Religion is a primitive & Gigantic Deception!

Religion is a primitive & Gigantic Deception!

I am just an average guy who is aware that my articles are shocking to the unfortunate victims of Religion who are Brain-Washed by religious indoctrination from their juvenility. But I still believe that those who have even a minute spark of intelligence will examine the facts mentioned in my writings.

What I am writing is about you and your life, your Governments. It will help you understand and escape from religious despotism, autocracy, oppression, and fascism which degenerates the minds; it will also defuse your fear of a mythical God, Hell, Heaven, and Devil. I consider myself fortunate that until now I am not killed by the people to whom I exposed and made so angry.

An astute observer and rational person will not accept and susceptible any dogma or tentative subject until carefully examining every aspect of it. Moron, recreant and too lazy to contemplate, accept instinctively, without reasoning, whatsoever doctrine or dogma imposed upon them since childhood, when their minds were immature and they could not reason, by their parents, teachers, Mulla Molvee, Qari Sahib, Mufti Sahab, Pundit, Pujari and so-called Holy Father etc..

With all due respect: Buddhists believe they will be reincarnated, Millions of devout Muslims blindly believe that the Quran and Sharia laws were brought by an Angel from God, and this is their hallowed duty to impose Holy Sharia on all over this Planet, by hook or by crook. My Hindus friends believe in numerous venerated Gods with many arms, riding on beasts. My Naive Christian friends nullified laws of nature and believe in miracles; belief in a special kind of God who created the entire universe in just Six Days and furthermore, Joshua interrupted the sun by just yelling at it, and Jesus was born of a virgin. (Muslims also share some of Christian and Jews believes similarly.)

I personally believe that actually Jesus, Moses, and Mohammed came to abolish religions. But religious whores turned them again in religious icons and established new religions on their graves. If these icons could come back from their graves, they will astonish, what has been done on their name and religious perpetrators would not allow them to let them in in their Holy Buildings.

It is vital to mention after human greed, religion and religious whores are the main cause of most of the bloodshed on this planet. They are not capable to fix problems and complexities but they are shrewd enough to exploit and ignite all of such occasions and issues in their own favor. Religion and solution are two opposite clans. They can build huge and magnificent but deadly infectious Mosques, Temples and Churches but they cannot support and feed the broken and poor masses.

Certainly, I am a fierce enemy of the mumbo-jumbo Gods and a zillion banal Religions, but I believe that the real planner, creator, and sustainer of the universe is delighted and declaring ‘I love this Man.’

Through my article, I want to expose religion, its purpose, its origins, its flaws, and its credibility, as it should be. I hope that an average person would be able to interpret. Religion is a unique way to control the masses through more than just law. It is a Satanic Triangle cage of conspiracy to trap and prey Humanity in it, without bringing it even in their notice. On each corner of this triangle you will find following conspirators:

1.     Acquisitive and avaricious Capitalist.

2.     Vicious thugs on the name of the God, viz Priesthood.

3.     Barbaric Kingship.

These Leeches are all complicit in sucking the blood of humanity by different tactics and conspiracies; the worst they invented are ‘Religion and Patriotism.’ Here I will not write about Patriotism.

The modus operandi of this robber enterprise is to use some terms, like God, Devil, Hell, Heaven and a million promises and threats regarding and related to the life after death, to control and dominate the masses according to their wishes and ambitions.

As a matter of fact, not even a single human being has ever died and then came back to reveal that what was promised or threatened by religious conspirators had been delivered after death. In fact, religion preys on human emotion that is manipulated by mere promises of bliss and euphoria.

Religious people claim they know everything, but in fact, they know nothing. Because to date, we do not know exactly anything about how the Universe began, so there is no point to accept the claims of the Religions to know about the Universe or God. Hence there is not a single valid and correct Religion including Islam on this Planet.

Although the question of God is a poser logically I cannot rule out the possibility of a Creator of the Universe, and I am not against belief in real God. I am just against the mumbo-jumbo traditional God/Gods, created by religious emcees, simply and shrewdly made up by some upper-class cunning Humans. Every religion invents God and Goddess, spreads lies and denies science. But I think that if there is a GOD He would not resent for using our brains to know the truth and seek pieces of evidence rather he would glad for the humans who use this wonderful faculty.

How it is possible that a real God punishes us, just for doubting him? No, it is a religious scam to keep followers from questioning, whatsoever they claim.

Historically religion is an internationally organized Mafia Crime, which was devised, committed and maintained by above-mentioned ruling classes, globally. As I belong to a very religious Muslim family, hence personally I find Religion a deliberate deception. According to Common sense and a basic familiarity with the laws of nature, an average person should be able to understand that most of the mentioned things in the all religious sacred books are scientifically impossible.

Science classifies Religion as erroneous, bogus and fraudulent, based upon the primitive superstitions of stone-age ignorant people, who had no knowledge of science; ridiculously claims the world was flat, contrary to all scientific facts. The Roman Catholic Church executed Italian scientist and philosopher Giordano Bruno for the so-called crime of heresy, burnt alive at the stake.  

Holy and his/her highness people imprisoned Physicist and Astronomer Galileo Galilei for life because he categorically refused to accept Holy Orthodoxy. As per the Holy Orthodoxy, Earth was the immovable center of the universe and firm belief that the Earth revolves around the Sun. He disagreed with superstitious Holy bullshits.  

Unfortunately, the Great secular thinkers, scientists, and philosophers have been suppressed, tortured, ostracized and even executed in very heinous manners and their writings burnt all around the planet. Only in recent few decades courageous thinkers have been free to criticize and expose religions but only in Europe and USA.

Religion is a history of command and control of world resources, wealth and over-the-top People. Religion develops hatred and brings humans to face to face, against each other in so-called Holy Wars, which is mere state sponsor organized Terrorism and crimes against Humanity. Religious Philosophy creates imaginary enemies in the mind of the followers and justifies killing other humans just purely based on their religious differences. Religion justifies its own deception and prevarication by manipulating and creating its own legitimacy and veracity, no matter even if they clash with universal truths and values.

As a matter of fact, Religion is the main cause of vacillation, unhappiness, fear, ignorance, wars, and poverty on our planet. Religion dragged and kept humans thousands of years behind in dark era. Religion not only robs our hard earned money on the name of Gods but also our freedom, time and options in life, it is a very long list indeed. Religious beliefs are not only against of Science but also against of common sense too. According to the Science, there is nothing Supernatural and nothing contrary to Natural Laws.

These primitive Holy Bullshits and beliefs have been invented and promoted persistently and earnestly by the herd of Molvees, Mullas, Muftees, Imams, Priests, and Preachers of all Religions. These lunatic thugs cheat the ignorant and gullible masses who pay tribute to them. It is in their great interest to promote this superstitious holy business because their extravagant lifestyle and multi-Billion-Pounds properties and incomes which are also exempt from taxes, all rely on the pockets of masses.

These religious profiteer masses indoctrinated (Indoctrination is contrary to education) with superstition from childhood to believe what these Holy and favored by one of their Gods preach, in the best interest of their nasty business. Finally, these indoctrinated masses are not able to critically examine or scrutinize the doctrine they have learned and over-the-top expected not to question.

Religious indoctrination is a process of deliberate transmitting doctrine in a non-critical way to the youngsters, at the age where mental ability not developed and they are not able to contemplate in abstractions and to create ideas and contrary to fact and value propositions. And over-the-top, youngsters under the patronage of religious parents are unreasonably brainwashed and forcibly encouraged to follow the faith and complex cruel rituals of their ancestors. In fact, Religion is tantamount to bondage, slavery and mere resentment; all religions are mind fraud of people.

These garrulous religious perpetrators waste most of their time in trivialities and useless prayers and abstain from hard labor and to face practical stark realities of life. They have nothing valuable and worthy to consider for humans as a successful living being in a social environment on this planet. All their brags and promises are about the after death life. For alive and above the ground breathing masses they have nothing. You have to die first and go under the ground where 72 virgins are waiting! 

If you ask them how do you know, can you prove it? Now, you really put them over the barrel and they will start squirm, and off balance. Dear reader matters regarding before or the afterlife, I certainly do not know. Likewise, I am also sure that the prophet of Islam Mohammed, Mullah, Mufti, or any proclaimed Imam of Muslims do not know anything about these issues as well. Science is struggling hard to delve answers of these mysterious questions. And answers given by science will be the only true answer.

The pretension of the religious propagandist that their believers will be granted an everlasting far better life after death; believers should graciously accede without any skeptical questioning and behold every bullshitting on the name of God as true, and incredulous will be called Apostates and Heretics.

All their claims, pretensions and assertion are not substantiated with reason and cannot be recognized in any law court. For religious people, God is a product for advertisement only and delivery is not possible.

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