lie could conceal the truth but cannot ameliorate successive pain and inflictions.

Muslims, on one side desire Sharia Law, Burkas, Hijab and other forms of enslaving women, genital mutilation, harsh punishments for rape, divorce, adultery, and abortion. And on the other hand with their lower moral standards, they are demanding ideal Western secular welfares as well, like Schools, Colleges, Universities, Medical facilities. Modern Technology and its fruits like electricity, Social Media, Transportation and Communication, Water and Agricultural advancements, High tech innovations, and industrial revolution etc... They have to realize that Sharia Laws and modernization are not compatible. These are the results of enlightenment and sophistication rather than Stone Age ideology and theology.

Unfortunately, religion is a powerful and dominant force throughout the Muslim world. The common explanation is that the Muslim masses, poor and rich alike, turned to Allah after everything else failed. The mess of their corrupt and inept governments, poverty, the downfall of their economy, military defeats in wars; the list goes on.

The Muslims claim that the Quran is perfect, unchangeable, and timeless, revealed by the angel Gabriel to their prophet Muhammad in 610 A.D. According to Muslims’ protestation, the Quran is the inspired and inerrant word of Allah (their God). They believe that it is an incorruptible revelation of God to mankind. The truth cannot be based solely on belief, especially if it was enforced by sward

As a matter of fact, Muslims’ faith is just based on what they hear from their parents, Mullahs, Molvees and fellow Muslims, while they were growing up. Muslims are willing to kill and die over the Quran but it is very funny and absurd that most of the Muslims have never read and understood the Quran. Otherwise, any equitable, impartial and objective Muslim reader would almost certainly conclude that the Quran is not from divine origin, but rather from Muhammad’s imagination and contrivance in the circumstances in which he established himself. 

King James even translated the Bible from Latin to English, so the common man can understand their word from God, rather than enforcing beliefs from which they have never read and tried to understand themselves. I implore my Muslim friends to read, and read and understand the Quran, the Hadith, and the Sharia Laws by themselves, in a language they can understand; then offer a coherent valid refutation of my articles, based on evidence and logic, to the argument itself.

In fact, it is a man-made ill-conceived collection of quotations, passed off as the word of God to the credulous audience in the nomadic primitive Arab society. 

Quran describes Allah as having a face, eyes, and hands speaking, and sitting on a throne. While most of the Muslims reject anthropomorphic descriptions of Allah.

Quran also does not perceive evolution theory, this is the reason that even most secular and educated Muslims also reject it.

Quran and Islamic Sharia laws both provide no basis for the annulment and dissolution of slavery or even for the diminution and curtailment of slavery, a cursed trade. Unfortunately, Islam accepts slavery as social norms, and protect slavery as legal systems of Muslim ideological society.

In the 7th century, slavery was indispensable and integral part of Arabian society. Quran and Islamic Sharia both sanctioned and continued slavery as an institution, due to two reasons: first for economic reasons, and the second crucial reason, for a life of debauchery and lust. Sexual slavery in which young, beautiful, captured and abducted girls were made concubines. Islam sanctions this bane on a small scale for ordinary Muslims and in large harems for the powerful Muslims. In the Quran, these concubines are referred to as “those whom your right hand possesses.”  4:24

Termination of the slavery would have antagonized many of the disgruntled tribes that Muhammad sought to bring together. This is the main reason that the Mohammed, the Prophet of Islam did not try to rescind slavery, and sold, bought, captured, and owned slaves by himself. Consequently, Muslim slavery continued until 1971 in the Middle East. The motivation and encouragement for the abolition and rescindment of slavery came mainly from colonial western powers.

According to the Muslims,’ the Quran was sanctioned by Allah and Muhammad has received and just implemented it. So slavery cannot be dismissed as simply as a cultural thing of Arabian society. How can a real God sanction and tolerate loathsome slavery while a reasonable human being is disgusted even with the idea of slavery?

In response to my articles, some Muslim apologists adopt a “this-that-then-is-was-hence-now-up-down-right-left” approach. The Quran is fraught with contradictions in which Muslim apologists have had to jump through hermeneutical hoops, striving to reconcile the contradictions without any accomplishment. I just want to ask one simple question: the Islamic scriptures that sanction and authorize slavery, is it valid and relevant or not? 

According to the Muslim belief, Quran and Sharia Laws are words of God, the final revelation, valid and eternal till the doomsday. Slavery, therefore eternally relevant. Hence the Quran has provided a religious justification for slavery. Muslim jihadist who are still raping slave girls can claim to find inspiration and encouragement in the holy Quran.

I wonder how much more evidence I have to provide. In the most polite words, I feel ashamed to be called a Muslim; a follower of a God who has sanctioned SLAVERY.

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