Indian Supreme Court's Verdict

Indian Supreme Court's Verdict

According to notorious Islamic Sharia laws, the contentious and disputatious practice of Triple Talaq (Divorce), practicing by Muslims for nearly 1,200 years, highly endemic to the Indian subcontinent as well. This practice is arbitrary and against the tenets of real Islam.

On August 22, 2017, the Supreme Court of India delivered a verdict abrogated the practice of instant Triple Talaq (Divorce) for Indian Muslims. Despite all their flaws, this detestable practice of instant Triple Talaq already abolished by 22 so-called Muslim countries all over the planet but most Muslim Clerics in Indian sub-continent deem it valid in barbarous Islamic Sharia Laws, despite being sinful!

According to the Sharia law, a Muslim husband could divorce his wife by just uttering a word "Talaq" Three times in one sitting–either formally or informally or through face to face, by telephone or by letter. And in this modern era by email or even by WhatsApp, and so on. This kind of foolish divorce is irrevocable and is valid in shoddy Sharia law; in fact, it is against the true spirit of Islam.

Now, all India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB), the majority of imbecile Mullahs, Muftis, the contractors of Islam are describing this verdict as "contrary to Sharia" and interfere in the Muslims’ personal laws, like marriage, divorce, alimony, and child custody. It is ridiculous and preposterous to argue with them that religious practices cannot be touched by courts.

These so-called and self-proclaimed religious scholars and leaders want to lead Muslims on a path that will create Sharia-based social enclaves in Indian society, which has lost legitimacy. For them, the Triple Talaq is purely a Sharia-related issue in which no amendment can accept or possible and the entire debate appears to be aimed at the Muslim community. Only they can understand the nuances of these issues according to the Sharia laws alone.

Majority of Muslim scholars criticized the verdict, saying: "If a law is made which is against Islamic Sharia Law, then it will be unacceptable to them. And like such other available laws in the country, it too will meet the same fate and it will remain a pseudo law but will not be followed by the Muslims.”

As per my understanding, this debate is inconsequential. It is obvious from the tentative reaction of Muslim clerics that they are very perturbed after this verdict. Court verdict not only undermine the role of Islamic clerics in the life of Indian Muslims, but they are also anxious and fearful because Muslim women in India are openly rejecting and challenging their legitimacy and seeking gender equality.

This priest’s community who claims to be custodian of Islam are also fearful that this verdict could open different provisions of Muslim personal law and judicial scrutiny of the Islamic Sharia Laws in future, Vis, their party is over, because they are part of the problems, Muslim women had gone to the Supreme Court and had found a solution! The court has utterly outlawed the bane of Triple Talaq. The hex of Triple Talaq will ultimately come to an end completely as Counter-Radicalization initiative.

To the best of my knowledge, this kind of Muslim issues can be only solved by proper education. In the current scenario, Muslims will continue to give Triple Talaq, and other than Vote Bank enhancement, for few, nothing else will happen or change for common citizens.

There are a lot of Muslim female “Alimas” who graduate each year from Madrasas in India and other Muslim countries like Al-Azhar in Egypt. Do these Muslim Sharia lovers have the courage that they give 50% reservation to these Muslim woman scholars in their organizations as well?

Unfortunately, female intelligence and perspective are not considerable. Muslims’ men dominated society could not consider them as a part of drafting legislation and representing the interests of their gender.

Now, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has conducted an emergency meeting to deliberate on this verdict. I would like to ask these dimwits, who the hell you are deliberate on behalf of millions of Muslims of Indian sub-continent? Because of you, this minor issue reached the Supreme Court, since centuries you have no courage and intrepidity to settle such petty matters in the home.

Who gives you the authority to speak and draft laws on behalf of all Muslims of sub-continent? You are not a constitutional body nor constituted by the government. You are just a heap of a load of tosh.

I would request to Indian SC to address other major and more important issues of the Muslim minority, like, the lynching of the Muslims on the name of the protection of sacred cows, their false detentions, their educational lag, job, and housing discrimination. Please do not allow anyone to distort India on religious grounds.

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