Radicalized Hijab and Burqa

Radicalized Hijab and Burqa

If someone says ‘MUSLIM,’ he/she might mean all Muslims but certainly, all Muslims are not behaving the same. There are numerous NORMAL and moderate Muslim women all over the world who do not believe and practice so-called Islamic Hijab or Burqa and still consider themselves Muslim (I am not talking about headscarf). But the doctrine of the Islamic Sharia insist as a mandatory that a TRUE Muslim woman should cover herself; hence Hijab and Burqa are basically Islamic orthodoxies.

These types of Muslims are radicalized or you can say, fundamentalist, strictly adhere to the accepted traditional and fabricated Islamic faith. These kind of Muslims are blindly following what is written in their so-called Holy Sharia. They are supposed to accomplish and execute Islamic Sharia as the final message from the potentate supreme sovereign of the entire universe.

Modest, reasonable and enlightened Muslims ignore the violent parts of the Islamic doctrine. Due to this reason, they have been and are still now at skirmish and full-blown regional conflagration with the more orthodox fundamentalist Muslims. The armed conflicts in North Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan to name just a few, are mostly civilized Muslims at war with radicalized and fundamentalist Muslims.

So, if a Muslim woman readily and enthusiastically acquires Hijab and Burqa and start covering herself, viz, beginning to take Islamic Sharia more seriously; it is the classic symptom of radicalization, in ordinary parlance, Potential “Homegrown Terrorists.”

Now these radicalized and fundamentalist Muslims as their religious duty will try to revolt in any country they live to change into an Islamic state. Their doctrine contains limpid instructions to wage holy war on non-believers until the whole planet submits to Sharia laws.

Now, the question arises why the intelligentsia of the society or people like me are narked and peeved if Muslim women wear Hijab or Burqa? This question arises from the people who do not know much about Islamic Sharia. They consider Islam to be just like any other religion on this planet. Islam is not a religion at all, it is a way of life, covers every aspect of life, from cradle to grave, relations and treatment with friends and foes, Politics to economics.

Hijab and Burqa are not the wondrous manifestations of multiculturalism; this is a symbol of a hostile orthodox ideology. Usually, the followers of this lethal ideology are uncompromising on anything. Totally stubborn, obdurate, mulish, non-cooperative, selfish, self-serving people, without normal human empathy. They are not even tolerant of each other.

I have studied Shiites and Sunnis, two main Islamic factions, there Sharia doctrine and laws and horrendous lifestyle from every aspect for several years. Yes, being an unbigoted and non-racist scholar, I am really worried about Hijab or Burqa because I know the core teachings of Islamic Sharia and its consequences for Muslims and for non-Muslims as well. And above all, no place for free speech. My discerning can benefit and shed some light and help eliminate the confusions among people.

Unfortunately, violence and hatred is the inevitable corollary of such radicalization of Muslims who believe and practice Islamic Sharia. In fact, Islamic Sharia is a political doctrine to gain political and financial power, which is not to be applied to Muslims only rather these orthodox and Stone Age laws are to be applied to everyone on this planet, subjugate by hook or by crook.

Radicalization is an old Religious Brainwashing Method, repeating and being told that same lie constantly. Since Muslims are also always being told the same lie recurrently will end up believing that lie. They have been indoctrinated in Madrasa by their Mullahs and Muftis to believe that violence, bloodshed, and brutality on the name of God is normal, officially approved and accepted.

Sharia also discourages followers from reading other works, so for a common Muslim do not have anything to analyze or comparison the Islamic Sharia with. As an exception, there are few Muslims who do read other works, but they read other things only after they were already brainwashed by their Mullahs and Muftis.

Regretfully, Muslims don’t even read their Holy Book Quran objectively, because their brains indoctrinated and programmed, to have a strong bias even towards it.

Dear Muslim, educate yourself and you would not have this limbo.

Let's follow France's bold decision and say ‘NO’ for Hijab, Burqa, and face covering in any civilized free society!

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