In the land of the “infidels”!

In the land of the “infidels”!

Unfortunately, radicalization in Europe is becoming an epidemic and a serious concern for secular Muslim parents, who want their kids safe from radicalization and terrorism. Which is why I started writing feverishly since I have been in the UK.

I would like to convey my message to all Muslims who are living in Europe, the USA, Canada or Australia to indoctrinate in their young generation adherence, loyalty, fidelity and sincerity to the adopted societies in which they had chosen to make their homes. They have to work hard to eliminate all kind of terrorism viz, social, cultural, political and religious extremism in their host countries by cooperating with local authorities. And by taking all cordial initiatives for the benefit of their chosen countries and cultures. 

Where do radicalization and extremism come from? The nature and text of their books, written by so-called Holy Immams of 7th century, the bogus and downright spurious heritage that incite them. They must admit this.

Mostly in Mosques and Islamic Schools and their Public Libraries, the only version of Islam available is the radical version. Radicalization is not only demonstrated through the use of terrorism and violence but also through appetency to live by and impose Sharia laws on the host society. Like the UK, which is plagued with having two parallel legal systems viz the British Judiciary and the Islamic Sharia courts. 

Under notorious Sharia laws, amputation and lapidation are legalized as a form of punishment, polygamy is legal, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honor crimes are beyond the jurisdiction of the judiciary. Gays and apostates should be killed, and women's rights and feelings are not concerned.

The veracious and factual reformation of Islamic ideology (Fiqaa, Ijtihad, Hadith, Sunnah, Sharia laws, a miscellany of stereotypes and obsolete concepts) is very necessary for current scenario, but radical Muslims believe that this concept is tantamount of shellacking! They should realize, everything in human life changes and develops with time. Social, political, economic, in every aspect of human life, things are rapidly changing and religion is not an exemption.

The interpretation of the Quranic verses has to change (I am not advising to change Quranic Verses) in the light of requirements of our time, and this is the root of the contention. The interpretation of Quranic texts should not come under the Hadith, Fiqaa or Sunnah, because all these things were devised in a certain era and for the certain requirements of the sham Muslim dictators’ ruling class. It is not possible to maintain the same interpretation of the Quran until the doomsday.

And it is also not in the interest of the Muslim masses to follow the decisions and decrees of a person or group of people who lived in a certain era and do not comprehends requirements of our era. Even modern interpretation would be null and void after a few decades when science and technology will change human society, necessities, and so on. Muslims have to make a breakthrough and evolution in this field as soon as possible. They must acknowledge that their interpretation of their religion is in utter conflict with this era and modernity. But they are stubborn in the state of denial and refusal.

In honesty, the level of conscious refusal results as a scenario whereby the acknowledgment of reality is forbidden to Muslim minds. Their minds have been far too permissive towards Denial and Running. Complete refutation to any recognition of the immense trauma and seismic effects has been caused by this attitude. Extremists disavowed the truth by convincing themselves that their Holy War is not the act of violence, and this is a spine-bending lie.

I cannot express how I loathe the incitement and hatred that has been openly expressed in the Sermons by the ignorant Mullahs of Mosques here, incited racial hatred. Law enforcement agencies cannot arrest them because it is a matter of freedom of speech; a privilege granted to Muslim immigrant minority by the country against which and whose masses. 

I am living in the UK for many years, I met different immigrant communities in my host country. I engage most of them in conversation to understand their approach towards this country. I find Muslim community especially old ones, most frustrated, they still believe they are living in the land of the infidels. I just feel pity towards their ignorance, malignity, and viciousness. These people who were tired of their own countries and therefore came to Europe; a land which granted them liberty, well-being, financial stability and above all, Security. 

They do not even have a minimum of loyalty to the country that took them in open-heartedly and granted those privileges, all equal rights and of which they had never even dreamed in their so-called Islamic States. I am even more convinced of their mental malignancy after I have been in the UK, during which I had found only benevolence and philanthropy in these “Infidels”; what a despicable mentality! 

Most preeminent, even to the Muslim refugees, these “Infidels” respect their humanity and maintain their dignity. They provide financial help and free housing for each family member. Free education for their children, free medical facilities, free water, gas and electricity, tax exemptions, and so much more. 

People from all religions on this planet know how to integrate into the societies they settle, except Muslims. But why not Muslims... because they reiterate upon the “Salafization” of their host country. Excessive prayer breaks requests, insist to build minarets and use of loudspeakers in their mosques; without any hesitation roll out their prayer carpets on the roads and on the sidewalk. They want to establish separate Islamic schools in their host countries.

They clamor on screaming their religion out loud, I am a Muslim! The only ones in possession of the truth, and they are the best on this planet!! They are the only ones to be spared Hell, and rest of the sinners condemned to eternal perdition!!! This is their genetic problem, and they carry these gimmicks and other etcetera with them wherever they go, to settle; could result in worldwide cataclysm.

As a matter of fact, the vast Muslim majority is peaceful and, like common people, are seeking just a quiet life. But unfortunately, they deliberately ignore to integrate into and coexist with, the society in which they have chosen to settle. Regretfully, they have been somewhat passive towards the terrorist incidents that took place in Europe or the USA; the dreadful and horrendous terrorist incidents, haunted Europe for many years.

But, I have not heard that in the UK, Belgium, France or Germany they held mass anti-terrorism demonstrations, or about benevolence and goodwill initiatives for society, a spirit of gemütlichkeit. It would be a shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness and a vivid message to the society in which they live that we and you are united against evil and in the same side; revamp their crude caricature in Western societies. They kept silent rather than prove their vehement opposition of radical Islam but continued to complain about racist harassment against them in their host countries!

Where is the voice of secular Muslims who want to defeat the Brobdingnagian monster of extremists? This is the time of vocalizing, awareness about radicalization, where do you stand?

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