Mashal Khan, an Accused of Blasphemy

Mashal Khan, an Accused of Blasphemy

A Pakistani passionate and critical student, Mashal Khan, who was studying journalism, lynched by an angry mob at his university campus in the northern city of Mardan, on 14th April 2017, after he was accused of blasphemy, upon university admin’s directions. He was stripped naked and beaten with planks until his skull caved in as other co-students and police played a role of silent spectators. After harsh and relentless torture that led to his death, the mob then wanted to burn his body as well. A blind majority killed an unarmed man who was made of flesh just like them.

As a matter of fact, current crackdown on the so-called Blasphemers and against Bloggers is a weird and wacky idea and concealed attempt by the country’s actual rulers, the totalitarian Military Mafia to minimize and control dissent on human rights violations.
Just in January, five Bloggers went missing and were openly accused of Blasphemy while they have vanished. Four of them have reappeared and one has said he was abducted and interrogated by Pakistan’s Law Enforcement Agencies.
I don’t know how to express precisely my emotions on such gruesome incidents. When I write about Muslims’ brutality, savagery, and viciousness as they are sinking into utter depravity, I look at the white paper put as my shroud.

The government of Pakistan and her powerful departments, religious and political leaders and even judiciary, all are attempting religious trickery and chicanery to hide and continue their corruption, malfeasance, and nepotism. They provoke and infuriate feelings of illiterate fanatic Muslim masses and use them as a violent mob against their opponents to lynch them. And in the meantime Judiciary, Police and Law Enforcement Agencies play a role of Deaf, Dumb and Blind.

These pseudo-intellectuals and plutocrats of Pakistan are using brutal and inhuman tools of disappearances, imprisonment, and economic oppression to silence their opponents. In their attempts to retain power it is simple to execute all bloggers and anyone who can think or can raise a question. And after lynching their so-called opponents these conjuror and juggler recite a eulogy over their graves as following:

1.      Where are we heading? God mercy on us. (Crocodile tears, superficial sympathy)
2.    The tocsin rang out, warning us of the approaching devastation when we finally wake up? (just quibble, caviling about words)
3.    For how long we will continue to public ridicule, around the world? (Just irrelevant rigmarole)
4.    No, it cannot be the work of a Muslim. Shameless denial (Again rusted conspiracy theory)
5.     Criminals and culprit will be given an exemplary punishment. (I don’t know how and when it could be possible, and by whom, as they are the actual harbingers of doom)
6.    No one would be allowed to take the law in his hand. Using the blasphemy law for personal purposes is a shameful act. (No shame on such brazen lies)
7.     The provincial government has sought the report, and a commission was made, and the Supreme Court has issued notices, and the Chief Justice is taking care of this issue, and, and, and …………………………….without any The END.
8.    After every horrific incident in Pakistan these sentence being used as ad nauseam with the difference of changing the name of the new location.
9.    Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah……………………………………………..As usual evasive and addresses the most simple questions with long-winded often irrelevant explanations! In fact, Pakistani State and its complete machinery are fully complicit in these heinous crimes against humanity.

In this suicidal acts of euthanasia, they are not only increasing their number of enemies in the neighborhood, antagonizing the whole civilized world but also launched the worst kind of war in every corner and street of the whole country. Every Muslim granted to kill other Muslim as he is doubtful about his/her beliefs. Citizens of the same country, the dedicated Muslims, suitors of Islam and Prophet Mohammed, harbor Hatred, Acrimony, Hostility, complete Contempt and abhorrence for each other and state incite these evils to empower their tyranny.

Now no need to destroy Pakistan by any other outer enemy of the country, it is a matter of time, these so-called staunch and pious Muslims are enough to perform this job by themselves on the name of the Islam. In such scenario which WMD (weapons of mass destruction) poses by Pakistan can secure the security of the state and people? An eruption of sectarian violence that to be the prelude to all-out unrest and finally civil war. Now Pakistan impalpably bogged down in a deadly marsh. Sorry, I not harbored delusive hopes.

Beasts also kill other animals in their jungle kingdom but due to two of their natural instincts; when they are hungry to eat or to protect the lives of their children. They never torture or stone their prey to death; where do these pious Muslims stand verses these beasts?

The insanity, lunacy, frenzy of rage, depression that has enshrouded the whole Muslim herd (not Nation) since the Islamic Sharia took the place of original Islam, Pakistan is a Gehenna from which they never are released.

Sharia infected Islam is not a religion rather it is a weapon and the most powerful tool that can be exercised with manipulative skills to control masses. Beneath the fierce Sharia rule, every aspect of your life is controlled and scrutinized. Mullah will decide about you and your life; what to wear, what to eat, what to say, what not to say, and what to write, even making or enjoying a joke or listening music would lead you to face the death penalty. In the Muslim society, you are in constant fear of discriminatory and one-sided prosecution, persecution, beaten, tortured, stoned, or killed in the street for nothing more than a mild transgression.

It is impossible for the truth to be revealed in the Muslim world. Freedom of speech is a taboo and outlawed in any Muslim society around the planet, and tackled as number one enemy. All brave souls who dare to reveal the truth or raise questions and doubts about authenticity, tyrant governments, and noble countenance Mullahs are targeting them on a regular basis.

The situation in the Muslim world is so far worse than you can imagine. By the implementation of Sharia laws, tyrant so-called Muslim rulers, snollygoster and fiendish politicians and uppish dictators, all are sending a vivid message to masses that they will not permit and endure anyone who opposes their religious belief system and political views. They want fear and shock in the public to make them subservient.

Anyhow, being as a Muslim you are supposed to surrender your freedom of speech and you have only one duty to exercise silence and obedience and blindly follow Dictators, mendacious, illiterate, ignorant, poor benighted Mullahs, so-called corrupt Imams, contentious Sheikhs and Pontiffs of 7th century, on the name of the GOD.

This type of tyrant Islam and Muslims are posing a danger, not just for those enduring it in the Muslim world, but for the entire planet. Did you get the hang of it?

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