Bizarre news about Pakistan

Bizarre news about Pakistan

So-called ‘Islamic’ Republic of Pakistan is ensnared in the Islamic extremism and going deeper and deeper into the marsh of religious zealot, bigotry, hatred, intolerance, and contumacy.

As a matter of fact, all over the Muslim world, Muslims know very well what and where the problem is but regretfully they have no courage to openly admit it. Islamic Sharia, a fiendish plot, is the main cause of this curse; and Islamic Madrassas, in the length and width of Pakistan, are the perfect breeding ground on the basis of Islamic Sharia for indoctrination of malice and malevolence. These Madrasas are boosting intolerance, dogmatism, and terrorism, nurturing hatred.

Every day there are shocking and bizarre news about Pakistan, just barbarity, brutality, cruelty and inhumanity; wanton destruction of human lives and the interminable cycle of violence. So-called Pakistani stooge Government and pawn Judiciary is failed to protect innocent people rather they are protecting the evil elements of the society because they are their cousins indeed.    
Approximately 1,000 innocent and virtuous women are killed each year in so-called ‘Honor Killings’ for allegedly violating Islamic Sharia Laws which are very narrow-minded and conservative norms about love and marriage issues. This is the outrageous, disgusting and loathsome face of a Pakistani Muslim society where such crimes are considered as petty crimes. Here are some notable specimens:   
1.      In the last month June, in Lahore i Pakistan, a Muslim mother burns alive her teenage daughter Zeenat Rafiq, 18-year-old, in horrific Honor Killing after tying her to a cot and doused her in kerosene with the help of her son as punishment for eloping to marry her boyfriend. She refused to have a traditional wedding and committed so-called ‘Heinous Crime’ according to the so hackneyed and trite Islamic Sharia Laws by getting married to her boyfriend, something which greatly angered her religious and fanatic Muslim family.
2.    Similarly, at the same time, outside the Pakistani capital Islamabad, a 19-year-old teacher was tortured and burned alive for refusing to marry the son of her boss who was twice her age.
3.    Also in another incident, a charred body of Ambreen Riasat, 17 years old was found in a burned van; 13 most respectful members of a local tribal council set her on fire for helping a friend elope. This kind of extremist Muslim tribal councils does not accept the basic human right of exercising the right of choice of life partner.
4.    In another horrific, appalling and shocking incident in the same conservative Muslim Pakistan, a 22-year-old mother, Muqaddas Bibi, who was also pregnant with her second child, had her throat slit by her real mother, real father and real brother and she died immediately. They reprobated her love marriage and husband, considered love marriage as shameful and against the Islamic Sharia Laws. 
5.     On the other hand, in the same conservative Muslim country, Pakistan, there is a father of 35 children and husband of three wives Haji Jan Mohammad, 46-year-old, looking for 4th wife, he aims to score 100 children. Because accordingly to Islamic Sharia he ridiculously believes that being a Muslim it is his religious duty to have as many children as possible. And there is nobody interested in the mental agony, depression, despair, and social problems of women and children due to Islamic polygamy.  
6.    And recently an innocent person is killed just for singing songs! Well known and most famous in South Asia, Sufi singer Amjad Fareed Sabri gunned down in Karachi, Pakistan during Muslims’ holiest month of Ramadan. Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack, adduce the type of music he performs as ‘Blasphemous.’
7.     And now another honor killing in Pakistan: Social media celebrity Qandeel Baloch real name Fouzia Aneem killed at her house by strangulation in Multan by her own real brothers. In fact, honor killings are epidemic in Pakistan, a completely divided state; suffered a shellacking at the hands of religious fanatics.

As per the International Institute for Strategic Studies, Muslims are involved in almost 70% of all the fatalities in terrorist attacks, lynching, executions armed conflicts and wars around the planet; and most of the victims are also Muslims.

All of this nonsense violence is explicitly motivated and committed in the name of Islam. Under such a scenario, I believe that it is foolish to insist that Islam is a religion of peace, by its followers.

When I am writing this article, I do not mean that all Muslims are violent. This is palpably not the case. Most of the Muslims in the world are peaceful and friendly. What I do insist is that the call to bloodshed, coercion, detriment and violence and over the top the acknowledgment and justification for such evils are unequivocally and explicitly theologically sanctioned in the Islamic Sharia Laws.

It is not just about the individuals or Islamic terrorists and extremists who follow and practice the violent Islamic faith and laws. It is also the case of so-called Islamic countries. What about Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan where any critical statement or objection which is not liked and approved by the Mullah Mafia is considered and labeled as blasphemy and death is the penalty, beheading is a legitimate form of execution?

As a matter of fact, all terrorists around the planet and all so-called Muslim Governments, both cited the same Islamic Sharia Laws for their barbarity and state-sponsored terrorism. Every other Muslim in the world also considers them holy, revered, venerated, inviolable, sacrosanct and sacred. Hence Muslims’ claim that Islam has been hijacked by extremists is null and void.

Dear Muslim friends, it is in your own best interest to stop shilly-shallying, and start an open debate about the very substance of Islamic dogma, credo, canon, axiom, tenet, thoughts, practices, and even symbols. Reform and disavow your beliefs that are used to justify evils and barbaric acts; otherwise, the whole world holds Islam accountable.

Do not hesitate to act accordingly, you are not alone who is facing problems due to your religion. Christianity and Judaism have experienced the same situation, dilemma, and limbo during their reforming phase. During the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible tour de force in the name of their religion.  

According to history, it is almost the same situation and process which Christianity and Judaism gone through over the centuries. Both religions also encompassed a lot of blood and gore. The Talmud and the Bible both contain violent passages and several anecdotes of harsh human and divine requital, vengeance, retribution, and comeuppance.

Since centuries both Christianity and Judaism went through a long but substantial, serious and meaningful process of consequential Reformation and Enlightenment. As a result of this healthy attitude and lengthy process, the vast majority of Christians and Jews have come to terminate and sack the fictitious theology, theocracy and religious scripture that crave and create appetency for extremism, bloodshed, intolerance, and violence. Finally, they managed to muster the courage to dismiss troublesome religious scripture and secured future for their next generations. 

Still, there are religious fanatics, aficionado, and maniacs available within both the religions, but they are under control because masses are literate, civilized and enlightened and their governments are secular. Regrettably, in Islam, it is not the case, it is those advocating and seeking religious reform are titled Atheist, Agnostic and face the death penalty.

In the early days, Islam took the start from the city of Mecca in the Arab Peninsula by inviting polytheists to accept Islam. After 10 years of inducement, Islam migrated to the neighboring city of Medina, and from that moment it took a political dimension.

Now Islam is not a religion rather a political entity and a completely new system of life. Now polytheists in the Arab Peninsula were given three option, to convert, fight or die. The People of Book viz Christians and Jews were allowed to withhold their religion if they agreed to pay a tax.

Now there were two kinds of Muslims, Muslims of Medina and Muslims of Mecca, who were surrendered after the conquests of Mecca. I distinguish them as active and passive Muslims. After the demise of Mohammed, there is a skirmish within these two types of Muslims for the ownership and leadership of Islam.  

The minority of Muslims who follow Medina is the most fundamentalists and problematic, engaged in violence. This is a leading regime who believe in life by the strict letter of a creed based on Sharia Laws, completely rigid, stubborn, adamant and mulish even about the most ridiculous things from its original seventh-century version Islamic religious law.

They envision it as a requirement of their faith that Islam should impose on everyone even by the sword. This is the regime who impose the death penalty for the so-called crime of Apostasy and Heresy, lapidation for adultery and homosexuality. They put women in Hijab, veil and allowed to beat them, legalized slavery.

The majority throughout the Muslim world consists of Meccan type Muslims. They are loyal to the Islam devoutly, more amenable to the new ideas and logic and are not prone to practice violence; focused on religious observance only.

But these peaceful Muslims have a different kind of problem, there is a permanent internal contention, dilemma, perplexity strain, stress and skirmish between their orthodox religious beliefs and modernity. The West exported its modernity, economic, cultural and political innovations throughout the Muslim and developing world; consequently, these countries are also gradually transforming. Modernity, rationalism and secular values are a fierce enemy of the traditional and orthodox societies, where hierarchies based on inheritance and gender.

This kind of Muslims finds themselves captured between not only two different but contrary worlds. Modernity challenges their stereotype values and beliefs at every step and aspect of their life; they are engaged in permanent serious misgivings on how to adhere to Islam. These Meccan type of Muslims are my real audience and I want to engage them in the silent grandeur of the rationalism and utilitarianism. I want to talk to them about their faith and practices.

There is another group among Muslims growing, they are their reformers and dissidents but Muslims categorically with hatred called them Apostate and Heretic. They also born and raised as Muslim but sought to think critically about their faith and creed, and I am one of them. These ostracized reformers and dissidents face insults, rejection, isolation, death threats and even execute through lynching.

Unfortunately, since they titled me an Apostate and Heretic and Protagonist of the enemies of the Islam, they want to hunt down and execute me. They will never consider me their well-wisher. But I still humbly request them that please for a while, ignore me whatsoever I am, and just heed my call of reformation, amelioration, and Islam’s future.

Widespread revulsion has already begun and you are at a crossroad, make a conscious decision, reject the violent elements from your religion. West can help you with their economic, political and military tools to counter your terrorists. But the situation in the Muslim world would never be better unless you acknowledge the harmfulness of Sharia Laws and ready to reform yourself. 

You should not give divine status to your so-called great religious leaders and Imams and consider them as infallible with the divine writ; they were also human beings, now they are just historical figures. Sharia Laws made by them are incongruous and anachronistic in our time; we need dynamic, evolving laws to solve our problems.

Remember that the Arab tribal values of the seventh century cannot be replicated in this century. The civilized world cannot tolerate politically empowered Mullah, Mufti, and clerics. There is no room in the civilized world for above the law vigilantes and religious police department and the imposition of religion on the gunpoint.  

Dubious, skeptical and incredulous Hadith and Sunna cannot become the base of Islam because they are nothing but mere history, and your history is a lengthy wrangle, much disputed and full of controversy. History cannot become faith, we can use history for reference purpose only. Unfortunately, Muslims accepted and established their distorted history as their holy religion and result is obvious. 

I am fully aware that my efforts of reform in Islam will not be welcome by Muslims.  Ardent radical Muslims will be more eager to kill me. Relentless sentimental fanatic supporters of Hadith, Sunna, and Sharia Laws will claim that I am not even qualified to confer these theological issues and divine laws.

I do not consider this as a theological issue, it is more about the relations of the Muslim world with rest of the world and more precisely about the future of Muslims who are living in more than 52 countries from Indonesia to Senegal. Despite the death threats by my enemies who titled me Apostate and Heretic, I am determined to continue my work until I die because our next generations deserve a better and safe future. If the reformers and thinkers become afraid then common men will pay an immense price by bloodshed and over the top, loss of freedoms.

According to the dictionary, Arabic word ‘Islam’ means Peace but its meaning has been changed by its own so-called followers’ evil deeds as ‘Fear and Terror.’ The only “Superb” that comes from savagery and persecution like this is that more and more decent, honest, noble and educated Muslims will turn their backs on Islam. Eventually, Apostasy will spread very rapidly into Muslim World, like wildfire and the world’s grotesque, most evil, hideous, horrid and murderous Sharia laws will cave in and self-immolate.

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